Why Choose Discovery Village for A Team Outing

29 January  |  Team Outing

As one of the most fascinating resorts In Karnataka, The Discovery Village resorts are just a few hours’ drive from the fast-paced life of the city. They don’t only offer a place to stay during a weekend getaway but also strives to curate a spellbinding experience for corporate retreats as well. A treat to the senses, with its eco-friendly build, the resort offers a close tryst with nature through enthralling activities and amenities that are perfect for large teams and off-site gatherings. Take a look at some of the things that you can enjoy here: 

Relaxing Expanse of green In the midst of the city

The Resorts are located at places that have been carefully chosen to reflect the beauty of nature. Known for their serene environment, they are situated in the quiet and verdant terrains of Kabini, Masinagudi and the suburbs of Bangalore. The lush gardens and tranquil air allow guests to unwind and relax on their retreats. The vast area of the resort also allows a large group of people to come together, by escaping the mundane of everyday life and getting to know each other.

The Assortment of Adventure Sports that One can Experience

Discovery Village has been uniquely designed to bring guests close to their adventurous side. The different resorts are located around popular tourist’s spots that offer a wide variety of adventure activities that are specific to that particular area. Guest can trek through the verdant slopes of Nandi hills while they are enjoying a stay at the Discovery village resorts in Nandi Hills. They can go kayaking, canoeing or parasailing in Kabini or go hiking if they are in Masinagudi. The outdoor locations are ideal to have fun with outdoor games as well.

Activities that Bring Work-mates Together

All the resorts belonging to discovery village offer a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed with workmates and colleagues. They have team building activities that help in enhancing the skills of people. The activities and events also help in nurturing creativity and building smooth communication channels. Ice-breaking sessions are also part of the team-outing packages that these resorts offer. These small events also hone skills of planning and leadership. Apart from the activities, there are numerous games and adventure activities that people can try. Indoor and outdoor games are offered for teams. Along with these fun-filled events and activities, the destination is also quite popular amongst zorbing enthusiasts who can experience it with their team-mates. 

A Culinary Delight Along With Fun

The Discovery Village resort allows teams, who are out on an off-site retreat from work, to have the best culinary experience while they enjoy their time in the resort. The kitchens are equipped to serve sumptuous meals that are healthy and tasteful. The meals are power-packed with nutrients that allow people to be energetic while participating in various adventure activities. The best part about the cuisine at Discovery Village is that it is prepared from carefully chosen organic ingredients that are grown locally. They also offer a platter of all the local dishes that guests can give a try.

Are these luxurious resorts calling out to you? Well, you can always plan your office year-end parties to experience the paradisiac amalgamation of nature, and its impressive elements at Discovery Village. So, the next time you think you need a break from the monotonous routine of your daily life, book a stay at this eco-friendly resort and have the time of your life. 

Why Throwing a Company Year-End Party is a Great Idea

12 March  |  Team Outing

There is more to a year-end party than just food, drinks and music. These events can go a long way in determining the health of an organization and should be an important part of office planning.

The benefits of team outings are many. A casual setting provides the best environment to make friends. Sometimes meeting room disagreements and certain work styles can create wrong assumptions and perceptions among colleagues. A nice party breaks those formal barriers as conversations steer from strategy to favourite football teams. A team outing is the best way to get everyone to mingle. Employee motivation is another box that is ticked with a well-organized team event. Office events and activities provide a stage where employees identify the leadership roles that they can fit in. These activities and events serve as confidence boosters to newer members.

Rewarding the Team

Photo Credit: Discovery Village

An annual staff party is a great place to reward those who have achieved over the last year. It can be an event that celebrates the team’s many successes and warms people with the energy and optimism required to begin the next year. Collective recognition strengthens the bond between employees, as they see the direct relationship between the company’s success and their teamwork.

A Team Building Opportunity

Photo Credit: Discovery Village

The year-end party can be an all-day event with lots of team building games. These activities include a diverse range, from something as simple as tug-of-war to Twister and Bull Ring. Raft building is another popular team building activity along with paintball. We don’t even need to discuss the fun quotient. Team building activities improve communication skills between the participants and also act as great icebreakers to bring the introverts into the fold. Therefore, never plan an event without a team building exercise.

