How to make the most out of your long weekend travel to Kabini

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Planning a trip to Kabini? Here’s what you need to know to make the road trip and stay completely memorable –

Start planning ahead:

Even before you pack your bags, make sure you have a place to stay in Kabini. Kabini resorts get booked months in advance so you should ideally plan your trip well ahead of time. Discovery Village has resorts in Kabini that you can check into for a fabulous, stress-free time.

Book a cab or rent a car if you don’t have a private vehicle in advance to avoid surge pricing.

Enroute to Kabini:

You will encounter several exciting places on your way to Kabini via the Nh-17. Ramanagara, Channapatna, Mandya and Srirangapatna are some of them. You can stop here to take pictures or to have a quick picnic if the sun is out. It is recommended that you leave early to avoid rush hour traffic.

What to expect when you get to Kabini:

Kabini is a wildlife sanctuary unspoiled and unpolluted by man. You will not hear any traffic when you get here. The only thing you will hear is crickets chirping and other insects buzzing. If you are a nature lover, you are bound to love Kabini. As far as weekend destinations go, Kabini is extremely popular with locals and tourists. Birdwatchers, especially, love coming to Kabini to catch a glimpse of the rare birds.


You will encounter several species of animals and birds in Kabini – Asiatic elephants, mahseer, leopards, deers, Malabar giant squirrel and peacocks.

The best way to see Kabini

You have several options here. You can take a jeep safari or boat safari. Both have their own merits and allow you to see flora and fauna in their natural habitat without being intrusive.

Kabini is part of the Nagarhole National Park so staying in Kabini can also mean you get to see what Nagarhole has to offer.

Other things to do while in Kabini

  1. Visit spice and coffee estates: In the region of Kabini falls Kutta, a small town that houses coffee, spices and paddy estates. If you are the kind of person who likes nature walks, you will love Kutta.

  2. Iruppu Falls: Hitch a ride to Iruppu Falls in the Brahmagiri Range, a 60-m high waterfall. You can explore the Rameshwara temple on the banks of the waterfall. Frequented by pilgrims and tourists alike, Iruppu Falls is a spectacular sight to behold.

  3. Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary: Close to Nagarhole National Park, Brahmagiri is a hotspot for tigers and is home to several other animal species.

  4. Kabini Dam: Situated between two villages Bichanahalli and Bidarahalli, Kabini dam is 2,284 feet in length and can be a great picnic spot.

  5. Elephant rides: There is another way to explore Kabini – on the back of an elephant. If you like, you can book an elephant safari to take in the glorious views of Kabini and spot some animals while you are at that.

  6. Trekking: Fancy a trek? You can get yourself a guide and go trekking in Kabini. In fact, some resorts even offer a night trek to see nightcrawlers.

  7. Coracle rides: Ditch the traditional boat for something a little more exciting. Native to South India, coracles are small boat-like structures that fishermen use to catch fish. Be careful when getting on and off a coracle to avoid falling in the river.

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Located a mere 205 km from Bangalore and 80 km from Mysore, Kabini makes a hell of a weekend getaway. From corporate outings to family trips, Kabini is popular with people from all age-groups and walks of life. Be sure to visit Kabini between September and May or June to November,

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