Monsoon FAQs for Bangalore Travel

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Bangalore, which is famously known as the garden city of India, is also a popular tourist destination, thanks to its cosmopolitan culture, great weather and a lot of famous tourist spots in its vicinity.

Come monsoons and Bangalore is buzzing with tourists who are looking to refresh, rejuvenate and enjoy the rains. If you are planning to visit Bangalore this monsoon and want to know how to

Is Monsoon the best time to visit Bangalore?

If you love rains, then Bangalore is the perfect destination for you to visit during the monsoons. Bangalore is surrounded by forests and hill stations that spring back to life during the rainy season and make great places to spend some quality time soaking in nature’s beauty.

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Where to stay in Bangalore?

Depending on your budget and your plan for sightseeing, Bangalore has some hotels and BnB’s to stay in. If you want to experience Bangalore’s nightlife, then M.G. road, Koramangala and Indiranagar are some of the best places to camp. If you are planning to travel further to any of the nearby hill station or forest, then staying close to the railway station or a bus stop will make commuting easy.

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Best Resorts for a family stay at/near Bangalore

Staying at a resort is an ideal way to spend your vacation time relaxing. Many resorts in and around Bangalore offer great comfort bundled with fun-filled adventure activities. The Discovery Village resort located in places such as Kabini, Masinaguda and Nandi hills is a perfect place to stay and enjoy your holiday or do team building activities. The Orange County at Coorg and the Serai resorts, Kabini are some of the best resorts near Bangalore.

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Is there any ancient temple in Bangalore?

Bangalore is not just about IT parks or good weather; it is also home to some famous, historical temples. The Bhoganandeeshwara Temple situated at the base of Nandi Hills is a 9th-century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was showered with riches by kings from various kingdoms that ruled here, with each one adding to the architectural marvel that this temple is now.

A visit to this temple is incomplete without visiting the Nandi hills. An overnight stay can also be planned in order to view the fantastic sunrise from atop the Nandi hills. The Discovery Village resort provides one of the best options of accommodation at Nandi hills, making your trip a memorable one.


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What can be explored in Bangalore during Monsoon?

The hills, forests and waterfalls that surround Bangalore are at their best during the rainy season. The rain rejuvenates the environment resulting in water bodies filling to the brim, waterfalls thundering down from great heights and flora and fauna coming to life. Shivasamudram falls, Abbey falls, Hogenakkal falls, the coffee estates of Coorg and Chikmagalur, Kodachadri peak in Shimoga are some of the best places to visit near Bangalore in monsoon.

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Are there any greener nature areas to explore?

There is no dearth of green zones near Bangalore. Dense forests, lush green fields, mountains covered with dense vegetation are common in areas near Bangalore. Nature lovers are in for a treat in Bangalore. Bandipur national park, Bannerghatta national park, Nagarhole national park, Rollapadu wildlife sanctuary and Periyar national park are just a few of the innumerable green areas which will leave you spellbound.





Fall in love with Bangalore Monsoon

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Bangalore, a business hub for multi-national companies is also called the ‘Garden city of India’, thanks to the innumerable parks, lakes and abundant tree cover throughout the city. Bangalore is very famous for its cool weather throughout the year. Come monsoon and the city is a sight to behold, making it a perfect destination to travel to and experience the best of the monsoon season. If you are looking for an excuse to travel in and around Bangalore this monsoon, then here are some facts that will surely motivate you to pack your bags and head out.

The city of lakes becomes even more amazing

Bangalore, thanks to its altitude and geographic location, receives abundant rainfall during this season. This, in turn, becomes a boon for the lakes of the city which are filled to the brim. The blossoming of flowers in the gardens, parks and the trees paint the city in different colors. Bangalore during monsoons is nothing short of a hill station.

