25 fun-filled adventurous activities at Discovery Village for groups

07 March  |  Team Building

Don’t let the monotony of the daily humdrum of your life get to you. Whether you’re 13 or 30, it’s time to let down your hair and indulge in some much-deserved fun. Allow Discovery Village resorts in Bangalore & Kabini to take you on a lush, green and unconventional retreat that combines luxury and fun while making it a point to follow only eco-friendly practices.

Discovery Village is perfect for corporate team outings looking to build the team spirit, families that want to enjoy some downtime, small or large groups that want to interact and build new bonds as well as school children that just want to explore their adventurous side.

And what does Discovery Village have in store for you? Let’s find out!

1. Reverse Strategy – Rabbit, Hunter and a Wall

Serves as an: Ice-Breaker

Good for: Building team coordination

Difficulty Level: Low

Move over Rock, Paper and Scissors. This game may remind of the ever-popular game while taking a refreshing approach. Participants are first divided into two groups and shown the three hand gestures – rabbit, hunter and wall.

The rules of the game are simple. Hunter can kill the rabbit but a wall can block the hunter and a rabbit can jump over the wall.

When the game coordinator signals for the game to start, each team has to make a gesture. If both the teams make the same gesture, it is a tie and the game restarts.

2. Pen in the Bottle

Serves as a: Warm-up

Good for: Building hand-eye coordination

Difficulty Level: Medium

This is a hilarious game that can be played by all age groups. A pen is tied to a string around the waist of a person. Then the person has to walk over some distance and try to lower the pen in a bottle.

This can be played by individuals or in teams. Depending on the speed of the person walking, the string will shake and swerve making the game harder.

3. Key Punch

Serves as a: Team-Building exercise

Good for: Encouraging creativity, planning and communication

Difficulty Level: High

The aim of Key Punch may sound simple but isn’t. A team has to collect all the keys in the right order before the other teams do it. The rules are tough and this game can get real competitive real fast.

This game is great for fostering the team spirit as everyone in the team has to work together and communicate to win. Only one person is allowed at a time inside the perimeter where the keys are kept which makes communication within teams of the utmost importance.

4. Land Mine

Serves as a: Team-Building exercise

Good for: Encouraging leadership, creativity, and communication

Difficulty Level: High

This game emulates the real dangers of walking across a land full of mines. One team member gets blindfolded while the other communicates with them using only 4 words to guide them through the obstacle course. This activity requires patience and complete trust in the teammate who serves as the eyes for the blindfolded person.

The game also develops a better sense of communication between teammates as they can only use 4 words. The blindfolded person has to rely on their other senses to complete the obstacle race and have faith that their teammate will guide them well.

5. Coin Toss

Serves as an: Ice-Breaker

Good for: Building communication and developing listening skills

Difficulty Level: Medium

Remember the old Chinese Whisper where you’d sit in a circle and utter gibberish in your friend’s ears? Coin Toss is just like that and so much more.

For starters, Coin Toss requires all participants to line up in a straight line and a ‘message’ is whispered to the last participant. They then have to relay the message to the next person in line and ultimately the first person standing in line has to say it out loud. Since the message isn’t really a proper word, the end result can be quite hilarious. A team wins if the message is correctly relayed and loses if not. This game requires a ton of concentration as any one person in the team can cause the whole team to lose.

It is recommended to have at least 8 participants to play this game to ensure it is fun and not super easy.

6. Hot Plate

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit and encouraging leadership skills

Difficulty Level: High

Emotions run high while playing Hot Plate as this game isn’t child’s play. The objective of the game is to cut out a plate made from cardboard or any other material at hand and tie strings to it. Once that is done, a ball needs to be balanced on this plate and transported from the starting point to the finish point.

The rules don’t dictate anything about the size, shape or length of the cardboard cutout or the strings which drives teams into a frenzy trying to figure out the physics behind it to make it work. It’s important for teams to have a leader emerge and take control of the conversation and take everyone’s valuable inputs and arrive at the best answer.

7. Bull Ring

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit and encouraging leadership skills

Difficulty Level: High

Stretched ropes, metal rings and blindfolds – This game has it all. The game is so challenging that participants attend a 45-minute training session first and then have only 15 minutes to play the game.

The objective of the game is to use a metal ring over stretched twines to lodge a ball over the mouth of a hollow pipe or a bottle. Simple as it may sound, getting to this part is where it gets really exciting.

