Inspiring team outdoors

05 October  |  Team Outing

“Inspiring” Team Outdoors

Discovery Village encourages the outdoor way of life – to immerse and become one in harmony with nature and our rich natural heritage. Rappelling, night navigation, raft building and camping are all part of our fun filled corporate team events programme.

These corporate outdoor events encourage participants to bond together, believe in one another, and realize the value of team work. In an outdoor setting, learning is a by-product of how to apply our very own innate skills and intuition rather than being told to blindly follow.

Breaking barriers: outdoors to the rescue                                            

Our activity-driven approach uses nature to promote interpersonal skills and go beyond our artificially imposed barriers. The outdoors instil a sense of belonging and spirit of oneness with all things natural. This feeling supports and develops a feeling of camaraderie among team units challenged with situations where the only solutions is ‘teamwork’, which results in team building.

Using natural environments as classrooms

Leaders and teams discover and develop their rightful potential when they are placed in unfamiliar settings or outside their comfort zone. Well-planned corporate outdoor activity sessions provide a learning platform for your team to participate, get challenged, and through this process, experience the true value of their peers.

There is nothing like doing things hands on, where we learn through fun filled activities with our colleagues. We want you to cherish these moments of accomplishments and take them back as positive elements to be applied at your work place. Come to Discovery Village, learn in the outdoors and go back with happy memories.

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