Tips for your First Trek to the Himalaya

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Most of us romanticize treks, until of course; we finally step on to the trail. Trekking in the Himalayas rewards you with postcard-perfect vistas, snow-capped peaks, white rushing waters and clear streams – but it also involves you stepping off the grid, for a few hours maybe, a few days or weeks too. Therefore it is important that you do not take this activity lightly, for nature can be a capricious guardian and a small mistake or oversight can make things go a little awry. Here are a few trekking tips.

  1. Design an Itinerary

You cannot trek the Himalayas without a proper itinerary. There are myriad trekking routes, some that crisscross each other and some that are part of a larger trail. Find a route that will fit into your timeline and underline the stops where you will camp/stay and take meal breaks.

  1. Set your budget

With Himalaya trekking, you have to be prepared to pay more for certain items and services, especially in places that are far from urban centres. You may also need to rent camping gear or hire porters – and this will cost a certain fixed price, which is usually non-negotiable. There are lots of internet forums which will give you granular details on expenditures. Research well, determine your budget and design a trip around it – keeping extra aside for emergencies.

  1. Time your trek

It is important that you ease yourself into the trek and maintain periodical targets on your progress. If you start off too intensely, you will get exhausted sooner. If you have a slow phase, you will have to speed up and that too will lead to exhaustion. When choosing an itinerary, give yourself some buffer time, so you can be flexible with your pace and also enjoy some scenic breaks. It is, after all, the Himalayas.

  1. Safety First – Check your Gear

High-altitude treks require specific gear because of the low temperatures. Wear your trekking shoes a few times before you set off for your trek and if you are carrying your own tents and bedding, give them a few trials. Check for loose parts and holes and get them fix.

  1. Respect Your Environment

When you trek the Himalayas, you are entering a fragile eco-system. Make sure you are not disposing of your waste and garbage recklessly. Part of the trekking experience is to immerse oneself into the environment. Be aware of cultural sensitivities too.

  1. Bring your Essential Medication

You will be exposed to stressful conditions during a trek so there is bound to be a sniffle or two. Carry medicines for fever, allergies and acidity. Also keep in mind the different symptoms of altitude sickness and keep medicines handy as a last resort. Motion sickness medicines and antibiotics are also part of the list. Keep some extra nutrition handy. Water purification tablets or portable filters like Lifestraw are a great addition to the list.

  1. The Essentials

Cold weather and windproof clothing, appropriate camping and sleeping gear, sunscreen and shades, insect repellent, Hand sanitizer, toilet paper, a multi-purpose knife, a sturdy backpack, a navigation tool and a good flashlight or headlamp are just some of the essentials for a trek.

Not just for the Himalayas, but you can keep these trekking tips in mind even for your weekend escapades closer to home. There are many adventurous resorts in Bangalore which allow you some outdoors time. Book a Nandi Hills resort and enjoy some cool air or find adventure in the jungle resorts in Kabini. While you step out for even the shortest of hikes, be prudent about where you step, what you wear and make sure your backpack has all the essentials.

5 Best places to travel in November

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November is here and the weather is perfect for a trip with friends and family. All over India, there are many destinations which come alive in this magical month, marking the end of another year and the onset of winter. From the spiritual to the cultural, here are some of the best places to visit in November in India.

  1. Pushkar, Rajasthan

Get a dose of vibrant desert life at the famous camel fair of Pushkar, one of the holiest cities in North India. This fair is one of the oldest livestock fair in the country and highlights include the exhibition of different breeds of horses, camels and cattle. The fair is also a showcase of local arts and crafts where you can pick up vibrantly designed jewelry, textiles and other decorative pieces for the home. Make sure you do not miss the camel races and riding skills shows. Top places to visit in Pushkar include the Brahma Ghat and the Meera Temple.

  1. Old Goa

St. Francis Xavier was one of the most influential and revered Christian missionary and his remains now rest in a silver casket in Goa’s famous Church of Bom Jesus. Every year thousands gather, as the feast of the saint is celebrated in total pomp and splendour. This cultural event offers visitors a chance to experience the original laidback Goan Christian culture, which has been overshadowed by the state’s modern image of a party destination. And of course, while you are in India’s vacation capital, you can check out the best beaches in Goa to complete your seaside escapade.

