July is Picnic Month! A Quick Check-list for A Perfect Picnic

27 July  |  Listicles

A picnic is a throwback to an older age, when our ancestors enjoyed their mid-day meals under the shade of a tree, punctuating a hard day’s work. It is also a ritual to make the most of good weather. Enjoy an outing with loved ones over some food and games. Here are some tips before you embark on your picnic.

  1. Pick a Good Spot

Pick a spot that has some shade, direct sunlight will cause dizziness and is never recommended. Whether you are visiting a city park or a place in the outskirts, always look for a grassy spot. Grass is more comfortable to sit on, and your clothes will not get too dirty too.  Picnic spots with a view are always ideal, whether it is next to a lake or stream or on a height providing a panoramic view. You might want to avoid the really crowded places.

  1. Food and Drinks

This one is an obvious one, but there are certain pointers to keep in mind when packing a picnic lunch. Skip the rich and lavish Indian spread and try out special picnic fusions. Instead of roti and sabzi, you can present them as rolls for easier packing. Sandwiches are always a hit, and the filling could be your favourite dish. Carry plenty of water and juice as a day of activity in the outdoors will get you dehydrated.

  1. Carry Toys and Bond with Games

A picnic is not just about the food, it is also about the bonding. Games are the best way to experience a day out with your loved ones. Tossing a flying disc around or a soft game of football are perfect activities for everyone. A simple round of catch-catch, hide and seek or a treasure hunt game is always loved. If you are looking for a more laidback picnic, take a book along.

  1. Carry Bugs Repellent

    From mosquitoes to ants and leeches, the outdoors can be a little pesky to deal with at times. Don’t let the insects spoil your picnic experience and carry bug repellent with you. Sprays are convenient, or you may opt for a bug repellent cream. Mosquito bands seem to be quite a hit with the kids, especially with them being the most active of the group.

  1. Pack a Picnic Blanket

    When choosing a picnic blanket, the first thing to look out for is size. If the blanket is too small, it will be very uncomfortable for everyone to be accommodated. You also don’t want to keep your tasty food within reach of ants. Choose a bright colour, so those picnic selfies have an extra dash of vibrancy to them. Make sure it is made of quick-drying material, so it doesn’t get heavy and wet after being laid down on the damp grass. And last but least, it should be easily foldable and portable.

    It is also important to remember your responsibility to the environment. Do not litter the picnic spot after you are done. Carry a carton so you can put all the waste in there and dispose it properly. It is best to avoid drinking in a picnic, especially if there is driving involved. Keep a first aid box handy.

    Picnics are a timeless joy, and we all have those childhood memories permanently etched in old photo albums, usually featuring flower beds, lots of grass and a long forgotten favourite toy. Celebrate friendship and love with this most simple, yet most fun activity.

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