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If all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, what does it do to Jack’s family?

The modern city life leaves families running on a tight schedule. School and hobby classes for children, work and commute pressures for adults, traffic and crowds to navigate over weekends, even for a leisure outing

Discovery Village offers families a convenient way to unwind and bond with each other, in the lap of nature. Our retreats are designed around activities and experiences, offering something for each member of your family – from toddlers and teenagers to the elderly.

Adrenaline boosting activities such as rope course challenge, rappelling and kayaking are perfect for the young and the restless. Pottery and archery are on offer for those who want to learn new skills. Swimming pools are ready for some seriously, cool fun. And for activities, where the entire family can participate, we have some treats in store.

Here’s a snapshot of our top three family fun activities:


This high-energy game gives everyone (aged 18 and above) colourful moments of action and laughter. You can compete as individuals or as teams. The objective of the game is to tag as many opponents as you can by shooting them with your paint gun. The paintball gun or marker uses capsules containing water-soluble dyes in a gelatine shell. The soft shell bursts on impact. Splatter! The paint is all over your opponent. This fun game requires families to strategize, plan and work as a team. Perfect for bonding, perfect for photo-ops!

Get twenty

Kids and kids-at-heart – this game is for both. The family is divided into two or more teams. Each team has to procure twenty items in under twenty minutes. The screams, the running, the frantic searching and just the sheer joy of finding something mundane to complete the list, makes this game a must-do.

Key punch

The objective of this game is to see who can get the number sequence called out in the time allotted. Since it’s all in the family, you can help a member of your team by coordinating and relaying information. Work together or compete – it’s oodles of fun either way.

We have a host of other activities such as frenzy, bull ring, land mine, tower of Hanoi, helium stick, pipe line/split pipe, traffic jam and block game, for families. Don’t let the label ‘activity’ fool you – each task packs in powerful lessons, making the experience as much fun as educative. The best part: every activity or game is designed to bring families together and create a mind map of memories.

Come to Discovery Village and see how an active holiday works its magic on your entire family. Call us at +91 93415 55222 to know more

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