  1. Kabini, Karnataka

Image Source:

As winter begins, you can celebrate the new season by stepping away from the crowds and enjoying some adventures in some of India’s most pristine forests. Browse through someKabini resorts to enjoy memorable momentsin this part ofthe Nagarhole Tiger Reserve. The riverine landscape is a magnet for a diverse spectrum of bird and animal species, so get your binoculars and DLSRs ready. Kabini is also leopard territory, so watch out for this elusive cat in your safaris.

  1. Coorg, Karnataka

The verdant hills of Coorg could be your November destination. One of the biggest occasions on the social calendar here is Puthari, the harvest festival of the Kodava. The opening ritual of this auspicious day involves the cutting of a fresh paddy sheaf. Witness up close the rich traditions of this storied community, including the traditional attires and special local cuisines during the festival days. The opening puja at the Igguthappa Temple marks the beginning of Puthari. Highlights of this festival include various folk songs and dance.

  1. Hampi, Karnataka

The Vijaya Utsav is a beautiful spectacle set amidst the glorious structures of Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, 360 kms away from Bangalore. The annual festival is a cultural extravaganza as the lit-up architectural ruins provide the stage for myriad performances, a celebration of the region’s rich legacy. You can also immerse yourself in the local arts and craft during this festival – there will be stalls selling puppets and other local handicrafts. Decorated elephants and people in attire from the golden age of the Vijayanagar Empire are some highlights, along with a concert of folk music, an elephant parade and a light and sound show.

Besides these major destinations, you can also choose some nearby resorts in Bangalore for a good November getaway. Head over to Mysore for some cultural treats or enjoy rejuvenating cool weather in a Nandi Hills resort. A short vacation is the best way to recharge and refresh – start planning your adventure.

Top Tourist Places in Karnataka this Festive Season

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Of the many joys that surround Diwali, one is the long weekend that one may avail of if it is close to a Friday or a Monday. More and more Bangaloreans are now heading to the many resorts and scenic locations near the city, ideal for people wanting to get out and get some fresh air and greenery far from the smoke and noise of Diwali crackers. If you are looking for a short vacation this Diwali, here are some destinations to pick from:

  1. Hampi

Image Source:femina

Among the important places to visit in Karnataka, just 360 kms from Bangalore is the ancient capital of the erstwhile Vijayanagara Empire, Hampi. A UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the banks of the Tungabhadra river near Hospet town in Karnataka. Hampi can be reached by road or an overnight train or bus journey from Bangalore. It has many structures of historical and aesthetic importance and is a backpacker’s and pilgrim’s paradise.

  • Vittala Temple Complex: the most well-known among the ruins of Hampi with the symbol of Karnataka Tourism, the iconic stone chariot, and the famous musical pillars.
  • BadaviLinga the largest Linga image in Hampi,
  • Hazara Rama Temple Complex: One of the historical places in Karnataka, the ruined temple complex is well known for elaborate frescoes
  • Krishna Temple Complex: an ASI-protected monument, built during the reign of king Krishnadevaraya with a Pushkarani.
  • Virupaksha or Pampavathi temple in the Hampi Bazaar which predates the founding of the Vijayanagaraempire.
  1. Coorg

Image Source: cloudfront

260 kilometres from Bangalore city, Coorg, is a district of Karnataka. Famous for trekking, waterfalls and homestays on scenic coffee estates, it is a popular destination among trekkers, tourists and weekend visitors. It has historic places like the Namdroling Monstery, Talacauvery and Madikeri Fort. Trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts enjoy visits to the Nagarhole National Park and waterfalls, while adventure seekers can participate in white water rafting. With some of the best resorts for families, Coorg is a popular holiday destination.

  1. Gokarna

Gokarna which is 520 kms away from Bangalore can be reached by road,or by a train or bus ride. It is a seaside village near Goa and its main attractions are the pristine beaches and temples ideal for tourists who want a lazy weekend.

  1. Mysore

One of the best tourist destinations in Karnataka, Mysore is famous for its Dussera celebrations. Diwali is also celebrated with great fervor, andhotels, the palace and homes around the cityare attractively lit and decorated.

  1. Masinagudi

Masinagudiis a popular camping and trekking destination on the outskirts of the lush greenery of the Mudumalai National Park. Masinagudi resortsare ideal base camps for guided treks, safaris, camping in tents and photography. Masinagudi is just 100 kilometres away from Mysore and homestays in Masinagudi as well as rustic resorts in Masinagudi are popular for short weekend trips.

