Elements of outdoor team building activities

06 October  |  Team Building

Elements of outdoor Team Building Activities

You are responsible for planning your company’s day out. Is it really worth the time and effort? Will you get enough value for the additional effort?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider an ‘corporate outdoor activity’ for your company’s day out and to accomplish learning objectives.

Combines physical and mental stimuli

A combination of highly challenging and not so challenging physical activities, and mental challenges, helps achieve a wide range of learning objectives. Corporate outdoor activities invariably combine multidisciplinary skills and provide learning situations for team building, communication, leadership, collaboration and planning.

A whiff of fresh air

Bright sunshine and a whiff of crisp fresh air can perk up your spirits and create a conducive environment for self discovery and group activities. A natural setting of water streams, diverse trees, and tropical flowers can be inspiring and rejuvenating.

Informal and casual setting

Building team spirit is always fostered in more friendly and casual settings. A company or corporate day out provides a ‘natural setting’ away from the normal familiarity of office. What better casual setting than a natural environment to bring your team members together, drop their egos and rediscover one another.

Thrill of the outdoors

Corporate outdoor activities create a perfect combination of co-dependency and individual challenge. One is thrilled to see what their team could achieve and at the same time proud of their individual contributions. The fast pace of outdoor activities and elements of surprise build your ability to respond and think on your feet.

Finally, it is the plain, unadulterated outdoor fun combined with that rush of adrenaline that can create high performance corporate teams, fully inspired and raring to go.

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