Helpful Tips To Travel With Your Kids

11 October  |  Listicles

Are you going on a holiday to one of the best resorts in Bangalorefor family or are you planning to stay at a resort in Nandi hills this festive season? Are your little bundles of joy included in these travel plans? Read on for travel tips that will help you have fun and nothing more as you travel with kids during the holiday.

  • Make bookings for accommodation and travel beforehand: Does the thought of walking around from one fully booked hotel to another wheeling a suitcase while pacifying a crying toddler give you a headache? Book accommodations and transportation ahead, it will be less expensive and more mentally relaxing to know where you are staying. If haggling with cab and taxi drivers at the station is not your thing, ask the hotel to pick you up at your station/ airport.
  • Plan the details:If day trips are scheduled, go the evening before and plan out the stops, mode of transportation and food available with the help of a local guide.
  • Have entertainment handy:Have a list of games you can play during long rides. Games that keep the children interested in the surroundings, like spot the cow, count the car numbers will help them observe while keeping that dreaded question, “Are we there yet?”at bay.
  • Do not overschedule: Your enthusiasm for visits to museums, textile factories and shopping expeditions might not be shared by your offspring. Unless you are blessed with very good children plan for a visit to a petting zoo, a farm visit with animal rides and a park will ensure that they stay interested during visits to natural history museums and palaces.
  • Be prepared: Traveling with an infant or even older child is never uneventful, and assuming that a child will stay healthy through a sojourn in unfamiliar places is unwise. Be prepared, carry along with you
    • all your commonly used medicines
    • a first aid kit and the
    • The number of your paediatrician to consult if a medical emergency should occur.
    • Do not hesitate to ask the hotel management or locals for the contact numbers of a reputed local doctor if needed.
  • Make conservative meal choices: Stay wary of unfamiliar foods, especially if a food group is known to trigger an allergic reaction in adults. It is better to try out the food on the adults in the group, and then allow the children to try it after the experimentation is uneventful.
  • Take the playroom along: Keeping children occupied during holidays can make the difference between a crying and irritable child who is getting on your nerves and a sweet angel who smiles in family photos. Bring small toys, board games, soft toys for sleep times. Negotiate beforehand so that the biggest soft toy is not a part of your entourage.
  • Pick a place with engaging facilities: Try to stay at resorts or hotels that have swimming pools, dedicated activity facilities, indoor game spaces, a small park, or a few domestic animals. These will keep their attention for a long time.
  • Give the kids a camera and a journal notebook: If possible give them a polaroid which gives instant prints. Evenings can be spent collating the photos and reminiscing. Writing a journal will help them develop their language skills, even if initially they just write captions for each of the moments in that day that were amazing or interesting for them, they may learn to express themselves better over time.This will also keep the family talking among themselves and enjoying the various aspects of their holiday while they stay away from the idiot box.

Teach your children to appreciate the allure of travel with these simple trips instead of sacrificing your wanderlust to their lack of enthusiasm and enjoy many rewarding vacations. If you live in Bangalore and do not have the time (or courage) to venture far from home, visit one of the many resorts in Bangalorefor a vacation your children are sure to love.

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