A Time to Reflect

Photo Credit: Kodai Resort Hotel

A year is a long time in the workplace. There would have been harried days where the backlog of work inundates the entire office. There would have been worrying days as markets dip or clients leave, while at the same time there would have been major spikes in business that lead to a frenzy of work. At the end of the financial year, as your accounts are sorted and a new cycle begins, you deserve a day to unwind and look back, a day that can be used to thank everyone for the past work and inspire the team for the future. The bottom line of every year-end party should be – your team has earned it.

There are many venues where you can have a memorable year-end party. Organizers can choose from many resorts in Bangalore for corporate team outing. Resorts in Kanakapura road provide an ideal stage, a blend of scenic surroundings and easy connectivity. There are more exotic options too. The best resorts in Kabini provide a complete set of outdoor experiences to complement the occasion of an office getaway.

Enjoy planning your next team outing – mix some innovative fun with old favourites. Watch the team get along and communicate better, important ingredients for continued success.

5 Innovative activities for Outbound Training

27 February  |  Team Outing

For those of you who have not been part of the corporate culture for too long, Outbound Training might sound like a course on how to live in the great outback. This cannot be further from reality. Outbound training is a set of outdoor activities organized at some of the best resorts in Bangalore that are aimed to increase efficiency and productivity of employees. If you are a team manager or are responsible for a bunch of professionals or even students in your class, then it is well worth your time to think about outbound training activities to strengthen your team.

The outbound training benefits are many and these include an improvement of leadership skills, communication, trust, and even better teamwork. While there are many resorts in Bangalore for team outing that offer specialized outbound training activities, you must look at these five unique activities that will leave a positive mark on your employees.

   1.  Water Volleyball


Photo credit: LA84 Foundation

We all remember those summer holidays when rows upon rows of balloons would be filled with water after which a water balloon fight would erupt. Water volleyball takes the same delight of working with water-filled spheres and adapts it to a new and more exciting challenge.

The participants are divided into two teams who stand on either side of a volleyball net. Each team is given a large satin cloth which they must use to throw and catch the water balloons. One team will use the cloth to launch a water balloon which the other team must catch it using their cloth. This continues back and forth until a team moves too slowly and the water balloon brakes on someone.

   2.  Blind Square


Photo Creative: Discovery Village

This game is built to open up discussions around teamwork and the challenges and frustrations of working in a team. The participants are made to stand around in a circle with an arm’s length between the participants. They are then blindfold and a loop of rope will be placed on the open palms of each contestant. The participants must work together to create the perfect square. Each side must be equal and at no time can the participants remove their blindfold or let go of the rope. After the group decides that they have formed the perfect square, they must lay the rope on the ground and remove their blindfold in order to see how they’ve done. After this, a series of questions regarding the team exercise should open up an honest discussion.

   3.  Helium Stick


Photo Credit: Discovery Village

This is a deceptively simple activity that reinforces the importance of working together. Divide the group to line up into two rows facing each other. Everyone must extend their hands with the index fingers pointing outward. Align the fingers and place the Helium Stick (a simple, long, thin stick) on the index fingers such that it is parallel to the ground. The rules are simple. The aim of the activity is to lower the stick onto the ground while the index fingers remain in constant contact with the stick. Keep a watch out for people pinching or holding the stick. Once the activity begins, participants will be surprised to find that the stick is moving upwards! This is because, in an effort to keep balance the stick on the index finger, and to keep in constant contact with the stick, the stick tends to move upwards. Once your team begins to concentrate and focus and work together, they should be able to lower the stick.

   4.  Twister


Photo Credit: Discovery Village

This is an oldie but goldie with a twist! Follow the traditional rules of the Twister game but add elements of teamwork to make this game more interesting. Divide the group into teams who will elect one member to actually twist on the Twister mat. The rest of the team will be in charge of solving any clues or puzzles before which the team member on the mat will not be allowed to make a move.

   5.  Three Island


Photo Credit: Discovery Village

This activity is ideal for a large group. Divide the participants into two teams and have three subgroups within each team. Each subgroup will be given separate sets of instructions and different end goals. Each subgroup must also help the other groups to achieve their task without violating any of their instructions. Once all the tasks are complete, then the team has finished its activity. The team to finish the activity first, or fastest, wins. The possibilities with this type of set up are endless and you can try various themes from tech to physical activities to even cooking challenges.

