Leadership: going beyond just leading

29 July  |  Team Building

Are leaders born or made? While theories abound to support either side of the debate, at Discovery Village, we believe that even people born without leadership skills can learn them through careful training. Years of experience in conducting outbound programs and team development sessions have only reinforced this belief.

Here are some notes from our think tank on what makes a good leader and how we focus on building key leadership traits in our participants.

Creative cognition

Good leaders don’t just lead; they sometimes follow others. They listen to their instincts, think out of the box, hold a team together, motivate peers and strengthen an organization. In other words, they are a great mix of creativity and cognition. Our training programs develop people’s cognitive skills while enhancing creative thinking patterns.

Emotional intelligence

Gone are the days of the extremely rational and domineering leader. Today’s corporate environment needs emotionally intelligent leaders, who understand and respond to people’s needs. Leaders who combine logic with soft skills.

Our leadership development activities place as much importance on EQ (emotional quotient) as on IQ. We focus on highlighting the need for emotional intelligence in managing situations.


People working together achieve much more than individuals working alone. A leader’s task is to facilitate such collaboration among people. The first step: understand the need for teamwork and lead by example. Some of our key activities are designed to stress the need for working together and collaborating to achieve goals.

That’s not all

Laborious research and years of experience in conducting hands-on training have helped us brew our own unique modules for grooming leaders. Our formula for efficient leadership development includes nurturing creativity, balanced emotional charge, logical abilities, proficiency in problem solving, proper cognitive skills and, a cordial personality.

Above all, we focus on the most important ingredient: ethics. Our training programs create leaders who aren’t just efficient but also subscribe to high-integrity practices. This enables them to guide teams in the right direction and add true value to their organizations.

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