Keep Yourself Fit Even During the Monsoon Season

03 August  |  Miscellaneous

The monsoon is here and you need to keep your outdoors fitness regime going on. However, mud and slush do not provide the best setting for a good workout. Here are some tips to keep you fit during the rainy season. With minimal space and an indoor setting, these activities are ideal exercises.

Hit the Treadmill

The Treadmill may not be able to replicate the trail runs and jogging track sessions that you are used to, but it is a very convenient and consistent way to get your walks and runs done, no matter what the weather. Treadmills also allow for different levels of inclination and speeds, so you can mix it up a bit and try to mirror a regular outdoor run. A good 20-minute sprint at around 10 kilometres per hour will help you burn close to 200 calories.

Swiss Ball

Image Source: Innerbody

A light elastic ball between 14 and 34 inches in diameter, a Swiss Ball is a common feature in a gym or an aerobic studio. Swiss Ball exercises help in improving posture and balance and include many exercises that strengthen your back muscles and address back pain. Considered one of the best core workout accessories, Swiss Balls can be used anywhere and do not require a large space.

Dance Aerobics

Whether it is from a series of videos or during a full-fledged class, the joy of Dance Aerobics is that it blurs the line between fun and exercise. From samba to Bollywood, you can learn moves that help build core strength and burn lots of calories. You can also show off some of those mean steps at the next party.

Try Yoga

Yoga is eternal. Nothing is as harmonious to your body as the movements that you learn in Yoga. From basic asanas to breathing exercises, this ancient set of fitness rituals helps promote not only physical but emotional and mental well-being as well. All you need is some space to yourself and a mat, and Yoga can be the perfect monsoon past time.


We probably have tried this as kids. Skipping is very simple and that is the wonderful part about this exercise. From leg strength to toning your core, Skipping sessions can get intense. And don’t forget the calories burnt. Skipping is a great monsoon activity as it can be performed in the house and barely takes space.

In addition, the rainy seasons provide a different charm altogether if you step out. Punctuate your regime with some relaxed sessions. Encourage a corporate day outing amongst your peers or take the family to cosy up in one of the resorts in Kanakapura Road for a weekend. There are many verdant paradises blooming in the wet season. Choose a homestay in Masinagudi or browse a list of Bandipur resorts. If you have just a few hours, catch some monsoon mist in Nandi Hills Bangalore.

The monsoon weather is a season of life and rejuvenation. Make sure this is happening in your life too with the right exercises and a getaway once in a while.

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