The options for outbound training in Bangalore are limitless with only your imagination curtailing your options. If you are planning a team outing, check for a Nandi hills resort price which suits your budget, and enjoy a getaway with your colleagues.

Work Hard and Play Hard

08 March  |  Team Outing

A phrase that is heard a lot nowadays, ‘work hard play hard’ is a mantra that has defined many successful careers and lifestyles. This philosophy encourages individuals to find the same enthusiasm in work achievements as they do in their passions and hobbies, resulting in higher degrees of positivity and motivation. The workplace today is a competitive field and requires constant dynamism and drive to keep up with targets and goals. To help employees achieve a work-life balance, it is important for employers to dedicate a certain amount of resources to develop a culture that is both work and employee friendly.

Play More to Work Harder

An office offsite or getaway goes a long way in improving communication and teamwork. After a weekend experience in one of the many corporate outing resorts in Bangalore, the buzz at the workplace on Monday is palpable, as colleagues turn up with a renewed sense of responsibility and energy. Signing up for customized team building activities in Bangalore can be one of the best ways to spread a happy and productive culture in the workplace. A well planned corporate day outing helps develop a winning attitude amongst participants that helps them identify fun and personal satisfaction at work just like they do at play.

Developing Long Term Motivation

Regular outings from the office help team members look forward to each other’s company and have more reasons to connect. Some of the best resorts in Bangalore for one day team outings offer activities that are specially designed for effective ice breaking and team building. Organized sports develop a sense of thrill and healthy competition amongst employees. Problem-solving games and activities involving groups and leadership encourage teamwork and nurture leadership skills among participants.

Spreading Workplace Joy

It may not be the most prudent idea to have a dedicated day for fun in the confines of a corporate environment for many obvious reasons, noise and unsuitable spaces being just a couple of them. At times, it is best to get the team out in a new environment away from the confines of a corporate setting. You can partake in some office revelry in dedicated team outing resorts near Bangalore for a day of sports, games and problem-solving activities.

Promoting the Philosophy

Employee well-being is one of the keys to a successful business and getting individuals to enjoy their work goes a long way in creating a positive environment and nurturing creativity on the office floor. Stress and exhaustion are reduced when enthusiasm is the driving force of productivity. Organizing team outings as a reward for a task well-done, not only gives employees some much-needed respite from routine but also gives them an incentive to perform. Corporates can promote a culture of ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ with well-spaced and thoughtfully crafted activity programmers for their employees. Whether it is a one-day getaway in Bangalore’s outskirts or a weekend in one of the corporate special Masinagudi resorts, getting employees to play hard and have fun is sure to lead to better results in the boardrooms too.

The need for weekend getaways after a stressful work-week

09 November  |  Team Outing


As Maya Angelou rightly said, “Every person needs to take one day away. A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future.”
We live in an age where we hardly have time for ourselves and spend innumerable hours sitting in our cubicles, pondering over worksheets and creating endless presentations. After all this hard work for five long days, all of us definitely deserve a relaxed and peaceful weekend in order to calm our stressed souls. Discovery Village provides a number of lucrative options for weekend getaways and is one of the best options for a family outing in Bangalore. Be it a holiday resort or a place which provides adventure sports, it is a must to go away for the weekend and spend time with your friends and family.

The way you want to spend your weekend depends on you and your friend group. Some people prefer spending a quiet weekend which is filled with good food, mellow music and a lavish place to stay. On the other hand, some people prefer having an engaging experience and love adventure sports such as trekking, zorbing etc. or other such activities that demand physical involvement.

Mental benefits


It is no secret that weekend getaways are associated with all things good and peaceful and can do wonders for your mental health. These holidays are meant to relax you mentally and bring you out of the corporate mindset which can easily sap your energy. Discovery Village provides certain resorts in Nandi Hills which is a very calm place that is free from the usual chatter and buzz of tourists. Spend your Saturdays and Sundays at these resorts and you are bound to be refreshed for the approaching busy week. A number of activities at these places such as spas, massages, mellow music, healthy food, meditation etc. contribute in setting the mood for relaxation and calming the mind and soul.