Participants go through the entire Discovery Village to get to the game. They cover trees, walk through extremely narrow paths and even wade through a rivulet and some of it is done while being blindfolded.

This isn’t an easy game from start to finish but is quite rewarding and can be played by large groups of all ages.

8. Pipeline

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit and encouraging leadership skills and creativity

Difficulty Level: Medium

Just imagine a mobile game that allows you to draw lines in order to get the ball rolling from one end of the screen to the next. Pipeline is exactly that. Pipes are cut into halves and handed over to team members. The first team member is the only one who is allowed to touch the marble. Teams have to get really creative and decide what angles are best to get a ball or a marble rolling from one end to the other and finally into a bucket. Participants aren’t allowed to move their feet when the pipe is in their hands or use their hands to block the marble from falling.

This game is preceded by an hour-long training period which allows for an intensive 20-minute face-off between two teams.

9. Tower of Hanoi

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit and creativity

Difficulty Level: Medium

The old mobile game has finally made a real-life comeback. Hanoi involves three vertical rounds and n number of round disks of varying sizes that have to be stacked in ascending order from smallest at the top and the largest at the bottom. The objective of the game is to take the disks from the first rod and recreate the tower in the second or the third vertical rod.

This requires intense concentration and communication in the team as it is a time-bound event and one mistake can increase the number of moves resulting in defeat.

10. Tug of War

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit and leadership skills

Difficulty Level: Low

The good ol’ Tug of War. This doesn’t need any explicit explanation but here goes. Two teams are required to pull on a single rope which is marked in the middle by a flag. Both teams have to use a creative strategy and mighty strength to pull the rope towards themselves. The team that successfully pulls the rope towards themselves wins.

11. Big Foot

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit, creativity and leadership skills

Difficulty Level: Medium

This game has, unfortunately, nothing to do with sighting the elusive ‘Big Foot’. The game is quite literal and participants have to line up according to the size of their foot. Simple, right?

Here’s the twist. Not only are participants blindfolded during the game but they also cannot state the size of their foot. They have to give each other clues to figure out the size of their foot and stand in ascending order.

Naturally, amidst all the confusion, a participant emerges demonstrating leadership skills and the rest of the team have to think of creative ways to let members know their foot size without saying the actual number out loud.

12. A-Frame

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit, creativity and leadership skills

Difficulty Level: High

This is the level of adventure that normal life just doesn’t serve. In the game, a group of 5-6 participants has to choose a leader amongst themselves and then go about building an A-frame using bamboo sticks or lashing poles. The frame will then be suspended using 4 guy wires to support it.

Here comes the fun part. The leader of the group has to then climb onto the A-frame and the rest of the team has to transport the leader – frame and all – from point A to point B. The leader has to instruct the team members on how to pull the wires to create enough tension so that he/she can be walked to win the game.

13. Hoopla Pass

Serves as an: Ice Breaker

Good for: Building team spirit and creativity and communication skills

Difficulty Level: Low

This is an easy game to get everyone warmed up or can be played as a filler. Participants are made to stand in a circle while a hoopla must be passed through every person without ever touching the ground.

This forces everyone on the team to work together and come up with creative ways to pass the hoopla ring through the bodies and ensure the ring doesn’t touch the ground.

14. Helium Stick

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit and creativity and communication skills

Difficulty Level: Medium

The objective of the game is to have everyone on the team lower a long stick at the same time. Here’s the twist: Participants can only balance the stick on their outstretched index fingers.

This game requires great concentration and coordination skills as everyone has to bend and balance the stick at the same time. If any team member is found to be not touching the stick, the whole team will be disqualified.

15. Human Foosball

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit and creativity and communication skills

Difficulty Level: Medium

Imagine if your foosball table came to life. This game is exactly that. Human Foos Ball can accommodate 40 players at a time making it perfect for large team outings. Discovery Village’s attempt to bring the foosball table to life is a fun-filled activity enjoyed by all ages. Participants have to stand in lines just as the players are lined up on the foosball table and kick the ball and prevent the other team from scoring.

It is up to the teams to take on an offense or defence strategy or balance them out to win the game.

16. Untie Me

Serves as a: Warm-Up

Good for: Building team spirit and creativity and communication skills

Difficulty Level: Medium

This game has one person tied up in knots (literally) while the other person must quickly undo the knots except one knot at the wrist. This can be played in teams of 2 against other teams or as a time-bound game.