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Nearby forests are even rich

If you have a thing for wildlife and forests, then Masinagudi forest, located at a distance of 250 KM’s from the capital city is one of the best places to visit near Bangalore during monsoons. Wildlife safari, jungle treks, and sightseeing are some of the activities that can be done here. If you want to relax and spend some great time with your family and friends right in the heart of the jungle, then the Discovery Village jungle resort at Masinagudi is an ideal location to stay. Discovery village offers adventurous activities such as nature walks, zorbing, rock climbing and many more so that you can experience nature to the fullest.

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Hill Stations have its different charm

During monsoons, a hill station is a different place altogether. Low hanging clouds passing through the mountains, shedding some of their moisture as they pass by presents a mesmerizing sight. The green valleys and the freshness in the air offer an irresistible invitation to one and all. If you are looking for hill stations near Bangalore, then you will be spoilt for choices. Wayanad, Ooty, Coorg, Chikmanglur are some of the most visited hill stations around Bangalore. If you are looking for a peaceful place that is not flooded with tourists, then Discovery Village at Nandi Hills is where your search ends. It is a perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved ones or have fun-filled team outings.

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Rivers dance with a rainy rhythm

Bangalore has many scenic places nearby. There is no dearth of forests, hills, lakes, and rivers in its vicinity. However, one place that stands out tall amongst all others is the Kabini River and the forests on its banks. During monsoons, the river is in full flow and it is a good time to spot exotic wildlife and birds around. There are various riverside resorts Kabini has to offer. The Discovery Village resort is one of its kind and a place worthy of spending some quality time in.

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Bangalore, which is known across the country for its pleasant weather throughout the year becomes even more special during monsoons. Planning a trip to places in and around Bangalore during this time is totally worth it.

Refresh and rejuvenate by a riverside this summer – visit Kabini!

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Summers are a great time to re-group as a family and spend some quality time together with your kids. After a long year of grueling hard work, your kids deserve a good break and there is no better place to get away from the searing heat than a riverside amidst dense forests.
Be it a holiday with your family or a team outing with colleagues, Kabini resorts near the river of the same name, located in the heart of Karnataka, are among the best places to spend your time basking in the comforts of nature.

Kabini park and riverside – How to reach there?

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Once a popular hunting ground, Kabini today is one of the most popular wildlife spots in Karnataka. The river Kabini flows through Nagarhole and Bandipur National Park and is a hotspot for sighting wild animals. The route between Bangalore to Kabini is 220 KM’s that can be covered in 5 hours via NH 275. Kabini is only 60 KM’s from the cultural capital of Karnataka and is perfect for those looking for the best resorts near Mysore.

What is on offer at Kabini?

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Being an important river, Kabini is a major source of water and food, especially during summers, for most of the wild residents of the nearby forests. This is why it is a paradise for spotting even the most elusive form of animals and birds. To enjoy the wilderness first hand, it is imperative that you go on a jungle safari and get a chance to see the wild host of animals that includes tigers, leopards, and wild elephants. For a hardcore nature enthusiast, going on a nature walk with experienced tour guides is a good way to learn more about the place and know its specialties.
Photography lovers are always in for a field day as the jungle provides ample opportunities to capture some rare moments in your camera. Check into one of the best resorts in Kabini and indulge in bird watching, river rides, and rafting to complete your wildlife experience.

Places to visit near Kabini

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Once you are done exploring the wilderness at Kabini, there are other places nearby that should not be missed. Must visit Kabini tourist places include the nearby Kabini dam, Nagarhole National park, Wayanad- a popular hill station in Kerala, the royal city of Mysore and the beach town of Mangalore. These are some of the places that you must add to your itinerary while visiting Kabini.

Where to stay in Kabini?

