How to Know That You Need a Travel Break

03 March  |  Adventure & Travel

Travelling is not just an indulgence, but it is an essential component of a healthy and balanced life. When you make a list of favourite moments, it will probably include that scuba diving experience at Krabi or that weekend in Mysore that is more vivid than the countless team meetings or water cooler gossiping that happens in the office. These small getaways are the highlights of your year along with the promotions and negotiations, and they are also the key to your well-being as they help you thrive in your daily life.

Fatigue – Not a Way of Life

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Bangalore is a hub of corporate excellence and innovation, but that comes at a price. Work-related fatigue is all too real a problem to ignore. From mental stress and high blood pressure to calories gained that never get burned, a lifestyle without a break from work is a freefall into ill health and discontentment. Every day you get consumed by ever-rising targets, ‘goals’ and a sense of competition that consumes every other aspect of daily life. Creativity suffers and productivity wanes as you grow mentally tired. Taking a break from work is the best way to refresh yourself, away from the daily grind. If you are experiencing these symptoms of stress and lack of drive, then this is a hint for you to recharge your batteries with that much longed for a trip with family, friends or alone.

Replenish, Refresh

Getting back with the elements is not a cliché; it is this symbiotic relationship with nature that defines us. There are times when you have to reconnect, away from the concrete and steel. A change of environment helps heal a body wrecked with work-related fatigue. So step away from the worksheets and discover your peace of mind in a homestay in Masinagudi amidst calm and verdant surroundings. Office trips are an increasingly popular method to help larger groups unwind and rejuvenate from work stress. A corporate day outing can do wonders for team morale and loyalty too!

Vacations, Time for Family and Love

A stressful and monotonous work life can take a toll on your personal life. As office calls and emails gradually take over time you should be spending with a loved one. This can cause detachment and frustration amongst couples and families. A vacation is more important when you have others to care about, as the bonding on a trip creates ties and memories that last a lifetime and create stronger relationships.

Balancing Schedule and Breaks

Weekend trips are the best stress busters for the urban dweller, and you don’t even need to plan an elaborate getaway. Choose from resorts in Kanakapura Road, Bandipur resorts or destinations in Nandi Hills, Bangalore where you can spend some precious time in serene surroundings without wasting too many hours in transit.

Take a Break and Come Back Fresh

There is nothing like a few days on the beach, an outing to a resort or a retreat in a jungle camp to make you feel alive again. As you forge ahead in your career as a machine of productivity and ideas, it is also paramount that your schedule accommodates those mini vacations and getaways that help you rejuvenate mentally and physically, and help you come back stronger.

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