Undoing the knots requires some quick thinking as well as oodles of creativity.

17. Kangaroo Half Relay

Serves as an: Ice Breaker

Good for: Building team spirit and creativity and communication skills

Difficulty Level: Low

This game is pure fun and enjoyed by people of all ages. Each team is given an object – a ball, stick or pipe that one team member must hop on and get from point A to point B and back hopping all the way as a kangaroo would. The team member then hands off the object to the next person in line and stands at the very back of the line. The game is over when the first person makes it to the front of the line. 

This can be played by large groups against other teams or as a time-bound event to make it even more exciting.


18. Frenzy

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit and creativity and communication skills

Difficulty Level: Low

Frenzy is a simple game with only one objective – Collect as many balls as you can from the main hoop and drop it in your hoop. This game can be played by 4 teams at a time provided that there is an equal number of members in every group.

The main hoop has 40 balls in it and teams have to figure out the quickest way to grab those balls and place it in their own hoop which is kept at a considerable distance from the main hoop.

This game requires massive coordination and team play as the formation of the players is make or break to win the game.

19. Twister

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit, creativity, coordination and communication skills

Difficulty Level: Medium

This is exactly like the American game of Twister. A colourful carpet with numbers is laid out. 4-5 participants play the game and they have to turn the spinner and place their hand or leg on the number that it lands on.

The game seems easy enough in the beginning but after a few turns, it begins to look like convoluted yoga poses. If a participant falls over, they are eliminated. Twister requires some serious coordination and concentration skills.

Although only a handful of people can play this game at a time, new players can take the place of an eliminated participant.

20. Bazooka

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit, creativity, coordination and communication skills

Difficulty Level: Medium

Bazooka involves getting the whole team involved in the game. The objective if the game is to remove the plastic balls inside the barrel from the top by flooding it with water.

The plastic balls should be able to float and come up soon enough, right? Wrong! The barrel hangs 12 feet off the ground is full of holes. Teams are not allowed to turn the barrel upside down or turn it on its side.


A game involving intelligent strategy, Bazooka is sure to get your mind working on double time to figure out how to get the plastic balls out given the restrictions.


A brilliant activity that sees a natural leader emerge and the whole team pitch in their ideas, Bazooka is a memorable game that shouldn’t be missed at the Discovery Village.


21. Drums and Planks

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit, creativity, coordination and communication skills

Difficulty Level: High

Ever try to balance your weight on a plank which is placed on a drum? Drums and Planks will force you out of your comfort zone and get you thinking strategically on how to get the whole team from point A to point B without hitting the ground.

This game requires intense coordination and communication skills to ensure the entire team makes it. Everything must be taken into the account – the number of the drums, the length of the planks, obstacles on the way and the uneven ground.

This is not an easy game but the rewards are high. You get to develop a sense of team spirit like never before as well as think analytically.

22. Cross Over

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit, creativity, coordination and communication skills

Difficulty Level: High

Cross Over is a maze designed by Discovery Village to test your skills as a team and as an individual. The game is to be played by 4 teams that have an equal number of members.  The maze requires you to cross over the other team using pre-arranged bricks on the ground.

The game requires collaboration, creative thinking and leadership skills to finish and win.

23. Shapes and Colours

Serves as a: Warm-up

Good for: Building team spirit, creativity, coordination and communication skills

Difficulty Level: Medium

This game is a tricky one. Participants choose a table strewn with 36 coloured objects that must be placed in 6 separate piles. Easy, right?

Except the participants are blindfolded and have to rely on the instructor to help them out. They can hold up each object in their hand and ask the instructor for the color and rely on their other senses to place same coloured objects in one pile.

This requires great listening skills and concentration to make sure all the shapes are placed in the right pile.

24. Blind Square Activity

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit, creativity, coordination and communication skills

Difficulty Level: High

Teams are given a rope that they hold in a circle which must be converted into a square. The catch is all but one member is blindfolded. The blindfolded members must follow the instructions of the member who can see down to a T. One mistake and the square won’t resemble a square anymore.

The blindfold allows members to rely more on their other senses, and improve their communication skills to avoid falling over and perfectly managing to turn the circle into a square.

25. hum

Serves as a: Team Building Exercise

Good for: Building team spirit, creativity, coordination and communication skills

Difficulty Level: Medium

Discovery Villages’ A to Z is a fun, creative game that involves analytical thinking as well as being quick on your feet. All a team has to do is collect 26 products but it isn’t straightforward. Each product starts with the letter of the alphabet and must only be collected in order. The location of each product must be cracked using the clues given.

