Let’s welcome summer with open arms!

06 April  |  Miscellaneous

The song “Summer Holiday” by Cliff Richard and the Shadows have best captured the sentiments associated with the summer season.  Along with fun and frolic, this is a time best associated with much-awaited vacations. While many look forward to it as a time for family bonding with visits to kith and kin, others head out to scenic locations like Nandi Hills, Bangalore to beat boredom or destinations that provide respite from the sweltering heat. Reputed to be hot and almost unforgiving, the Indian summer is also a time when we need to protect our body from problems like dehydration. Whether you are travelling or not- here are a few hacks to keep you and your loved ones from the heat-related travails.

Stay hydrated with these helpful summer foods

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Fruits such as watermelons and oranges as well as veggies such as cucumber and tomatoes contain over 90% water. Stock up on such food. And preferably consume it in its most natural form. This way your body not only gets the required hydration but also other essential fibres, minerals, and nutrients. All these collectively work to keep your body nourished and healthy. Start by including more salads and fruit dishes in your existing diet.  And work from there to increase your intake of these summer foods.

Exposure to the sun, sweat, and humidity – our bodies tend to get dehydrated in many ways during the summertime. The best way to counter this is by consuming fluids in small amounts, frequently. In addition to fresh salads and fruits, it is imperative to hydrate your body with water. Other drinks like aam panna, lime juice, buttermilk, tender coconut water, lassi, and fresh fruit juices are all delicious options.

Be wary of dehydration

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Two-thirds of our body is made up of water. Among other important functions, it helps lubricate joints, flush out toxins, and aids digestion. So, dehydration can have adverse effects on our bodily functions as well as affect our performance.

Thirst and sweating are indications that your body needs fluid replenishment. Dehydration happens when the body continues to lose water for long durations without replacing it. With immediate action, problems such as tiredness and dizzy spells can be treated at home. However, extreme conditions with indications like nausea, low blood pressure, bloody stools, and diarrhoea can be detrimental and may need professional medical care. But how do you know if your body is hydrated enough or not? The rule of thumb is that your urine should be light yellow in colour. If not, it means you need to increase your fluid intake until it becomes so. Regardless of the extent of dehydration, the bodily fluids must be replaced immediately.

Summer fashion for the travel-lovers

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Comfort, ease of use, cleaning, and packing- you may want to consider numerous aspects depending on the length of your holiday. It could be a day outing in Bangalore resorts or a longer homestay in Masinagudi. However, keeping your wardrobe functional need not mean boring.   Team your all-weather favourite jeans with cool cotton and natural weaves. Shirts, kurtas, and kurtis in pastel shades, light colours and floral prints are all good options.  No matter what attire you choose, it would be best to let your individualistic style speak. Go ahead and gear up for travel and take that much-needed break from the cityscapes we see on a regular basis.

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