Physical benefits

Innumerable physical benefits can come out of weekend getaways, as you finally get a chance to leave your office chair and do some physical movement! Moreover, if you want to opt for adventure activities in the wild such as the Masinagudi jungle stay, you are bound to walk a lot and get exercise. Also, many holiday resorts offer services such as yoga and meditation classes, gym sessions etc. in order to ensure the best possible fitness levels for their guests.

Better bonding with friends/ colleagues

Without doubt, all the best stories are made on weekend trips! You get time to relax and unwind with your close friends and also form new bonds for life. Discovery Village provides you with the best hill resorts near Bangalore where you are guaranteed to have a good time and make memories for a lifetime.

The Team That Plays Together Stays Together;
Plan The Next Team Outing with Discovery Village

27 July  |  Team Outing

Research indicates that sharing a relaxing getaway brings the members of a team together. Whether you have just put together a task force, or are seeking a way to reward people who have been working together for a long time, the best way to make sure they bond is to arrange an Adventure Getaway. Discovery Village stands out among the resorts which have made fun their business. Serene locales, innovative activities, and wholesome food are elements that make sure you and your team return rejuvenated from a memorable vacation.

Get To Know Each Other

Discovery Village is one of the most sought after resorts for corporate team outing in Bangalore. We have designed corporate packages which include scientifically designed games and activities. Each of these games enhances the group’s soft skills and promotes teamwork. From building rafts together to being part of competitive group activities which encourage communication and cooperation, there is a lot to choose from. Block games help a team work together and come up with some unique structures. Raft building and survival camping aim to improve leadership quality, while activities like Bull Ring and A-Frame brush communication skills. Between meetings and group activities, you will have access to calming yoga sessions to unwind

When Fun spills over to the workplace 

Research proves that a team which bonds outside the workplace also works together in a better way professionally. The relationship is strengthened by shared conversations and the introduction of a personal element in office relationships. Watch as projects get completed effortlessly when your team works in tandem.

Fun And Games Made Delicious With Sumptuous Food

At Discovery Village we make sure you have access to everything you need for a healthy break from routine. Our kitchens serve tasty and healthy food to soothe your appetite and ensure that you have the strength to tackle all the adventures lined up for you. Tuck into local dishes made of the best local organic produce.

In Your Backyard

Located close to the city, Discovery Village resorts are ideal for a weekend getaway. The sites chosen boast of unspoilt natural beauty, and terrain which is ideal for adventure sports. Located at various places like Bangalore, Ooty and Masinagudi, each resort has a unique draw. The resort in Nandi Hills is famous for zorbing and trekking, while the Masinagudi jungle stay is the best option if your team chooses to spend some time close to nature and wildlife.  We also have the facility of homestays in Masinagudi. If you and your team want to experience water sports, the Discovery Village resort at Kabini is the right choice for you.

A Balance Between Modernity And Nature  

Rooms at Discovery Village resorts have all the facilities you need for a comfortable stay. Fully equipped meeting rooms and conference halls enable you to take care of business too! It’s time to bid adieu to cubicles and lunch boxes and enjoy a fun filled holiday with your team at Discovery Village.

How Team Outings Help

06 October  |  Team Outing

“It’s all about having fun and smiling and shaking hands.” – Tone Loc

It is natural to feel disgruntled when your team leader announces a corporate day outing for everybody over the weekend. After spending over forty hours each week with the same people in a work atmosphere, it is natural to feel the urge to walk the other way instead of spending more time with them on the outing. And it’s not just you, but your colleagues also feel the same way. However, just the opposite is recommended. A healthy co-existing team shows familiarity, trust, communication and happiness. Remote working and varying assignments make it quite difficult to bring forth these traits. This is where a team outing comes into play. Outings are the keys to building better teams. Allow Discovery village to plan that perfect day outing in Bangalore resorts. If you wish for an out of town team building outing, you can check out organized events in Bandipur resorts and resorts in Masinagudi.