This game packs a punch. It stimulates the brain as well as provides an outlet for team spirit to develop.

Have fun at Discovery Village

Whether you are a group of friends looking for a better way to spend the weekend or on a corporate team outing, Discovery Village is the place to be. Ranging from easy ice-breakers to difficult and analytical problems that require immense concentration, these activities are nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. Inspired by all the best games in the world, these activities are highly engaging and delightful leaving a smile on everyone’s faces. Don’t let the stress of everyday life get to you and come have fun at Discovery Village.

Outdoor Team Building with your teamies

29 October  |  Team Building

Office colleagues are an important part of a corporate life. As a professional, we spend almost 40% of our time in the office space interacting and working with our fellow employees on a regular basis. It is therefore very important to have a good connect amongst the team in order to have a productive and fruitful professional life.

Why is team building essential?

The success of an organization depends on how closely knit its team is. The relevance of having a strong team has increased multifold in the recent times with people from different educational backgrounds working together to deliver value addition to a customer. The importance of team building can be determined by the following benefits that it brings along:

  • Helps improve bonding between the team members by helping them to understand each other better
  • Motivates every employee and instills the spirit of being one big team
  • Increases collaborative spirit and encourages creativity
  • Helps minimize or eliminate communication gaps and enhances productivity

These points are enough to show the importance and the reason why every organization must focus on conducting team building activities.

How will the activities help you grow and make your team’s bonds strong?

Most corporate outings are aimed at allowing the employees to unwind from work stress and hit the refresh button. Such events particularly aim at ensuring that there are no hierarchies on that day and every employee mingles with others and gets to know each other personally as well.

Such an event will bring the team closer to each other by breaking the ice and diminishing any work ego.

At times, employees may not even get enough time in the office to know each other and that is when such team building activities come into play.

During such activities, the teams collaborate to work collectively to do well in the event without worrying about failure. This helps them build trust and empathy for each other, which will eventually reflect with increased co-operation and productivity in office.

Fun Team Building activities at DV
If you are looking for corporate day outing resorts in Bangalore to conduct a fun-filled team outing, then the Discovery Village resort should be your ideal choice. DV is one of the best resorts in Bangalore, especially when it comes to organizing and conducting team building activities.

There are various activities which are conducted by the experienced team at the resort. Some of the activities include Bazooka, Raft Building, Survival Camping, Cave Exploration, Paintball and Drum Jam, all of which are perfect for building a spirit of unity and oneness amongst the team members. These events are organized by DV in such a way that they will motivate the individuals which in turn will ensure enhanced performance at work.

DV offers multiple team building activities. One can either plan a day outing or stay overnight and enjoy the fun activities planned for the entire team.

There is no doubting the fact that team building activities help build a culture of unity and understanding among colleagues. Organizations should conduct such events regularly so that the temperament and motivation of the employees is always high.





How to plan collaboration activities for team building

04 October  |  Team Building

Team building activities are an important part of any corporate organisation. Such events create enthusiasm amongst the employees and promote the feeling of unity and collaboration within the team members. Collaboration activities need immaculate planning so that they are entertaining and at the same time serve their intended purpose of establishing strong connections between the participants and promote teamwork. Most organisations have dedicated teams to plan out such events and make them a success. Creative, out of the box thinking is required on the part of the planners to plan an exciting and meaningful team building session.

Following are some of the key factors to be kept in mind while planning collaboration activities for team building:

  1. Get out of the office: The first rule of planning a team building activity is to step out of the office environment and let loose. There are many resorts in Bangalore where you can have a corporate team. An offsite will let the employees to leave their office worries behind, and this will help to bond better.
  2. Select an off-beat location for the offsite: Logistics permitting, there is no better way to celebrate your hard work than going to an off-beat location away from the city. Pick up a theme for your offsite and finalize the location basis that. There are some fantastic resorts in Kabini that offer a great atmosphere for a corporate outing and team building activities. The calm and cool environment in the forest is sure to soothe the nerves and promote the feeling of collaboration.
  3. Plan adventurous team building activities: Clichéd table games played in closed doors are a thing of past. The whole purpose of getting out of the office is to enjoy an open environment. Adding a flavour of adventure to the team building activities will certainly serve as a good platform to build collaboration. Adventurous activities like trekking, zorbing, hill climbing, paintball are some of the fun-filled events that can be organised with the entire team participating in them. Discovery Village, a resort near Bangalore also offers some creative, unique and fun-filled team building activities that are aimed at promoting collaboration and team spirit amongst the individuals.

