Delve Into The Mysteries Of Nature At Discovery Village

27 July  |  At Discovery Village

Today’s life is nothing short of a rat race. We get so caught up with the need to stay ahead in every walk of life that we forget to enjoy the finer things in life. We rarely take the time to sit back and look around or even enjoy a sip of our favourite drink. Be it work or travel, we surround ourselves with electronic gadgets to replace the comforts of nature. With such monotonous lifestyles, a place will allow us to connect to nature and re-discover the pleasures of a simple, uncomplicated way of life in the most exciting way possible is surely not to be missed!

A Rendezvous With Nature

The Discovery Village resorts, pioneers in the hospitality industry, have perfected the art of establishing an intimate connect with nature. The four discovery village resorts are located at picturesque locales poised on the edge of urban settlements. Our locations are one of our USPs. While adventure enthusiasts throng our resorts to avail of a wide range of innovative scientifically designed activities and thrilling adventure sports, nature lovers take the opportunity to retreat to the serenity of unspoilt nature. Apart from the usual trekking, zorbing and other outdoor activities, we have a range of unique activities that are unique to the resort and are designed keeping the terrain of the location in mind.

Nature Trails

The stay at Nandi Hills Bangalore is incomplete without taking the nature trail. After a comfortable night’s sleep at the resort located in the foothills of the mountain, the cacophony of birds and cheerful greetings from the resort’s guide, welcomes a new day. An exclusive trail in the misty mornings of the mountains with family and friends is sure to transport you to a world that will leave you captivated. The walk through the forest is a perfect activity to spot some rare species of birds and identify them.

Star Gazing

After a tired and fun filled day at the Discovery Village resorts in Masinagudi and Bangalore, one can relive the good old days of gazing at the stars from the terrace. With some sophisticated telescopes, you can give your children the experience of looking at the world beyond. The sky has always been a fascinating canvas, and our knowledgeable staff will help you spot some well-known celestial stars on a clear night. The peace and calm of looking at the ever resonating sky can only be felt by experiencing it.

The Discovery Village at Kanakapura road makes for a great family outing in Bangalore, with unique activities like cave exploration and rappelling. The mysteries of nature are abundant, and the Discovery Village resorts create a great platform for us to experience it while having the maximum fun. Rediscover your bond with nature while living in a resort which boasts of world-class facilities and tucking into authentic local delicacies at Discovery Village.

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