Keep Yourself Fit and Active This Summer

18 May  |  Miscellaneous

It is that time of the year. The days are stretched, and the mercury is rising. It is supposed to be an idyllic season where you get to focus on yourself and the things you like, but do modern lifestyles accommodate that sort of luxury anymore? Well, here are some things that you can adapt to your daily routines to remain fresh and fit during these long months.

Exercise Your Way through summer

Use summer as an opportunity to try out new activities. Cycling and swimming are some of the best and most enjoyable exercises that gift you a full body workout. Evenings are a great time to unwind with some team sports like indoor five-a-side football or basketball. There are many exercises and stretching routines you can try at home. The tech-savvy can download apps like Sworkit and Hot5, perfect for people on the road and those who don’t want to spend too much time on it.

You are what You Eat

Hot weather takes a toll on the body, including the digestive system. It is also a ripe time for bacteria and other microbes to flourish in food. Steer clear from your favourite street delicacies as much as possible, as you never know how much time has passed since that food got cooked. Go easy on non-vegetarian food as meat takes more time to break down. Red meat, in fact, is known to raise body temperature, the last thing you need. Incorporate fresh veggies and fruits like tomatoes, cucumbers, mangoes and greens into your meals.

Hydration is the Key

Summer will have many days of indulgences and explorations. Whether you are on a hike in Nandi Hills, Bangalore or indulging in that unlimited beer offer at a corporate day outing, you are going to bear the brunt of dehydration. The temperatures do not help either, so even on a regular day if you’re not careful you will start feeling like a raisin. Water is the elixir of life and good health. Punctuate your celebrations and adventures with regular sips. Add more liquids to your diet, with so many seasonal fruit options there is no dearth of juice in summer. Coffee and other caffeine products along with alcohol dehydrate your system, so be moderate with your consumption.

It’s a Lifestyle Thing

Heart disease and high blood pressure are just some of the conditions that are rooted in lifestyle choices. Summer doesn’t give you a break from these risks. Reduce stress with a break from your daily grind. Head off to a zone without LED screens to distract you for a couple of days. There are many Bandipur resorts where you can chill and immerse yourself in one of India’s most pristine wilderness areas. Or you can head off to a homestay in Masinagudi and rejuvenate in simple and beautiful surroundings. If you are not able to get out of town, make sure you still have enough rest during the hot days. Regular sleeping hours should be maintained, and you can always do with some nice afternoon naps when the sun is at its peak. Do not sleep immediately after a meal, grab a book or go for a short walk instead.

Counter the boredom and physical stress of summer with impromptu activities blended with enough relaxation and introspection time. Activities, both physical and mental will help you keep primed. And of course, once again, drink the right liquids and watch what you eat.

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