    It’s not always about winning: The idea is to build collaboration and not to compete. In addition to the games and adventure activities, also plan events such as group yoga, jamming sessions, team dinner, motivation sessions and such activities where the entire team can participate as one. This will surely help the individuals to bond better. Every organization should plan and have team building activities and collaboration sessions at frequent intervals. Firstly, it gives a break to the employees from the mundane activities of the office, rejuvenates and motivates them and most importantly, allows them to get to know each other at a personal level. such activities aid in building trust amongst each other, the benefits of which will reflect in their daily work with an increase in productivity and collaboration.


Team Building Activities

12 January  |  Team Building

Incentivizing your team members is not just restricted to monetary and target-oriented themes. Creating a positive atmosphere in a workplace also requires interpersonal harmony and a happy team is a productive team. Team building activities are a great way to integrate employees and help people from different backgrounds and departments get to know each other.

What are Team Building Activities?

A good office environment hinges on how well the members of a workplace communicate with each other. Team building activities is a loose term used for activities that put colleagues out of the usual work scenario and help them build good social dynamics with each other. When your team members are friends and enjoy hanging out with each other, you can reap the benefits of a happy workplace and increased drive. Certain team building exercises help new members blend into the rest of the team and icebreakers are a great way to get everyone introduced to each other. With the typical Indian office a microcosm of ethnic and cultural diversity, team building has become a very important part of managing the workplace.

Why are team building activities necessary?

Team building activities create the foundation for networking and exchange of ideas. As colleagues get to know each other better and find common interests while building friendships, overall team morale also improves. Corporate team building games are designed strategically to enhance healthy competition amongst peers. Office life can have its stressful phases and monotony, and fun activities at work help in alleviating symptoms of boredom and disillusionment. Besides being a day of entertainment and recreation, a corporate outing can do wonders in getting reclusive employees to open up and it also emboldens leadership qualities in those with good potential.

What is the outcome we can expect?

Office team building games have many long-term benefits. Besides providing new experiences and plenty of photo-ops for team members, team building activities foster a space for innovation and collaboration that spills over into the office. Good communication is the starting point of a successful business model and team building activities encourage this most crucial component. By encouraging good social dynamics in the team through team building exercises, loyalty also gets a boost.

Where can we go for outdoor activities in Karnataka?

Outdoor activities are the best way to create a memorable event for your team. You do not have to go too far from the city for a wholesome activity-filled experience. There are many resorts in Bangalore for team outing. From specific corporate games to nature activities like hiking and rock climbing there are conveniently located establishments that can accommodate an entire squad of colleagues. One can arrange a one day outing in Bangalore in the cool climes of Nandi Hills. Other options include the foothills and wilderness areas in the foothills of the Nilgiris. Kayaking and jungle safaris are some of the activities a team can enjoy in eco-friendly Kabini river resorts.

Twister the Game

14 September  |  Team Building

Image Source: webcollage

As the weekend edges closer, some look forward to sleeping in while others aim to cut the slack and pack the bags for a quick trip. If you belong to the second category you can choose from any of the best resorts in Bangalore for day outing or try the adventurous experiences offered by Kabini river resorts. There are many more options,but for those of you who are looking to stay indoors here is a cool game to spend a fun weekend with friends. Have you heard of the Twister game? This has been a rage for decades, andwas an instant hit when it was introduced.

The origin/history – ReynGuyer came up with a novel idea for a board game, which became Twister:

That pretty much sums up how it all started. While working athis father’s design business making point-of-purchase displays, he thought of designing a mat that was to be used as a promotional item. He wanted to make an interactive game mat where the players themselves stood as the actual game pieces. The novelty of the idea fueled by ReynGuyer’s creativity resulted in the Twister. It is a game which is played on a game mat with colourful circles where players stand and follow the instructions from a referee.

