The Importance Of Making Memories

31 August  |  At Discovery Village

Every year children go to the next class with same classmates, in the same hallways, with the same friends and possibly the same teachers. In most cases, as the school remains the same, everything remains the same for a child. And as the children grow older and become adults, the days seem to roll into one another. Years can be marked only by distinct memories, the memories of summer or vacations. Holidays stood out from the rest of the year. You hear statements like, “No! That was after I went to the resorts in Nandi Hills because I remember I was wearing a t-shirt I bought from there.” Life is so much more than that. As we grow older, all we will cherish are our memories.

The Importance of Making Memories

Making memories is important, however making positive memories is cardinal. It has been scientifically proven that positive memories tend to last longer whereas negative memories are forgotten. Anything new, different, discovering or exploratory seems to make a little niche of their own in our minds. It is what makes adults look back to their childhood with a fondness and a longing for the simpler times. They yearn for times when a new place was exciting or of the new adventure sport they could brag about trying.

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However, providing such stimulating environments for you and your family can be daunting. Fortunately, there is so much to explore at the Discovery Village adventure resorts near Kanakapura road. Camping, in itself has a plethora of memory making experiences that you will cherish in itself. A family outing in Bangalore doesn’t need to be a trip to the mall or a movie where no real bonding happens. Experiences like being out in nature or zorbing with someone will strengthen those bonds you share with your loved ones. Check out zorbing in Bangalore for a new and exciting memory.

Bonding Makes Memories

It is evident that without a bond to another person, we as humans, wouldn’t be the same. Those bonds are seen only when you have memories with that person. Remembering a night in the resorts at Nandi Hills is so much easier than just one more of a night out, or playing video games, or even heading out to a restaurant for dinner. Opt for unusual and exciting adventures to add meaningful memories to look back on. There’s a reason most corporates take their employees out of the office and into a resort for their corporate day outings!

Now, the opportunity to do something new is just a few clicks away. What is stopping you from enriching your life more than ever?

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