A Forest Escapade –Masinagudi

08 November  |  Adventure & Travel

Bangalore citizens can consider themselves very lucky. Apart from being a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with arguably the best brews in the country, Bangalore is just a short drive away from the greenery of the Western Ghats. There are many resorts near Bangalore that are ideal for weekend getaways with friends, family and colleagues.The thrill seekers of the city love to flock to the jungle resorts in Kabini and Masinagudi, armed with their cameras and an eagerness for adventure – looking to explore the landscape and maybe catch a glimpse of elusive species too.

The soothing verdant setting of Masinagudi will take you to the heart of South India’s famed forests. This range is part of the sprawling Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, a continuous stretch of untamed forest that from the lush coasts to the mountains of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

  1. A Trekking Haven

Treks allow you to get down and dirty and become part of the forest. Your Masinagudi resort can be a base for countless excursions into the deep forests. During the drier months, the challenge of a good trekking route can be the most rewarding experience. Kalhatti is a gushing waterfall situated at 2000 metres above sea level and it is the end point of one of the popular trek routes from Masinagudi. There are also shorter nature trails if you want to save your energy for another day.

  1. Wildlife Safari

When in the wild, always expect a wild encounter, albeit from the comfort and safety of your safari jeep. The Mudumalai Safari is one of the most popular activities for those who visit this region. In the thick foliage and beneath the dark canopy of this range, lurks the tiger, and if you are in luck you can sight this majestic beast in the wild – an incomparable experience for wildlife enthusiasts. Other species that call these jungles home include leopards, Asiatic elephants, and myriad birds and reptiles.

  1. Bird Watching

There are many places to visit in Masinagudi if you want to enjoy some bird sightings. The best times for bird watching are the mornings and you will be inundated with the variety of sounds and chirps, as you try to identify the different winged wonders of the forest. Some of the bird species that are found in Masinagudi are the black and orange flycatcher, the Malabar Trogon, the grey hornbill, various cuckoo and woodpecker species, and many more.

  1. Fishing and Angling

The catch is just a bonus when it comes to fishing. Whether you look for introspection or want to blend into the environment, no other activity offers while maintaining its simplicity. At Masinagudi you can try your hand at the fishing rod, as your listen to the rippling fresh streams and hear the forest come to live once the human voices quieten down.

  1. Campfire

A jungle trip is incomplete without a campfire. For aeons, the campfire has been a stage for human interaction, and that remains true today. After a day of activities wind down with your friends and loved ones, with your favourite beverages and snacks and watch the glowing embers contrast against the pitch black night of the forest. If you are on a corporate getaway, nothing breaks the ice like the bonhomie around a campfire.

A Masinagudi trip will always be loaded with memories, as you get to visit one of the most diverse eco-systems in the world. Keep your eyes and ears open, lest you miss out on a unique sight. If you are looking for Masinagudi resorts which offer a plethora of experiences from tranquil environs to adrenaline pumping activities, then you can opt for Discovery Village.

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