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1. Elephant Saffari

 The Elephant safari in Sankadakaya instills a feeling of nostalgia and during the old golden era, the gigantic animal added pride and dignity to the kings who would ride on them. The pachyderms add comfort to the tourists who are on an adventurous spree.  And no wonder that Kabini is the land of elephants and its thick jungles gives shelter to the single largest amalgamation of Asian elephants.  

2. Bheemankoli Temple

A little away from the resort, on the banks of the Kabini, is the temple of Bheemankoli. At first glance, there seems to be nothing much to write home about.

It is a modern looking temple built when the original structure was submerged by the Kabini dam. The deity is Shiva and there are a few paintings of Mahadesvara, considered a reincarnation of Shiva.

3. Jungle Saffari

An early morning jeep safari at the Kabini Saffari (Nagarhole National Park) is an experience you can't miss! Tiger, bison, deer, Malabar giant squirrel...at every turn, you get a chance to see wildlife in its natural habitat.

OR Eco friendly tourists, nature lovers and wild life enthusiasts often enjoy a trip inside the thick dense Kabini forests in gipsy to enjoy the rollicking experience of watching the lush green forests and varied species of flora and fauna.

4. Kabini Dam

The Kabani dam is built on the River Kabini in the district of Mysore. The dam is 696 meters in length and was built in 1974. The exact location of the dam is near village Beechanahally, (Taluk) Heggadadevanakote. The catchment area of the dam is 2141.90 sq kms. It caters to the needs of around 22 villages and 14 hamlets.

This dam also provides water to the combined system of Sagaredoddakere and Upper Nugu Dams. There is an arrangement of lifting and transfer of 28.00 TMC of water during the monsoons months from the Kabini dam to the other two smaller dams.

The dam is spread over an area of 55 hectares covering forests, rivers, lakes and valleys.


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