  1. Kabini

Image Source: junglelodges

Those interested in a one day trip in Karnataka can head toKabini. It is located at a distance of 60 kilometres from Mysore and the many resorts in Kabiniare a popular destination among wildlife enthusiasts. Kabini river resorts are well connected to Mysore by road and weekend visitors from Bangalore and Mysore can drive down for picnicking and wildlife watching.|Celebrate Diwali with a difference this year with a quick trip to one of the many destinations which await the eager traveller in Karnataka. Check into a Discovery Village resort to sample the local flavours of Diwali this year.

7 Things That Can Ruin Your Travel Plans

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Are you one of the lucky people who are going to resorts in Bangalorefor a one day team outing during this festive season? Or have you planned to be unwinding at the best resorts in Bangalore for family this Diwali?

We’ll help you on your journey to happy vacationing by helping you avoid 7 things that can ruin your travel plans and have a tension free holiday. These travel mistakes might seem minor, but they will make a big difference.

So read on for happy vacationing tips:

  1. Drinking too much fluid

Drinking too much water, juice, beer … basically too many fluids. When you are at home or in your office, you know where the loo is. A holiday takes you to see places, and unfortunately, some of these places may not have a washroom handy. If you load up on fluids, you will end up looking for a bathroom and not at the view over the KabiniRiver. Since the state of the bathroom you visit is not under your control, try to limit your fluid intake.

  1. Allergies

People with food allergies and even those without need to be aware while eating in a group.It is better to ask, “Does this dish have peanuts in it”and avoid it instead of being embarrassed to ask, eating it and then scaring everyone with a visit to the ER. If you are lactose intolerant, ask for tofu based foods, instead of dairy products. If you have reflux or a sensitive stomach, enjoy yourself by loading your plate small teaspoonful’s of everything on the menu – you will enjoy the variety while keeping your stomach happy. Be aware of what you eat, if you present with allergy symptoms like an itchy throat, difficulty breathing or swollen eyes, you may be developing a food allergy, catching it early with a dose of an OTC antihistamine will give you relief and then the party can go on.

  1. Flatulence

  • Avoid gas producing foods if you are prone to flatulence. Beans, Mexican beans, rajma, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower, milk products and high fructose and sucrose containing foods can all set off a bad attack of flatulence.
  • Try stomach calming drinks like lemon juice with black salt, buttermilk and warm water with honey and ginger.
  1. A fussy Baby

Travelling with a wailing baby can really put a crimp in your holiday joy keep these things handy to avoid crying jags which will test the patience of everyone.

  • Favourite foods and toys
  • A lolipop if you are going to higher altitudes
  • regularly used OTC drugs
  • a stroller
  1. Papercuts

The happy anticipation of a downtime can be foiled by things as simple as a papercut, or a bump on your head so be aware of what you are doing and make sure that you maximise your fun potential these holidays.

  1. Be aware of your belongings

Tie a coloured ribbon around your bag, keep your cards, wallets and phones safe in a bag which you can carry comfortably on your person through your trip. Avoid the panic of searching for a lost wallet or hotel room card.

  1. Pack an extra pair of shoes

Make sure you squeeze in a pair of light shoes as a backup so you are not left padding around barefoot if the heels of your favourite stilettoes give away or the soles of your favourite shoes come off.

A holiday can be either the happiest time of your life or a time that you look back on with horror. Keep these simple tips in mindto ensure that your holiday is a happy one.

Helpful Tips To Travel With Your Kids

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Are you going on a holiday to one of the best resorts in Bangalorefor family or are you planning to stay at a resort in Nandi hills this festive season? Are your little bundles of joy included in these travel plans? Read on for travel tips that will help you have fun and nothing more as you travel with kids during the holiday.

