What to expect from an Indian Wildlife Safari

31 August  |  Adventure & Travel

What to expect from an Indian Wildlife Safari

The very utterance of the word “Wildlife safari” is enough to send the adrenalin pumping in the true-blue lover of wildlife. Before embarking on one, it is extremely important to understand a few ground rules and follow them diligently. This will help you to enjoy the safari and experience the thrill of participating in one while you stay at Bandipur resorts.

Here are few ready tips to maximise enjoyment by minimising expectations:

  • Remember that a wildlife safari is not a zoowhere animals are kept in enclosures with their species’ name mentioned on it. An Indian wildlife safari does not carry any guarantees so don’t berate the guide because you were unable to spot an exotic animal in the wilderness. It may happen that you will spot a wild animal of your choice (most probably, a tiger) during your stay at Masinagudi resorts and the first wildlife safari, or it could take a couple more. However, be patient as a safari does not guarantee a tiger sighting since they do not follow a timetable like we city folk do.
  • While packing for the wildlife safari and a stay at resorts in Masinagudi or homestay in Masinagudi, apart from all the essentials, do not forget to grab your identity proof and remind your friends to do so too. The security at the entrance of a national park may insist on seeing an ID proof before letting you into the wild. Either way, it is better to carry an ID while travelling to avoid any kind of inconvenience.
  • Your driver or guide may sometimes go overboard with their dos and don’ts and although they may sound far-fetched to you, do not ignore them at any cost. In all circumstances, you should listen to your guide/driver as these instructions could save you from a potentially dangerous situation. In all probability, your guide is a local who has visited the jungle innumerable times and therefore know a lot about it than you do. You could be asked to keep your voice low or avoid any sudden movements so make sure you follow these instructions.
  • Rules are made for a specific purpose. While on an Indian Wildlife safari, follow the park rules without questioning them too much. They have been put in place to protect your life and safeguard the wildlife around you, so honour them. Getting down from the vehicle is not such a good idea unless you can run faster than the animals. Smoking inside the jungle and playing loud music is considered bad manners while staying at a jungle lodge. Do not pester your driver/guide to take an off-beat path since the Jeep/Bus are given a route, considering all safety guidelines. Period.

As safari enthusiasts, we all have a special liking for the large cats like lions, tigers and leopards, thanks to their majestic personalities, but knowledgeable visitors will agree that there is more to a jungle than tigers. Keep a watch for other animals, flora and fauna and enjoy the fresh, unpolluted environment. You don’t want miss the deer or antelope hiding behind the bush, simply because you were too focused on sighting a tiger. Speak to your guide and ask him about his experiences. You may gain a lot of knowledge in the bargain which can be used during your next Indian Wildlife safari.

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