All work and no play, makes anybody a dull person


Let’s be realistic: after constant work, week after week, it is natural that the constantly working brain needs a rest. With unending email streams, constant to-do lists and steady flow of work orders, employees require some good-old fashioned fun and rest. A team outing to a resort or spa shows the team that along with their work potential, their well being also matters to the company. Stepping away from computers and instead focusing on getting some good beauty sleep or enjoying some quality time with colleagues helps the brain become more productive and focused than it was before. For all you know, this team outing can be the next big break for the team, which helps spur the company’s next big break (quite literally)!

Building team cohesion


It is a different experience getting to know the rest of the team in an environment that isn’t in office. When the members of a team are able to cultivate meaningful and important bonds, connecting on a personal level with each other, it works wonders on team morale and profoundly affects the company. Interacting daily at work lets the team connect on a basic level, but outings are the catalysts for genuine team chemistry. Whether it is in the form of games, grabbing dinner or even going on a trip, team outings help the employees strengthen bonds, boosting motivation amidst them. This leaves the team feeling like a well-oiled machine, when returning back to work. The casual, fun atmosphere of a team outing lets everybody morph out of their professional skins and be truly themselves, pushing office hierarchy out the window.

Boost creative group thinking

Team outings bring in change in scenery, which leads to change in attitudes and learning. While the team unwinds from their professional exterior and become more relaxed and comfortable with each other, creative interaction begins. Learning new things about each other forges a bond along the same wavelength, and this new level of intimacy provides a happier, comforting opportunity to tackle conversations and ideas in an innovative manner. It has been found that happiness raises the levels of productivity and innovation in teams. 

Team outings are extremely beneficial because happy employees make productive employees, which in turn make a successful company. Giving the team relaxation and socialization time helps establish a healthy rhythm, which leads to less wasted motion and more accomplishment.

How Being Outdoors Even in Cold Weather is Ideal for your Mental Health

06 October  |  Team Outing

“A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.” – Paul Dudley White

Just when the first few winds of cold weather hits, hibernating the season away sounds like the tempting, sole option. Locking yourself inside during cold weather isn’t the best option for your body, mind and soul. Your best bet you ask? To get your two best friends: your left leg and your right leg, to keep moving and for you to make time for physical activity during winter. Not only does this help keep off winter weight gain, but exercise and other physical activity wards off symptoms of seasonal depression and other mental health disorders. Take that fitness regimes one step further by stepping out the gym and into the natural elements. Try a well-organised hike or outdoor event by Discovery Village at Nandi Hills, Bangalore for starters.

Boosting your focus and improving creativity


Numerous studies have been conducted on the positive effects of the outdoor environment on our inner peace and mental sanity. Richard Louv, the author of ‘Last Child in the Woods’ uses ‘nature-deficit disorder’ to refer to behavioural problems occurring from spending less to no time outdoors. Faced with a conundrum? Take a walk outside and you will come up with brilliant solutions to deal with it. Spending time outdoors leads to the brain indulging in high quality and novel analogies. Try taking a test outside; you will find that your level of focus is increased. This is one of the reasons why companies prefer taking their employees on a corporate day outing filled with team building activities, Bangalore.

Self-esteem and mood strengthened


‘Green exercise’, a term giving to physical activity pursued outdoors or in nature, has numerous unique benefits. Even a brisk five-minute walk, jog in the park or even in your garden shows improved levels of self-esteem and positive moods. While being outdoors is wonderful, it leaves a calm and soothing feeling inside. It reduces stress and Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is winter depression. Step into the natural light and brighten that cloudy expression of yours. Walk barefoot on the beach or on the grass on a day outing in Bangalore resorts. Feel the cold breeze on your face as you slowly feel refreshed and motivated.

Quick healing potential

Spending time outdoors is inherently healing. Some of it is to do with the contact with natural light. Being outside even during cold weather reduces pain symptoms, lets you have better sleep and reduces the decline in everyday functionality. Nature’s healing powers has been known to us as we grew up listening to the benefits from mothers and grandmothers, and even experiencing the same. With rapid increase in mental health disorders, increased contact with the outdoor environments is necessary for better health of the individual and his existence.

Being outdoors during cold weather provides better mental and physical health in people, when compared with those who decided to skirt nature. It is also crucial to make sure you have enough protective and body warming gear on.