  • Make bookings for accommodation and travel beforehand: Does the thought of walking around from one fully booked hotel to another wheeling a suitcase while pacifying a crying toddler give you a headache? Book accommodations and transportation ahead, it will be less expensive and more mentally relaxing to know where you are staying. If haggling with cab and taxi drivers at the station is not your thing, ask the hotel to pick you up at your station/ airport.
  • Plan the details:If day trips are scheduled, go the evening before and plan out the stops, mode of transportation and food available with the help of a local guide.
  • Have entertainment handy:Have a list of games you can play during long rides. Games that keep the children interested in the surroundings, like spot the cow, count the car numbers will help them observe while keeping that dreaded question, “Are we there yet?”at bay.
  • Do not overschedule: Your enthusiasm for visits to museums, textile factories and shopping expeditions might not be shared by your offspring. Unless you are blessed with very good children plan for a visit to a petting zoo, a farm visit with animal rides and a park will ensure that they stay interested during visits to natural history museums and palaces.
  • Be prepared: Traveling with an infant or even older child is never uneventful, and assuming that a child will stay healthy through a sojourn in unfamiliar places is unwise. Be prepared, carry along with you
    • all your commonly used medicines
    • a first aid kit and the
    • The number of your paediatrician to consult if a medical emergency should occur.
    • Do not hesitate to ask the hotel management or locals for the contact numbers of a reputed local doctor if needed.
  • Make conservative meal choices: Stay wary of unfamiliar foods, especially if a food group is known to trigger an allergic reaction in adults. It is better to try out the food on the adults in the group, and then allow the children to try it after the experimentation is uneventful.
  • Take the playroom along: Keeping children occupied during holidays can make the difference between a crying and irritable child who is getting on your nerves and a sweet angel who smiles in family photos. Bring small toys, board games, soft toys for sleep times. Negotiate beforehand so that the biggest soft toy is not a part of your entourage.
  • Pick a place with engaging facilities: Try to stay at resorts or hotels that have swimming pools, dedicated activity facilities, indoor game spaces, a small park, or a few domestic animals. These will keep their attention for a long time.
  • Give the kids a camera and a journal notebook: If possible give them a polaroid which gives instant prints. Evenings can be spent collating the photos and reminiscing. Writing a journal will help them develop their language skills, even if initially they just write captions for each of the moments in that day that were amazing or interesting for them, they may learn to express themselves better over time.This will also keep the family talking among themselves and enjoying the various aspects of their holiday while they stay away from the idiot box.

Teach your children to appreciate the allure of travel with these simple trips instead of sacrificing your wanderlust to their lack of enthusiasm and enjoy many rewarding vacations. If you live in Bangalore and do not have the time (or courage) to venture far from home, visit one of the many resorts in Bangalorefor a vacation your children are sure to love.

Vacationing during Diwali this year Here’s how to celebrate

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Flowers, sweets, the whiff of incense and the glow of sparklers are all the heartwarming memories and impressions associated with Diwali. A festival which focusses on home and hearth, it is usually preceded by spring cleaning in households across India. However, if this is the only time you have got in an otherwise busy work schedule, Diwali is a great time for a vacation too! If you live in Bangalore, take advantage of the brief break and head to one if the Discovery village resorts in the city’s backyard to celebrate the festival of light in nature’s lap.

We have some tips on how to celebrate Diwali for those who want to take a break away from home and relax without the cares and responsibilities of home while enjoying all the cheer of the festival.

  1. Carry your festive clothes with you

Image Source: pinimg

Planning and time management is the key here. Don’t shop or plan to pick up your clothes from the tailor on the day or the day before you are leaving. Take festive clothes that are practical for travel, do not take up too much space, and do not need to be ironed before wearing.

  1. Pack your favourite sweets in air tight boxes

Image Source: amazon

Worried that your Diwali special Motichurladdoos will be unavailable at your destination? Carry them along with you. Pack the special food items that are particularly evocative of the festival in air tight boxes so that you can welcome the day with all your Diwali staples, even while enjoying yourself at a hotel.

  1. Pack your Tech- so you can call loved ones and wish them on D-day

Even if you want to get away from it all, carry a phone and a charger, enter the numbers of all your loved ones so that you can call and wish them on Diwali. A laptop or smartphone which let you place a video call can add extra warmth to Diwali wishes by adding a hint of personalization.

  1. Rest well before your trip so you look fresh in your festive vacation pics

Image Source: holidify

While most of us might have to work until the last minute so that we can take an unhindered break during the festival, it helps to sleep well the day before you travel.Your beauty sleep is the key to memorable holiday pics where your face is bright. Well not as bright as Diwali crackers, but almost getting there. Catching a few z’s as you travel is a great option too!

  1. Carry eco-friendly Diyas that you can light up at the resort/hotel

Image Source: imimg

Don’t miss the traditional lighting of lamps even when you are away from home, carry candles and diyas which you can light at your verandah or room window. If hotel regulations do not permit you to use fire, add the twinkle of LED diyas to your room or visit a local temple and light all the lamps that you want.

