Discover a new way to have fun with your family

31 May  |  Family

Amidst our busy work schedules, we often miss spending valuable time with our family. Varying work timings and stress due to pressure at work mean that the time spent with family is limited. Having said that, it is very important for us to take some time out and get away from the maddening chaos of our everyday routine and at the same time have fun with our family. A study by Ramon B. Zabriskie, and Bryan P. McCormick, “The Influences of Family Leisure Patterns on Perceptions of Family Functioning,” points out that time spent in having fun activities with family is associated with an increased emotional bonding within those in the family.

Given the amount of time spent by individuals of the family at work/schools and colleges, it might be a little difficult for them to plan a long getaway. This is where Discovery Village comes into the picture. A weekend getaway at Nandi hills Bangalore or a day well spent with the family at the resorts in Masinagudi is made easy by Discovery Village. All you have to do is to make a choice, pack your bags and have fun with your family.

Discover new ways of having fun with your family by selecting the different packages on offer. The fun is for both elders and children alike as you choose to indulge in the various activities that are part of the offer. Families can choose to go out on a relaxed outing or an action-filled getaway. From spending time at the swimming pool to serene nature walks and adventurous activities, there is something on offer for each member of the family. Other than that, you can also choose to organise parties and weddings out in the open at resorts in Kanakapura road. The customised arrangements and the outdoor settings guarantee maximum fun.

A fun day out with members of the family can work wonders both physically and mentally. It helps in relieving stress and recharging your mind and body. Spending fun time with children during such outings also makes them feel special. According to Pat Tanner Nelson, professor of Human Development & Family Studies at Delaware University, being involved in planning and executing such fun activities creates a “Family Glue”, in the form of moments that connect the members of the family and help build healthy relationships.

At Discovery Village, you get to pick from three different packages to have fun with your family. The half day discovery package is ideal if you are planning for a quick getaway with your family. This package includes a couple of fun activities along with 2 tasty meals. Among others, the overnight discovery package is the most popular among families planning for a fun outing which includes 3 to 5 activities, four meals, nature walks and bird watching on weekends. If you have planned for an extended outing then the full day discovery packages is an ideal choice. With 5 to 7 activities and three meals, this package is well worth it if you are looking forward to spending an extended time having fun with your family.

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