It’s All About a Lazy Summer

04 May  |  Unwind

As the country slumps into months of hot slumber, you need to use this time to reflect, relax and replenish. Balance your work with fun, take your long breaks and get back in touch with things that have been put on the back burner. The season of life, summer is all about celebrating the things you like without stressing out. Here are some ingredients for the perfect season.

Fun Ways to Sleep

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It is quite a quintessential picture, idling away on a hammock with absolutely no care in life. Pick up a nice sturdy hammock and set it up in your backyard space. Make sure you do some back stretches after your naps; the posture is something which needs getting used to. That swaying motion as you drift off to sleep is worth it though.

Step Away – Replenish

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Summer months mean relaxing long showers and a toned down schedule. Punctuate your getaway with a nice dip in a bathtub complete with some relaxing music, the treat your body deserves. Throw in some bath salts for some aromatherapy experiments of your own. If you want to enjoy a nice summer break without heading off too far, you can step into one of the resorts in Kanakapura Road, not far from town.

Mix ’em Up

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Summer is also time for creativity. Experiment with some refreshing concoctions to beat the heat. List your favourite flavours and use some of the seasonal fruits and veggies to conjure your own spin on popular mixed juices and mocktails. Throw in some cooling spices. You never know, you might land up with a special that will be passed down the generations.

One with Nature

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A lazy summer is all about experiencing the beauty of nature by just sitting back and observing it. You can also head off for a break to one of the many resorts in Masinagudi and rejuvenate in the surroundings. Get on a bike and cruise on wooded trails listening to the birds chirping. Your role in nature is to soak it in. Embrace this role.

Head off to Nandi Hills Bangalore for an early morning jaunt and watch the sunrise over the valley below. If you want to really immerse yourself into some wilderness and yet maintain a relaxed summer pace, then there are many Bandipur resorts that will give you that experience.

Home Sweet Home

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A book is the best companion during the holidays. Whether you let yourself be swept away into a different world with your favourite fiction or get inspired by a true tale, books are a timeless option for long summer days. Grab your favourite drink, find a comfortable spot and read away.

Other entertainment options include the latest shows on Netflix or some sports and nature shows on the telly. Catch up on your Oscar list and watch them on your computer. A tasty dessert is the best accompaniment for binge watching. Try out some frozen fruit punch recipes from YouTube or if you just want to be served, pick up a bucket of your ice-cream and celebrate the season.

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