Remember why you took a holiday away from home and don’t forget the little details. The spirit of Diwali is important and if you feel the spirit by lying on a bed in the comfort of a hotel room? You’re defeating the evil of exhaustion with the good of sleep.

Places In India That Resemble Their International Twin

28 September  |  Listicles

Traveling can sometimes become difficult in the land of culture and heritage with so many unique sites, and attractive landmarks to be seen. So, why not start with the most familiar of them all? These places in India resemble their international twin and are some of the most frequented spots in the world.

  1. Scotland – Coorg

Image Source: cloudfront

Lush green valleys, charming meadows, and landscapes surrounded by scenic attractions, Coorg resembles Scotland in almost many ways. The best time to visit Coorgis in the monsoon season during early morning hours and the best places to visit in Coorg are the Abbey Falls and the Irupu Falls. The Nahorhole National Park at Coorg is known for its Safari tours and is one of the most recommended tourist spots for travellers who are visiting Coorg. One can also visit the Abbey Falls and the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary which are popular sightseeing spots similar to the structures one finds in different places in Scotland.

  1. Thar – Sahara

Image Source: travelercorner

The Thar and Sahara are identical twins with even the desert culture and folklore resembling each other in close ways. The location of the Sahara desert is convenient for most travellers and the desert is filled with sand dunes and many oases.

  1. Thailand – Lakshadweep

Image Source: thebetterindia

If you love Thai curries, boating, and the seaside sceneries, why not take a Lakshadweep trip? Bringing the culture of Thai to India, the best time to visit Lakshadweep is from October to Mid May. One can head to Lakshwadweep directly from Masinagudi resorts to archaeological sites and nearby forest regions for Safaris and explorations.

  1. Niagara – Athirapally

Image Source: holidify

Known as the Niagara falls of India, it is one of the most famous waterfalls in Kerela that resembles the Niagra falls in terms of grandeur and familiarity. Flora, fauna, snake roads leading down to lush greenery and small streams surrounded in the midst of rubber and coconut trees – is some of the many wonders offered by its surroundings. The Athirapally falls is best seen between the months of September and January when trekking the falls and enjoying scenic views becomes possible.

  1. Switzerland – Auli

Image Source: yatra

Who says you can’t ski in peace in India? The Auli resembles Switzerland in every way especially in terms of the landscapes and scenic views. Snow sports are seen in bountiful and the best time to visit Auli is during the monsoons for sightseeing and snow treks. The best places to visit in Auli are the Auli Artificial Lake and the Auli Ropeway. One can avail taxi services from the best resorts in Bangalore for day outing in Auli or travel directly to the destination by bus.

When taking tour packages for trips around these destinations, one can stay in resorts near Bangalore which boasts of metropolitan culture as it is convenient to travel from the city. Budget packages offered by Discovery Village resorts in Bangalore makes it possible for travellers to enjoy their stay and tour scenic landmarks for as long as they want without compromising on relishing the culture and its delicacies.

The Ultimate Guide To Indian Desserts This Festival Season

21 September  |  Listicles

Festive seasons showcase cultural trends and what better way to reveal the taste of India through Indian sweetsand Dasara special recipes? For people with sweet teeth and sugar addicts alike, try out these exotic Indian desserts while enjoying your stay at Discovery Village Resorts in Bangalore

  1. Gulab Jamun

Warm, sticky, irresistible, and sinfully delicious, the Gulab Jamun tantalises taste buds and special meaning to the cultural sweets of India. Variants of the Gulab Jamun include Indian sweet recipes mixing in rice flour and banana in Gulab Jamun creations with a South Indian twist!

  1. Kulfi

Served rosily with a dash of faloodas, the Kulfi is traditional Indian ice-cream – minus the whipping. They come in a variety of flavours and are served with Jalebis and special toppings like thinned noodles, honey syrup, and dried fruits.

  1. Halwa

Image Source: archanaskitchen

Served especially in all resorts near Bangalore, the Halwa stands out amongst sugary Navratri recipes with the most popular flavour variant being Carrot Halwa. Originating from the kitchens of the Mughal dynasty, it is made from milk, sugar, and ghee.

