Funtabulous: children’s day out

02 November  |  Team Outing

canadian school

A regular school outing had a fun-tastic twist at Discovery Village. We had the pleasure of hosting students and teachers from an international school for a session of bonding and fun.

There are picnics and there are picnics. And at Discovery Village they turn exciting with all the activities on offer.

We recently had 109 students from an international school visit us for a half-day picnic and outbound learning programme. It was a mixed group comprising of students from different countries and different academic classes. The objectives: enable the students to get to know not just their class mates but also their other school mates, and foster a sense of camaraderie. We designed a programme taking into account the age and cultural diversity of the student group.

We began with activities such as A to B, Coin Toss and Key Punch to illustrate simple lessons: the power of collaboration, team work, and the need to focus on goals. The children also saw the effects of planning and taking systematic steps to achieve objectives. Barriers were broken as they worked towards common goals.

The surprise factor was the Rope Course Challenge. This adventure activity (designed to be thoroughly safe) needs participants to walk on a hanging bridge of planks, cables and wires, almost 30-feet above the ground. It leaves many feeling nervous. But the kids were brave hearts. They took to it with enthusiasm and enjoyed themselves.

Despite the differences of age, nationality and culture, the children were able to embrace the new and unfamiliar without much hesitation. In the course of competing and outdoor learning activities, they began bonding with each other.

They loved the activities. We saw friendships forged and renewed amidst the tough tasks. As the school bus left our gates, we stood beaming. We had accomplished the objectives and completed all the scheduled activities, despite the fact that the students had come in half an hour behind schedule.

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