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07 April  |  Team Outing

“Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived by unity” – Vince Lombardi

The very idea behind many companies organizing corporate day outing is to re-energize both the individuals and the team as a whole, to ensure greater and better collaboration between various departments and, in turn, strengthen the bond between people. Such an outing will help the employees to get rid of their fears by getting them involved in exercises that let them openly discuss and find ways to overcome it.

A day outing in Bangalore resorts comprising of different activities will encourage the employees of the organizations to work towards a common goal. It is essential from a company point of view that any barriers between different departments of the organization are broken and team outing resorts near Bangalore are an ideal choice for such exercises. Working together with colleagues from other departments will challenge the employees to understand each other’s strength and weakness and help them to utilize the best of both worlds. In a dynamic workplace environment, the high demands tend to force the team members to keep their hidden talents to themselves. The various outbound activities during an office outing allow the employees to express themselves and, in turn, showcase their inner talents. This helps the people in the organization to know more about each other on a personal level. It is highly essential that an organization creates the right environment for the employees to express their thoughts, which then makes them feel comfortable.

In the book “201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business” by Jane Applegate, the author suggests the use of an external facilitator to run the show during a company retreat so that it allows each and every individual to participate at the same level as other employees. More often than not, co-workers only interact with each other on work related topics in the workplace. A company retreat like the one organized by Discovery Village at Nandi hills resorts Bangalore breaks this barrier and lets the employees talk and share things outside a professional environment, thereby strengthening the bond between them, which in turn translates into better communication and an increase in productivity at the workplace. The idea behind organizing outings is to establish a trust factor among members of the team, to increase the bond that they share with others in the company, challenge them to give their best in various exercises and activities and forming groups of people from different department which encourages them to collaborate and work with members of other team, with whom they don’t normally interact on a frequent basis.

Every individual needs time away from the load and pressure of work and company retreats are ideal for de-stressing and unwinding from all the chaos of everyday work life. It is during such an outing that people really get to know not only about each other but about themselves as well!

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