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Thanks to its scenic and surreal surroundings, there is no dearth of good Kabini resorts where you can experience a fusion of nature and hospitality at its best. On top of the list for Kabini places to stay are resorts like Orange County, Serai Kabini and Discovery Village amongst others.
Resorts like Discovery Village offer excellent stay options for those looking for spending a quiet family getaway or planning on team outings that are filled with activities, adventure and lots of fun.
A visit to Kabini is sure to leave you refreshed and rejuvenated to take on your daily activities with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

5 Places to visit while traveling to Nandi Hills

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How about spending some time in the lap of nature, amidst the chirping of birds while the cool breeze gently puffs up your hair? Nandi Hills, also known as Nandidurga is the place to be if you wish to experience all of this in one go. Whether you are an avid traveller who loves to experience the virgin beauty of Mother Nature or a photographer who desires to capture nature in all her glory and trap it in your camera lens, this hillock has a lot to offer. Perched 1475 meters above the sea level, the Nandi hills boasts of a comfortable temperature all throughout the year, making it a perennial favourite of travel enthusiasts. Here are five places you must visit during your stay at one of the hotels in Nandi Hills.

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There is no better place to be at than Tipu’s drop if you want to have a 360 degree of spectacular view of the city of Chikkaballapur. This location has a nerve-racking history. Prisoners during Tipu Sultan’s reign were pushed off the cliff under their death sentence. The cliff was known to be the death punishment spot for the convicts. Now a peaceful spot which retains no relic of its glorious past, this 600-meter locale is loved for the many photo-ops it offers.

Tipu’s Summer Residence

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Did you know that Nandi Hills was known as the summer capital of Tipu Sultan, the then tiger of Mysore city? This architectural marvel is now a heritage site; part of which is open for viewing. You can witness the culture and art of Tipu’s bygone era engraved in the walls and elaborate paintings of Tipu’s Summer Residence. The summer palace fort was originally built by the chieftains of Chikkaballapur. However, it was strengthened further by Tipu Sultan.

Nandi Temple

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The name itself speaks volumes about why this place is known as Nandi hills. The temple is a fine example of the beautiful South Indian architectural heritage. Subtle and rustic to look at, the Nandi Temple houses a huge idol of Nandi, the bull, facing the shrine as a guard. The massive structure is 10 feet high and 6 feet long. The strong granite pillars that are hallmarks of Hoysala and Chola architecture and art hold up the roof efficiently.

Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

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Resting on the foot of the hillock, the Arunachaleswara and Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temples are important destinations both for tourists and devotees. Dating back to the 9th and 10th century, these temples are the reminiscence of the Hoysala architecture. The antediluvian temple complex built by the Cholas depicts the childhood (Arunachaleswara) and youth (Bhoga Nandishwara) stages of Lord Shiva. The third shrine Uma-Maheshwara depicts the married life of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati. This temple is very popular among the newlyweds who visit it to seek the blessings of the Almighty.

Amrita Sarovar

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Also known as the lace of nectar and the lake of Ambrosia, this shimmering lake is mesmerizing. It is known to be the feeding water body of the area. The perennial springs ensure that this water body is filled with water throughout the year.

Nandi Hills is one of the most touted hill station destinations for families as well as adventure travellers. If you are looking for family resorts in Bangalore, Nandi Hills are the ideal destination for you. With so much to offer, this destination is simply irresistible. Feast your eyes to the picturesque beauty of this place from the comfort of one of the many well-appointed hill and valley resorts in the area. Experience dewy mornings all year through in places near Nandi hills – the scenic magnificent beauty and the abode of Lord Shiva.

A Shining Summer Sunrise at Nandi Hills

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There is nothing as beautiful as watching a sunrise from the top of a hill. The cold early morning breeze coupled with the golden hue of the early morning sun is the perfect recipe to have a wonderful start to the day. Nandi Hills Bangalore is one of the most popular sunrise points in South India. Located at a distance of little over 60 KMs from Bangalore city, it offers some stunning views of the rising sun and the vast agricultural fields and the distant city below. Hotels in Nandi Hills are strategically located to showcase the best of the area, and to stay over at one is the best way to soak in the aura of the location.

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Nandi Hills – Early Morning long drive from Bangalore

The drive to Nandi hills from the city would take 1.5 to 2 hours depending on whether you are going by bike or car. The best time to go to Nandi hills is during the wee hours of the morning just before the sunrise. Nandi hills entry timings start from 6 A.M. and reaching there early will help you beat the morning rush and get a good spot to view the sunrise, especially on weekends. One day resorts near Bangalore at Nandi hills offer you the chance to experience the beauty at leisure.

