Life of a backpacker – a look into the mind of a serial traveller

05 January  |  Miscellaneous

All of us have at least one page that we follow or that one blog we just can’t get enough of where all the author seems to be doing is travel the world- a person who seems discontent with just staying home or settling down in one place. Is such a person someone who is addicted to travel, though?


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To qualify as an addiction, the inclination to travel needs to be an urge to take part in a common behaviour, and must necessarily entail the denial of the harmful effects of such conduct. Besides, it must involve the failure to change such behaviour. Strictly speaking, travel has none of these necessary conditions, and hence despite claims to the contrary, no one can be ‘addicted’ to travel. However, it can be a very dangerous obsession; one that people might be fiercely passionate about and find fulfilling.

Simply put, travel makes people happy. That person we all know who never seems to stay in one place is probably one of those who finds the need to be constantly stimulated by new experiences. Scientific evidence attempts to explain this by a particular chemical ‘kick’ that some people get from travel. This kick, in turn, fuels a sense of well-being and purposefulness in life. Travel can also be the result of an active pursuit of adrenaline-inducing activities.

The obvious pro associated with travel is the ability to experience and understand various cultures and environments. It affords people the opportunity to make friends from different walks of life and gain a practical perspective that one would be hard-pressed to find while staying in just one place. Getting out of one’s comfort zone is often emotionally rewarding and a healthy means of stress-busting. Travel also often frees a person from the feeling of judgement that he feels in his day-to-day life.


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The downside of this behaviour is that it is believed that such a person will never truly be fully satisfied. He will always be anxious as to where to go next and what to do. It is a time-consuming process that has the potential to take over one’s life. Another con would be the difficulty in finding jobs, as the resumes of those bitten by the travel bug seem to be scattered, and employers see the lack of ability to hold a job for an extended period as a red flag in the hiring process. This, in turn, results in the absence of financial security of a travel addict. There is often a sense of emotional immaturity that is associated with such pleasure-seeking personalities which immediately results in a significant dating red flag. Finally, the feeling of disconnect one feels from friends and family could work as a major con in the life of a travel addict.
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