Company Retreat

07 April  |  Team Outing

“Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived by unity” – Vince Lombardi

The very idea behind many companies organizing corporate day outing is to re-energize both the individuals and the team as a whole, to ensure greater and better collaboration between various departments and, in turn, strengthen the bond between people. Such an outing will help the employees to get rid of their fears by getting them involved in exercises that let them openly discuss and find ways to overcome it.

A day outing in Bangalore resorts comprising of different activities will encourage the employees of the organizations to work towards a common goal. It is essential from a company point of view that any barriers between different departments of the organization are broken and team outing resorts near Bangalore are an ideal choice for such exercises. Working together with colleagues from other departments will challenge the employees to understand each other’s strength and weakness and help them to utilize the best of both worlds. In a dynamic workplace environment, the high demands tend to force the team members to keep their hidden talents to themselves. The various outbound activities during an office outing allow the employees to express themselves and, in turn, showcase their inner talents. This helps the people in the organization to know more about each other on a personal level. It is highly essential that an organization creates the right environment for the employees to express their thoughts, which then makes them feel comfortable.

In the book “201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business” by Jane Applegate, the author suggests the use of an external facilitator to run the show during a company retreat so that it allows each and every individual to participate at the same level as other employees. More often than not, co-workers only interact with each other on work related topics in the workplace. A company retreat like the one organized by Discovery Village at Nandi hills resorts Bangalore breaks this barrier and lets the employees talk and share things outside a professional environment, thereby strengthening the bond between them, which in turn translates into better communication and an increase in productivity at the workplace. The idea behind organizing outings is to establish a trust factor among members of the team, to increase the bond that they share with others in the company, challenge them to give their best in various exercises and activities and forming groups of people from different department which encourages them to collaborate and work with members of other team, with whom they don’t normally interact on a frequent basis.

Every individual needs time away from the load and pressure of work and company retreats are ideal for de-stressing and unwinding from all the chaos of everyday work life. It is during such an outing that people really get to know not only about each other but about themselves as well!

Outdoor Experiential Therapy

04 March  |  Team Outing

The World Health Organization defines Health as a “complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

The hectic world of today poses a plethora of challenges that we must face on a daily basis, be it at work, at home or in our personal lives. Known as a distinctive form of psychotherapy, outdoor experiential therapy is hence being considered as one of the most important forms of therapy that can be given to improve physical health, emotional health and increase in an awareness of self. It has been known to reduce fear as well as improve mental health.

As per a study published in “The Open Psychology Journal” by Daniel Bowen and James Neill – there is strong evidence that associates an increase in self-esteem of an individual participating in outdoor experiential programs.

Psychotherapists have come to appreciate these and similar other aspects of outdoors which has subsequently given birth to the field of “Outdoor experiential therapy”. The therapy uses man’s struggle against the primal forces of nature (in a controlled environment) to make him more aware of the self. The experiences a person goes through guide him towards a better version of self. Nature forces one to get out of our sheltered existence. All the usual protective layers between us and nature are removed, and we feel the turbulence of river with our feet, sustained gusts of winds on our cheeks, the solidity of rocks with our palms, with Discovery Village’s opportunities for day outings in Bangalore resorts.

Thoreau said, “I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us alright.” Nature was and is our first teacher. The cornerstone of human evolution is our ability to meet the challenges thrown at us. In a setting different from the outdoors, we can contemplate, speculate, think, imagine, and still exist, but when pitting our wits against the forces of nature, our actions are all that count. A better character-building exercise is hard to find.

Discovery Village recognizesand understands the requirements of a cognitive-behavioral-affective approach to experiential therapy. With various activities such as zorbing, team events and adventure trails, Discovery Village has a wide choice for peoleto choose from.

According to a study on Outdoor Therapy and Education conducted by Bowen, Wilson and Hans in 2013, it is said that outdoor therapy, which includes setting one in a risky environment and asking them to fend for themselves, is akin to helping one increase their self esteem and believe that they can gain control of the events occurring around them, thereby leading to less stress.

Grow as an individual and as a leader with Discovery Village. Be it a group office bonding event at resorts in Bangalore for a team outing,or a family outing at resorts in Masinagudi, Discovery Village provides you the opportunities to further your goals in the realm of self-improvement. Our list of adventurous activities will provide with the opportunity for a tête-à-tête with nature.

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