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How to reach Nandi Hills:

You can prefer to take your vehicle to drive all the way on the Bellary road or NH 44.If you are looking to reach there without driving yourself, then you can either book a cab or take a Government bus that traverses the distance between Bangalore and Nandi hills frequently during the day.

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Things to experience at Nandi Hills:

In addition to watching the sunrise from one of the famous Nandi Hills viewpoints, the hills and valley resorts also offer other sight-seeing opportunities to the visitors. Some of the famous attractions on the hills are as follows:

• Tipu’s drop: A point on the hill from where Tipu Sultan’s prisoners were dropped to their death
• Gavi Veerbhadra Swamy Temple: A natural formation of boulders has been transformed into a temple and is now a famous tourist spot for people visiting the hills.
• Secret escape route: Located on the west side of the hills is a secret passage that is believed to have allowed kings to escape in case of attacks.
• Playground for children: The hills also have a well-maintained playground for children so that they can enjoy as well.
• The site of origin of Palar River: A small spring on the eastern side of the hill gives rise to the Palar River and is visited by tourists frequently.

Overall experience at Nandi hills:

Whether you are going to watch the sunrise only or plan to spend the entire day with your family and friends and do a picnic, Nandi Hills is a perfect getaway. On some days, the hill is covered with clouds and dense fog. It is a mesmerising sight to watch the sun come out from behind the layer of clouds.

Nandi hills is a beautiful tourist outing site and is a must visit for anyone who is in or around Bangalore.

It’s All About a Lazy Summer

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As the country slumps into months of hot slumber, you need to use this time to reflect, relax and replenish. Balance your work with fun, take your long breaks and get back in touch with things that have been put on the back burner. The season of life, summer is all about celebrating the things you like without stressing out. Here are some ingredients for the perfect season.

Fun Ways to Sleep

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It is quite a quintessential picture, idling away on a hammock with absolutely no care in life. Pick up a nice sturdy hammock and set it up in your backyard space. Make sure you do some back stretches after your naps; the posture is something which needs getting used to. That swaying motion as you drift off to sleep is worth it though.

Step Away – Replenish

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Summer months mean relaxing long showers and a toned down schedule. Punctuate your getaway with a nice dip in a bathtub complete with some relaxing music, the treat your body deserves. Throw in some bath salts for some aromatherapy experiments of your own. If you want to enjoy a nice summer break without heading off too far, you can step into one of the resorts in Kanakapura Road, not far from town.

Mix ’em Up

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Summer is also time for creativity. Experiment with some refreshing concoctions to beat the heat. List your favourite flavours and use some of the seasonal fruits and veggies to conjure your own spin on popular mixed juices and mocktails. Throw in some cooling spices. You never know, you might land up with a special that will be passed down the generations.

One with Nature

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A lazy summer is all about experiencing the beauty of nature by just sitting back and observing it. You can also head off for a break to one of the many resorts in Masinagudi and rejuvenate in the surroundings. Get on a bike and cruise on wooded trails listening to the birds chirping. Your role in nature is to soak it in. Embrace this role.

Head off to Nandi Hills Bangalore for an early morning jaunt and watch the sunrise over the valley below. If you want to really immerse yourself into some wilderness and yet maintain a relaxed summer pace, then there are many Bandipur resorts that will give you that experience.

Home Sweet Home

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A book is the best companion during the holidays. Whether you let yourself be swept away into a different world with your favourite fiction or get inspired by a true tale, books are a timeless option for long summer days. Grab your favourite drink, find a comfortable spot and read away.

Other entertainment options include the latest shows on Netflix or some sports and nature shows on the telly. Catch up on your Oscar list and watch them on your computer. A tasty dessert is the best accompaniment for binge watching. Try out some frozen fruit punch recipes from YouTube or if you just want to be served, pick up a bucket of your ice-cream and celebrate the season.

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