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27 June  |  Family

A swimming pool and some indoor games don’t make a resort. The business of entertaining people in a world class facility has reached new levels with many resorts offering sophisticated services and organising the holiday in the most fun way possible. After all, the stress and pressure of our day to day work have left us to take such much-deserved breaks to spend quality time with our family.

Until a few years back, vacations with family used to be mostly to some distant relative’s house, and the concept of adventure sports was unknown.  However, now the sheer comforts of luxurious hotel rooms and the multi-cuisine food, have attracted many towards resorts. Resorts are also preferred these days for their charming locations, adventure activities and a whole new experience of connecting with nature.

Plan the theme

It helps to decide the kind of place one is looking to visit, before narrowing down on the resort. Some may prefer a forest, while some open terrains and hills. Few resorts as versatile as Discovery village have their facilities at various terrains and backdrops to give their customers theme based activities. The Masinagudi resorts located close to the Mudumalai forest range can be a great destination for a family with interests in wildlife observation. The elephant safari and trekking give the guests the thrilling experience of watching the animals from close quarters. Likewise, for water sports fans, the resort at Kabini is sure to make you experience all that the river can offer.

Unique activities

When we check into a resort, we stay back in the room and order in food and settle for watching some TV. At Discovery Village, this is never the case. The activities are so tempting that you can’t resist the urge to remain outdoors. With branches at various locations in and around Bangalore, the Discovery Village group of resorts, promises to offer special and unique adventure activities that are very aligned to the terrain of the location.

The cave exploration or Spelunking at the resort on Kanakapura road is the perfect example of a quirky adventure activity, where all the long lost caveman skills are evoked. Something that can be enjoyed with family and friends, this activity is very rare and unique to this resort. If you have altophobia, then a session of rappelling at the resort at Nandi Hills Bangalore is enough to conquer it for a lifetime.

The Kabini Resort, which specialises in water-based activities, has a session of raft construction followed by white water rafting. One can only imagine the fun involved in creating and using a raft. After all the tiring session of games, a sky gazing session in the night is sure to make it a magical experience.

So, before stress takes the better of you, come and connect with your family to unwind with the most select and exclusive range of activities and explore with your loved ones like never before!

The Discovery Village Resort at Kanakapura road, has some exciting games likes cave exploration, obstacle course and repelling, to bring out your survival skills. And for all those who are ready to challenge your physical body, the Discovery Village Resort at Nandi Hills has a host of activities to be done in the rugged terrain, like rope course challenge, survival camping and rappelling.

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