Icebreakers: first steps are fun

05 August  |  Team Building

Well begun is half done; especially when the ‘beginning’ is made in the direction of team building. Years of experience in training corporate teams and building cohesion among group members has taught us, at Discovery Village, the importance of getting a group session off to a good start. Our focus is not just on delivering great training content; it’s on everything that makes a difference to the way teams learn. First on that list: icebreakers.

Icebreakers are also called energizers. They are used at the beginning of a team building session, and sometimes as fillers between intense sessions, letting teams enjoy a light-hearted moment.

Jump-start unconventionally

In any training program, the first steps are vital to unleash enthusiasm, build momentum and create synergy among the participants. Unconventional, interaction-centered icebreakers are a great way to jump-start the program, attracting the participants’ attention.  A good icebreaker contains a healthy dose of fun, laughter and collaboration, which prepares the ground for the demanding sessions to come.

Break barriers; make a team

To make a team, one needs to begin with breaking barriers – of self-imposed limitations, language, culture, prejudices, and most importantly, the baggage of stress and pressures. Once these barriers are broken, learning happens naturally, spontaneously and effortlessly.

The icebreakers and energizers at Discovery Village help participants discover their own potential and encourage them to appreciate the capabilities of their fellow team members. This lays the foundation for a strong, vibrant team making its members better players.

Nudge out of the comfort zone

The icebreaker games also gently push participants out of their comfort zones – an absolute prerequisite for learning. Once out of their shells, participants open up and relax, and better respond to challenges. Our energizers also give participants an excellent chance to let go of their own self-limiting beliefs and explore hidden skills.

Baby steps, big results

The icebreakers and energizers are designed to inject fun into the learning experience. They initiate participants into learning while creating a relaxed ambience. Activities rooted in communication and interaction prompt people to overcome inhibitions, and share information about themselves, their dreams and aspirations. Participants also need to collaborate – often while enjoying a good laugh at the outcomes.

Enthusiasm. Optimism. Our ice-breakers and fillers do a lot more than just fuel them. The activities erase barriers and inhibitions that often restrict a team’s learning potential and pave the way for the success of the program. No wonder then, at Discovery Village, we put in as much effort into the icebreakers as into our training content.

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