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12 October  |  Listicles

Nestled in the serene natural beauty of the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, Masinagudi is home to the Badagas, the proud creators of the Badaga cuisine which brings together local ingredients and fresh flavours. These make for a stunning meal. No trip to Masinagudi is complete without an exploration of Badaga cuisine. An off-shoot of the spicy food that is characteristic of Tamil food, Badaga cuisine holds its own among the many influences it is exposed to. The region is known for the mixed farming of millets and vegetables, the food of the region uses the fresh and nutritious produce, which is treated in a way unique to the Badagas, and offer distinct flavours with a distinct appeal of its own.

Read on for a taste of what awaits you on your next trip to this.

Whet your appetite with a wholesome breakfast


Fluffy, soft idlis and crisp spicy vadas soaked in sambaar and accompanied with velvety coconut chutney are the most popular breakfast option in southern India. When in Masinagudi, tuck into this satisfying and nutritious breakfast and fortify yourself for a day spent outdoors. Head to the nearest trail for a trek and explore Masinagudi without worrying about getting hungry before lunch!

Spice it up

Among the first few things which appear on your plate when you sit down to a badaga meal, is the Belle/ Eera Benguvae. A spicy concoction of roasted garlic, onions, tomatoes, black pepper chillies and salt, this side dish adds a smoky flavour to any Badaga meal.

Fish tales


If you enjoy fish, the Meen varuthathu or masala fried fish fillets are a must- try. The tangy flavour of lime comes together beautifully with the fresh flavour of coriander and mint in this delectable treat. Shallow fried on a low flame this gives the fish a flaky texture which melts in your mouth. A perfect appetiser, this fish fry is popular among locals and tourists alike.

Chicken curry to die for!


No non-vegetarian meal is complete without a bowl of chicken curry. The Badaga Chicken curry or Koi Udaka is a treat for non-vegetarians with its unusual black colour and distinct spicy flavour. The star of this irresistible dish is the ‘koi uduka maasu hudi’ a spice mix in which the ingredients are roasted until they are fragrant and black before they are ground to a powder. It also incorporates other spices such as fennel, cinnamon, and cardamom. The rich gravy and the meat falling off the bone are just the right accompaniment for the Gaasu Dotti, a local roti, or Ragi Mudde, which are a staple in the area.

An undiscovered jewel, Badaga cuisine is slowly but surely finding it place on the culinary map of the world. Resorts and restaurants in Masinagudi have lovingly kept the heritage of Badaga cooing alive, dishing up traditional Badaga dishes which are made from age- old recipes. Discover a taste of the hills at Masinagudi with a Badaga meal to remember.

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