Fun facts about Twister:


  • Among the names that the game was given initially one was “Pretzel”
  • The adhesives giant 3M turned down the game when the team had approached it in the beginning
  • Johnny Carson played the game on his show in 1966 which ignited the popularity of the game
  • Certain cultures considered the game to be against their traditions, for example, the Germans did not like it when the women took off their shoes in public.
  • There is a textured mat with Braille available for the blind players

How to play Twister:


  • The Twister game rules are pretty simple. There should be a group of 3 or more players to play the game out of which one would act as the referee.
  • Lay the mat on a flat surface
  • Two players stand on either edges near the word Twister, with one foot on the yellow circle and one on blue. The third player stands at the center of the red circles’
  • The referee has the mat with the needle which also has different coloured circles and zones for the right and left legs and hands. The referee spins the needle and calls out the colour of the circle where the needle points and the appropriate hand or leg.
  • The players need to place the corresponding limb on the correct circle. The game keeps continuing as the players continue reaching for the different circles called out without moving from their current position.
  • The person who loses his balance and falls off is disqualified. The one player that is left standing on the mat till the end is declared a winner.

Where to play Twister:

This makes a great game to play with smaller groups. The game can extend for hours depending on how the players take turns and how they hold up. The game canbe played indoor or outdoor. A flat dry surface is all that you need. Placing weights on the edges of the mat would make sure that the mat does flap while playing. So, when are you trying this fun game with your friends?

Learn how these locations can enrich your life

27 June  |  Team Building

Travelling enriches the soul like no other activity and creates unforgettable memories in our life. It gives a great chance to dream, explore and discover the world around us!

If you are in Bangalore experiencing the grind of its traffic congestion, then here are a few places for you to visit, not only to experience the beauty of nature but also to put your fitness to test with some adventure activities. There are many weekend getaways with the option for a day outing in Bangalore resorts in the radius of 150 to 200 km. A combination of good home-style fresh food, natural beauty and a gamut of adventure activities, all in one place is a hassle-free option that one would choose hands down. The Discovery Village (DV) resorts that are located in and around Bangalore are sure to offer all this and much more!

Home away from home:

For all those looking for corporate outing resorts in Bangalore within 100 km from the city, the best choice is the DV resorts located in Bangalore and Nandi hills. Located just on the outskirts of the city, an outing, be it family or corporate in these resorts give a whole new experience of nature and adventure. Both the resort in Bangalore, are located strategically in areas of verdant greenery to give the visitors a sense of peace and calmness. The resort in Bangalore, particularly suitable for corporate outings, offers a range of adventure activities like zorbing, rappelling and cave exploration. The Nandi Hills Bangalore resort is unique because of its location giving a 360-degree view of the mountains. Bird watching amidst the splendid mountains, trekking and mountain climbing at this resort, are sure to leave you captivated by the hills.

The Rapids – white water adventure

The Kabini river that starts its journey in the Wayanad district of Kerala and flows eastward to form a massive Kabini Reservoir is a great tourist attraction. Situated at a distance of 220 km from Bangalore, roughly a four and half hour drive leads to Discovery Village Kabini Resort. The resort, built on the banks of this reservoir is a perfect destination for river water enthusiasts. Kayaking, canoeing, raft building and parasailing are exciting activities in store at this resort. With a dedicated assistance and safety team to take care of all the safety aspects, team building activities and family activities at such an adventurous terrain can only make it a memory that lasts a lifetime!

Rendezvous with wildlife fauna:

Among the jungles in South India, one of the less explored is Masinagudi, in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu. Located at about 240 km from Bangalore, it is nestled amidst the Mudumalai national park and wildlife sanctuary. It houses some of the endangered species of animals and birds. A stay at the discovery village resorts in Masinagudi, ensures great food, lots of open air activities like shooting and the experience of wildlife safaris and jungle huts. Apart from this, the trekking, rock climbing, bird watching and nature walk sessions conducted, gives the visitors a chance to truly experience the bounty of flora and fauna at the resort.

Celebrate team achievements with an outing at discovery village

31 May  |  Team Building

“A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of others.” – Norman Shidle

Celebrating the success of fellow employees, recognizing the efforts put in by them in achieving a specific task/goal and lauding them for their efforts are some of the ways which can help motivate them to do well going forward and gives them the satisfaction that their work efforts are being noticed and appreciated. Not only does it increase their confidence, but is also sure to help them move up on the career ladder and earn promotions, by inspiring them to perform better. It is also important for a company or an organisation to share its success with its employees. Winning an award or celebrating an anniversary are some of the events that call for a get-together. Discovery Village helps in organizing such events along with outdoor activities at some of the best place for team outing in Bangalore.

