Introduce yourself with confidence using these icebreakers

31 May  |  At Discovery Village

Introductions are an important part of the orientation of any organisation, or team, and can be the cause of much discomfort and awkwardness among participants. Team outings at Discovery Village in Nandi hills Bangalore or at the resorts in Kanakapura road make introductions fun, and are the perfect way to host team orientation or team building events where every member of the group can get to know each other.

The first introduction is very important as it helps build a good image. However, it can be a little difficult and some anxiety and tension are quite normal. Exuding confidence while introducing yourself to a group, is very important in making a good impression and helps create a lasting bond. As they say, the first impression is always the most lasting impression and icebreakers are an effective way to reduce anxiety and make you feel comfortable, making sure you put your best foot forward at the outset.

Here are some icebreakers to help make introductions in a group a pleasant experience:

Talk about yourself: An ideal way to start off a session is to talk about yourself. You can begin with telling your name to the audience and talk to them about your role in the organisation, about your hobbies and interests, and even ask if anybody share the same interests as you. Since this topic involves talking about the person you know best, yourself, you will have complete authority on it. This is sure to make you feel confident and serves as a perfect icebreaker.

True / False: Another icebreaker to help you get familiar with the group is to make a set of 2 or 3 statements about yourself, out of which one will be a false statement. You can then ask the others to decide on which statement is the false one. This activity gets the listeners talking too, and can lighten the atmosphere of a discussion with a lot of laughter and guess-work.

Take an interview: Form a team of 2 and interview your selected partner for a specified period of time. During this icebreaker activity, individuals can share details about each other by asking relevant questions and get to know their partners better on a personal and professional level. Once the time period is over, each can introduce the other to the entire group. In doing so, a sense of camaraderie is built, increasing confidence and strengthening bonds between individuals as well as within the group.

Solve a problem together: Forming a small group and coming up with a solution for a pre-specified problem is a common icebreaker that helps participants relax, as they work together with other members of the team.

Corporate-getaway packages at Discovery village are designed keeping in mind the need for a relaxed atmosphere to bring out the best in people. Fun activities innovative icebreakers and challenges which require skill and teamwork make sure participants have fun while gaining the confidence to speak and contribute to a group. New friends and bonds that are sure to carry over to the workplace are lasting takeaways from a Discovery Village holiday!

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