Hit That Target – Fun with Archery

13 November  |  At Discovery Village

If you are looking for a fun activity that is also challenging and requires a bit of skill then you can try out the sport of archery. Drive over to some of the most adventurous resorts in Bangalore, pick up a bow and some arrows, and channel that inner William Tell.

History of Archery in India

Archery now is a sport, but its origins are as old as civilisation itself. Let us step back in time, to an age where humans started developing innovations that would help them avoid scenarios of close combat. Eventually propelling projectiles at high speed became an important part of war and hunting, and the bow and arrow became the favoured choice of weapon.

From the highlands of Meghalaya to the famed story of the Mahabharat’s Ekalavya, archery pops up across the histories and cultures of the sub-continent. The bow and arrow was an important part of many arsenals from the Vedic periods until the various Islamic invasions brought with them new medieval warfare tactics and weapons. Even with the advent of firearms, the bow and arrow remained the symbol of local resistance in many pockets of what is now modern India. The sport of archery lives on, a modern avatar of this ancient skill and luckily, you don’t have to declare war to enjoy a few sessions with a bow and arrow. Find the nearest Discovery Village resorts in Bangalore and grab some friends or colleagues for this oldest game of all.

How do we play Archery?

We have seen the Olympians do it, and many communities across the country have this simple bow and arrow game as a traditional sport. The sport is more technical than it probably looks at first glance. Once you have picked your bow and arrow, you need to develop a good stance, so you act like a pillar – an extension of the bow before your release the arrow. Make sure your grip on the bow handle is relaxed andyour middle three fingersrest on the string, the indexabove the arrow. The aim is to hit the target, so use your dominant eye pull back your hand with your back muscles until the string touches your lips and nose. When you release the arrow, just relax the grip and let the fingers slide back. Maintain your posture.

The scoring system for target archery is very simple. You and your challenger shoot 3 to 6 arrows at the target, the closer the radius to the bullseye, the higher the score and the highest when you hit the centre. The person with the higher total wins and you can play multiple rounds too.

Where can we enjoy archery in Karnataka?

You don’t have to think too hard to find a venue for archery in Bangalore. Thereare manyresorts near Bangalorethat let to enjoy this sport, along with a host of other activities. Archery games are a great activity recommendation for office trips as it promotes bonhomie and a competitive spirit amongst peers and colleagues. Archery is a game that needs mental focus and stability along with confidence, traits that are even more important in the modern world. Not to mention, it is an enjoyable experience and sets the stage for some memorable and light moments. Find a new passion in this ageless discipline; give it your best shot.

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