Besides celebrations, bonding is also an essential activity for a team. An organisation often consists of different teams, each of which is assigned to take care of specific functions. In such a scenario, it is necessary for the individuals of the team to know about the other members of the team. This enables better communication between them and also helps builda strong rapport. An ideal way of breaking down barriers in a team is to have a corporate day outing. A report from MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory’s study suggests that the success of a team can be predicted on how the team communicates and interacts during informal meet-ups outside of work. Discovery Village resorts are located in unspoilt locations such asNandi hills Bangaloreand are designed to meet the requirements for corporate outings, which team building activities and games which promote fun and camaraderie. Discovery village is among the most popularresorts in Bangalore for one day team outing owing primarily to the cast range of activities available to guests.

RedBalloon/AltusQ have published a report which observed that organisations were more likely to see a 10 times increase in terms of sales and profit when the level of employee engagement was high, as compared to organisations with lower employee engagement levels. Based on the outcome of these studies and reports, it is very clear that engaging employees through team outing sessions and outbound activities not only helps them to integrate well within the team but also establishes a good rapport between fellow workers,which has a positive influence on the output.

It is very important to appreciate the dedication and efforts that employees put in to get a task done. Monetary motivation aside, appreciation and celebrating successes as a team provide a morale–boost to individuals and motivates them mentally as well. Team outings are an innovative and fun wayto reward teams for their efforts. Sharing the success of a company with the employees also helps by making them feel like an integral part of the company. Doing so, provided individuals the motivation to work hardand this translates into a profitable output for the organisation.Plan a memorable outing for your team at discovery village and learn communication skills which are sure to enhance your employees’ performance at the workplace.

Unleash your hidden soft skills through adventure activities offered by discovery village

07 April  |  Team Building

A good job in today’s world no longer means being just the top of your class or doing the best in exams. The modern workplace calls for competency in a wide variety of activities other than academics because recruiters are looking for people who can see beyond what they are taught in classes. Communication skills, leadership, motivation and stress management are some skills that are highly valued and interviewers try to find candidates that can perform well in these areas.

CareerBuilder has conducted a study that has shown that 77% of employers think that soft skills are just as important as hard skills and 16% of those believed soft skills were more important that hard skills.

Apart from nailing an interview, soft skills are also needed to further yourself in your career. Showing up for a meeting on time and dressing in a work appropriate manner can say a lot more than you can communicate to someone about your character. Working well with your team is essential to your personal success, as well as the progress of the entire team. Taking up a leadership role when required and delegating responsibility is a skill that not many individuals naturally have, but one that can easily be developed through practice and implementation.

Here, at Discovery Village, we offer you the chance to learn and develop your skills, through activities designed to cater to your group’s needs. From learning leadership skills through interactions in the wild playground, to communication around the bonfire in nature’s theatre, learn more about yourself and how to develop your skills through a host of activities created just for you.

The team here will ensure that you are guided along your day-long or half day course with fun activities made to impart skills and teach the participants how to develop them.

A study by Bernard Schulz of Polytechnic of Namibia shows that soft skills are the competitive edge that an employer looks for in an employee. A way of developing this is to enroll in formal classes or by looking at self-training options.

Learning in a team has proven to develop skills, as there is time to practically implement them while interacting with other members. With some of the best places for team outing in Bangalore on offer, developing soft skills in a comfortable environment is what is offered to you. Team building activities in Bangalore that guarantee you adventure, thrill, collaboration, creativity and planning and communication are what are in schedule for your day of soft skills training.

Our instructors offer you both safety and fun within Bangalore, as well as at some select locations outside the city where your group can engage in more activities such as trekking, hiking, raft building and more. The team at Discovery Village believes in the value of outdoor therapy and its ability to open up an individual and teach them more about themselves and others that they are interacting with.

So come join us, at a resort in bangalore for one day team outing or resorts in masinagudi to unleash your hidden soft skills!

What Type of Person Are You?

04 March  |  Team Building

“Life is an endless process of self-discovery” ― James Gardner

Sometimes, the high demands of a workplace environment can tie you down from expressing yourself entirely. While some people seem totally unaffected, others might get bogged down due to various factors such as high pressure, heavy workload and strict timelines. In certain cases, such an environment breeds an introverted character who tends to shy away from interaction and this in turn might put a strain on the relationship between fellow employees and their perception of you. The ability to cope and respond in such scenarios often reveals your personality. Now imagine yourself in one such situation. How would you react? Ask yourself – “What type of a person are you?”. In her work, The Enneagram: A Path to Self-Discovery, author Kelley Granger suggests that correctly determining your personality type and the various influences it has is the first step towards attaining personal growth and improvement in relationship.

