Life on the Road-Travelling on Two Wheeler

09 February  |  Adventure & Travel

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Biking is a passion; an activity that is soul stirring, adventurous and not to mention a whole lot of fun. The roar of the engine, the echo in breath-taking hills and the challenging roads make every rider’s spine tingle with innumerable thrills. Bike enthusiasts love their ride and all the joys and excitements that come with it. Stimulating, exhilarating and at times strewn with difficulties, a road trip on a bike is not for everyone.

Of course, there are other ways to travel, perhaps more comfortable and even easier, but the die-hard biker is not likely to trade his rides for anything else in the world. When the gust of the pristine wind blows on their faces, bikers feel free and victorious. That is why they choose varied terrains to test themselves and enjoy their rides. One such popular yet highly exciting and challenging biking destination is to the mystical Leh and Ladakh. On almost every biker’s wish list, Leh Ladakh is a momentous journey, which not only offers enticing panoramic views of snowcapped mountains but also needs a display of endurance, strength and skill.  Although a biker can choose a far less demanding way to travel, the sheer thrill of taking a road trip to Ladakh and riding on some of the highest traversable mountain passes is incomparable.

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For the biker, the world is theirs to explore. Some of the most magical adventures occur when you are carefree and open to possibilities. However, a little prep before the ride will make it even more awesome. So, practice, and gear up for the journey to begin. Before you begin your journey make sure you have researched the route and have invested in reading about the route and the places you intend to visit. Physical fitness is of utmost importance, if your trip is to a high altitude area like Ladakh, then you definitely need to build on stamina, as a trip to this location demands a lot of endurance and energy. Make sure you get a medical checkup done before you embark on this long and difficult ride.

There are a few other things that one must keep in mind before starting on the trip. You must map the route well and keep a few buffer days for landslides, bad weather, incessant rains or mechanical failure of your bike. One needs to prepare adequately for weather conditions and carry appropriate clothing that is comfortable as well as protective. Make sure you take riding gear like a jacket, gloves, knee guards, helmets; rain clothes and rain cover for all your bags. Service your bike before you set off on your adventure and ensure you have all the relevant documents, extra batteries, chargers, GPS devices and camera to capture those rare and precious sights.

Bike with your friends or make it a corporate day outing with your colleagues for a bonding experience.  As part of team building activities, you can ride and enjoy an overnight homestay in Masinagudi or Bandipur resorts or for a more leisurely trip, ride up Nandi Hills Bangalore for a great time. For those seeking bigger adventures, the possibilities are endless. Indulge in your love of adventure with a bike trip to remember.

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