Cave Exploration

28 September  |  Adventure & Travel

Spelunking has a charm of its own. Nothing beats the adventure in exploring a cave and getting close with the hidden world that lies yonder. If you are looking for adventure tours around Bangalore, there are several options like those offered by Kabini river resorts, or a jungle stay in Masinagudi, and the many cave exploring options around the city.

If you are an avid cave explorer you are sure to know that there are some things that the experience teaches you,but there are others that you should learn well before you start your journey. Here are some useful tips for cavingfor the budding cave explorers –

Caving tips


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The importance of carrying the right gear goes without saying. Caves present the most unprecedented terrain and hurdles to cross. So investing on the best quality helmet and boots is a great place to start with. You will be more confident in going on with the expedition when you know that you are protected. To prevent bumping your head against those low rise gaps you would find a helmet an indispensable requisite. The right pair of boots would make the journey less tiring and would avoid injuries. By offering the best ankle support they also help prevent sprains and foot aches. Besides these, knee caps and elbow pads are very usefulfor those occasions where you might have to be on all fours. In addition, there might also be an assortment of other gear that might come in handy depending on the cave that you plan to explore and the weather condition expected within the cave.

Caving manners


The above-mentioned tips were to prepare and protect the cave explorer from accidents and injuries. But there are some more tips to remember to protect and preserve the beauty of the untouched interiors of the cave. No matter how enthusiastic you are, responsible caving should be your top priority. This would make sure that the cave stays magical for the future explorers as well.

Do not Litter

The environment in the caves would be different from that outside the cave in several ways. This is the first thing that any cave explorer should first understand and accept. So keeping the cave clean, avoiding littering in the caves would be a good way to preserve the caves. Some zones or some caves, on the whole, might consist of certain rocks that are sensitive and can be easily eroded. Special care should be taken so as to handle these with care. Wearing gloves would be recommended in such caves. Some fragile portions of the cave including the speleothems are formed as a result of the interaction between the groundwater and the rocky layers, for thousands of years.

Do not disturb the wildlife

Besides keeping in mind the importance of preserving the cave structures one should also make sure that the wildlife within the cave is not disturbed either. The entire habitat, being different from the outside world would all be interdependent and any impact on the wildlife within the caves can also lead to a significant impact on the caves themselves.

So, the next time you set out on an adventure to explore a cave make sure that you prepare well ahead so as to protect yourself and the cave as well.

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