Things to carry

  1. 1. Swimming attire

    Carry proper swimming costume if you intend splashing around in our pool. Caps are essential if you have long hair. ( Swimming is available in Bangalore and Nandi Hills Valley but is currently not available at Masinagudi. )

  2. 2. Medicines

    Get your regular medication along and let our facilitators know about your medical condition before participating in any activity.

  3. 3. First Aid

    We have emergency aid on campus but suggest you bring a small set of essentials such as cotton, band aid and anti-septic lotion, useful in case of minor cuts and bruises. Carry them with you if participating in adventure activities.

  4. 4. Flashlight

    You’ll find this useful if exploring a cave or taking a walk at night.

  5. 5. Books

    Our campus has many nooks and crannies, where you can curl up with a book. You could even laze under a tree with your favourite novel.

  6. 6. Cloth Bag

    We are a clean zone and do not permit littering. Keep cans, tins and any other waste you might want to throw in a cloth bag. Take the bag back with you and dispose off the trash in a responsible manner.

  7. 7. Outdoor Attire

    This is an active holiday and you are likely to participate in many activities. Remember to pack a comfortable pair of shorts and shoes.

  8. 8. Camera

    Go trigger-happy recording all the fun moments and breathtaking landscapes. 

  9. 9. Water Bottle

    Our campus has safe drinking water. Carry your own water bottle; refill when necessary.

  10. 10. Cap and sunscreen

    It can get rather warm outdoors, so come armed with a cap and sunscreen. They’ll be particularly useful when you go trekking.  


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