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05 October  |  At Discovery Village

The method of facilitation is used by team builders, managers, trainers, communicators and meeting leaders to add process, content and structure, to satisfy the requirements of a group, an individual or a team. At Discovery Village, facilitation is used to guarantee the designing and operation of successful workshops and meetings. The process of facilitation is offered by the facilitator, who is the leader of groups or teams to gain information and expertise, and achieve the goals.

Skills required for facilitation

The skills and knowledge needed for facilitation are: timekeeping, to follow good meeting rehearsals, keeping a clear record and to follow an agreed upon plan. The skills in the superior rank include observing the group and its persons in the radiance of group dynamics. Moreover, the facilitators also require a range of listening abilities, with the capacity to rephrase, pile up a discussion, extract people, balance contribution and make room for more reserved group associates.

Outbound facilitation nuances

Corporate outbound activities or corporate outbound programs are generally conducted in a serene atmosphere. Moreover, when individuals are in an informal atmosphere, they become more candid and receptive, which paves the path for an efficient learning procedure. In a corporate outing, the members bond together in a way that is not possible in an office environment with a lot of stress. People can also overcome their shyness in such environments and it becomes easier for a facilitator to recognize their weaknesses and strong points.

Facilitator as a guide in experiential learning

Experiential learning means individuals working through matters for their own and increasing their understanding in the process. So being a guide, a facilitator should always look for methods to make this happen. A facilitator should help people in learning, create opportunities conducive for the purpose, allow others to identify these opportunities and make good use of them. He can offer aid during every part of the learning cycle by building a proper atmosphere to study and giving a corporate activity that can kick off the learning procedure. A facilitator also makes sure that any theoretical opinion is advanced to meaningful endings and chances for progress are recognized.

Role of facilitator

  • Role in the journey of discovery. In the initial stage, the facilitator will try to get to know you. He will try to build trust with you and your family members. In this stage, a method called mapping is used to gather the info required to make your plan focused on the individual. This method includes checking out the family picture albums, taking part in outings or hobbies that attract the people, and going to their workplace. With the help of mapping the facilitator can observe how you see your life and what are your strong points. This whole journey of discovery is recorded by the facilitator.
  • Role in debriefing.In any team building program, debriefing is one of the most essential features. To make sure that people are able to comprehend, retain and apply afterwards what they had understood during the hands-on activities, the facilitators pursue each and every activity with a discussion session. Throughout these discussion sessions they ask the individuals about what was their experience, what they tried and what they learned, etc. Generally, debriefing helps the facilitators to focus on methods to apply to other scenarios based on what the participants learned from the activity or program.
  • Role in observation.During the group discussions after each activity, the facilitator observes a lot of things which he can point out at the time of discussion. He can also ask for comments from the individuals who took part in the particular activity.

A facilitator can make a huge difference to the success or failure of a programme. At Discovery Village, our facilitators are experienced trainers who strive to bring out the best in teams and individuals.

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