It is very well documented that engaging employees has a positive influence on their performance and effectively improves teamwork. According to the journal Business-unit-level relationship between employee satisfaction, employee engagement, and business outcomes: A meta-analysis an increase in employee engagement leads to an increase in business unit outcomes. Organizing corporate day outing is an effective way of cultivating team culture and encouraging the individuals to interact with each other, thereby understanding the dynamics of a group and discovering oneself through it.

Home to a growing number of small, medium and large organizations, there are many resorts in Bangalore for one day team outing. The team building activities organized by Discovery Village, are aimed at helping individuals and teams to unlock their potential, strengthen the collaboration and get away from the chaos of city life. These outbound training and adventurous activities, like the one in Nandi Hills Bangalore or the one planned at Masinagudi Resorts, are not only fun but act as excellent stress busters as well. Through all these, individuals can acquire insight into their own character. The absence of such engaging activities tends to plant seeds of self-doubt among certain individuals. Some people often refrain from any or all sort of communication fearing what others might think of them and which is why being self-aware is vital.

To conclude, identifying your personality traits and finding the answer to the question – “What type of Person you are?” is essential on the road to self discovery. Studies have found enough evidence to suggest that engaging employees will create a sense of belonging and foster better relationship among co-workers. Indulging in outbound group activities away from the workplace is seen as an effective way to tap into the personality of individuals and motivate them to build a strong bond with others in the team, which in turn translates into a positive output in the work environment. Amidst all the frenzy of life and work, one must be able to seek out their inner self and discover who they truly are.

Bring out the creativity in you!

01 March  |  Team Building

“Great creativity is astonishingly, absurdly, rationally, irrationally powerful”- Andy Hobsbawm

In a world filled with incessant interruptions and busy schedules that consume our lives, lesser importance is placed on exploringthe creative potential of the mind and its benefits. The effect of tapping into this pool of endless possibilities has been known to stimulate and awaken dormant parts of the brain thus increasing performance in an array of tasks. The Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology suggests that creative activity was positively associated with recovery experiences (i.e., mastery, control, and relaxation) and performance-related outcomes (i.e., job creativity and extra-role behaviours). Using the mediating effects of recovery experiences to better examine the relationship between creative activity and performance-related outcomes, it was further discovered that there was a direct and indirect relationship amiss the two that was heightened during team & group settings.


Team outings and corporate day outingshave been proven time and again to foster a creative approach to work linking it with childlike play. Engaging individuals in a creative process together not only forces them to work successfully as a team but also encourages the learning of new skills that are transferable to their jobs.A report from RedBalloon/AltusQ found that companies with high employee engagement levels were up to 10 times more likely to see an increase in sales and profit than those with lower engagement.One of the main reasons cited was the creation of a budding work culture giving employees the feeling of being a part of a community.

In lieu of such research, Discovery Village has curated a wide range of activities that are sure to challenge and exercise your right brain, the powerhouse of creativity. With funoutdoor team building activities combined with outbound training such as Twister, Tower of Hanoi, pottery, star gazing, trekking and rock climbing to name a few, every individual has the opportunity to express themselves creativity in any avenue they choose. Such activities are also are known to be therapeutic as they dampen stress levels as well as increase overall well-being. Publications such as Psychology Today have highlighted its benefits, which include stress relief, improved brain function and learning ability, greater intimacy and emotional awareness, and a greater connection to others and the world around you.

The philosophy that Discover Village, the best place for team outings in Bangalore, follows is relatively simple. It stands firm on bringing and maintaining cohesiveness and cooperation between individuals thus allowing them to adapt and excel in various dynamic circumstances. The great part about this so-called social experiment is the ability to have fun while learning about each other’s traits in agroup setting. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, individuals are also provided with the most scenic backdrop that adds an element of serenity and peace to the whole occasion.

To conclude, creatively exercising the brain createsan environment of sustained creative growth and learning. Following the 2014 research conducted by San Francisco University showing that people who partake in creative activities outside of work perform better when they’re back at their desks, it is almost imperative to take the importance of creative expression seriously.

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