Celebrating local history at Nandi Valley

02 November  |  At Discovery Village

Tales from the past, authentic local cuisine, an ambience to match the ‘good old days’ mood. Discovery Village supported Nandi Valley Walks in their efforts to celebrate local history.

The hills are alive… with tales from the past

The Nandi Hills have been a silent spectator. To the glory of Tipu Sultan, the days of the British Empire, the coming in of modern democracy… Nandi Valley Walks organized a heritage walk to showcase the region’s rich history.

The day was November 1, Karnataka Rajyotsava (the birthday of the Indian state of Karnataka). Participants began with breakfast at our Nandi Hills Valley property and moved on to explore the surroundings. Out came the forgotten tales – the Siege of Nundydroog in 1791, the histories of Major Gowdie and General Medows, and snippets about Tipu Sultan. The walk also made its way to the ancient Bhoganandishwara Temple, which has witnessed 1200 years of ebbs and flows.

A slice of culture

The aim was to get participants to soak in the surroundings and enjoy their journey into the past. The walk was followed by a presentation at the pool side. With the Hills standing solemn in the background, participants discovered many little known facts about local history.

The conversations continued over lunch. Akki Rotti, Ragi Mudde, Mangalore style Chicken Curry and Bisi Bele Bhat added to the flavour of the day. Local delicacies, presented with warmth and care – it was culture on a platter.

In the words of Siddharth Raja, the historian who led the tour, “The menu choices were superlative.  Our guests were very pleasantly surprised that there were these typical Karnataka dishes on the menu. And the array of dishes was very wide. Our guests felt truly pampered and spoilt for choice! In the DV team outing, they out of their way to make sure we got the exclusivity we were looking for.”

Discovery Village is proud to play hospitality partner to Nandi Valley Walks. As part of our responsible tourism philosophy, we promote efforts to preserve and showcase local history. To know more about our efforts or organize events at our locations, call +91 93415 55222.

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