  1. Kheer And Phirni

Smooth and creamy, Kheer and Phirni are types of white rice puddings flavoured with saffron and cardamon. Kheer is served both chilled and warm while Phirni is served as a cool dessert.

  1. Rabri

Image Source: sailusfood

Creamy, sweet milk, thickened with layers of cream, the Rabri is a must-have for travellers during their jungle stay in Masinagudi! This delicious dessert can be eaten alongside other signature favourites like Jalebi and Gulab Jamun, and a treat fit for the royal.

  1. Ladoo

Image Source: ruchiskitchen

The laddoo is India’s poster child amongst cultural sweets. Laddoos are eaten every day as well as during festive occasions. Devotees in temples also consume this popular cultural sweet. Round and sugary, it is made from gram flour, semolina, and coconut – is there anything not to like?

  1. Barfi

Image Source: imimg

A sweet with a silver foil styling on the front (which is of course, edible!), the Barfi is condensed milk mixed in with ground pistachios and cashews. Kaju Barfi and Pista Barfi are the most popular types of Barfi eaten at any day outing resort in Bangalore.

  1. Jalebi

Image Source: oneplatter

Sugary coils of refined flour dough dipped in saffron syrup, the Jabeli is the unhealthiest but tastiest of them all in the list of cultural sweets. Its heritage tracks back to the dates when the Persian invaders brought it to India.

  1. Peda

Image Source: milkmaid

The holy grail of Indian sweets, the Peda originated from Mathura and is shaped like a milk fudge. You can think of it as the Indian brownie that’s yellow in colour and topped with pistachios and nuts! Kesar Peda, a saffron-based variant is the most popular version of peda eaten in India!

Staying at Discovery Village resorts gives travelers the flexibility and convenience of staying at the best resorts in Bangalore for day outing. Tour the sights of a country rich in culture and cuisines, and enjoy the best of cultural delicacies while staying at Discovery Village resorts near Bangalore.

Top 10 Things To Do This Dussehra

14 September  |  Listicles

Durga Puja, Navratri, Vijayadashmi, Dussehra – Several names for a single grand festival! Every part of our country celebrates this festival in a different way, revolving around the central theme of victory of goodness over evil. Dussehra in Mysore is the Nada habba or the state festival of Karnataka. It is celebrated with a lot of joy, gaiety and pomp in the city, with travel enthusiasts from all over the globe thronging Mysore to witness this annual 10-day festival. As you prepare your itinerary to explore the city during the Dasara festival, try out this must0do list of top 10 things in Mysore.

  1. Eat

Image Source: tripoto

Any festival or celebration in India is incomplete without large quantities of scrumptious food prepared for family, relatives, friends and everybody who come over to visit. During the ten-day celebration of Dussehra in Mysore, the people of the city serve mouth-watering masala dosa, rave idli, thatte idli and other varieties that enhance your senses when eaten with coconut chutney and sambhar. Unique to the food culture, it is a must for you to have a plate of sizzling hot Mysore bonda and bajji. If you are a foodie, Dussehra is the right time to cruise through the streets, indulging in the many sweets and lunch dishes the restaurants and food stalls serve. Meals are served on banana leaves with cereal salad, tangy and sour vegetable and lentil broth, along with a traditional vegetable curry, rasam, pickle, papad and curd. The love affair with Mysore Dussehra food is incomplete without a mouthful of Mysore Pak, a traditional sweet in the cuisine. Try Chiroti, Holige, Shavige Payasa and Rave Unde as part of the festive dining experience.

  1. Pandal Hopping

Image Source: indiatoday

Almost every street in the city is decked up and pandals are erected for the festivities. Plenty of music concerts and dance performances take place in every pandal.Events depicting the colourful and vibrant Karnataka culture are exhibited in these performances. Go from one pandal to another, participating in the merry making.

  1. Participate in Dhunuchi Naach

Image Source: newglobalindian

Performed mainly by the Bengali community in Mysore, this dance is enjoyed after evening aarti of the festival. Coconut shells and coal are filled in clay pots and placed on the head, while people dance barefoot and barehanded. Indulge in this age-old tradition of dhunuchi naach, which conjures up images of Mahishasura being slayed by goddess Durga.

  1. Vacation

Image Source: staticflickr

Mysore is a wonderfully planned city that is best visited during the Dussehra festival, and ideal to have a weekend getaway in. Plan a vacation to experience the grand celebrations of the defeat of demon Mahishasura at the hands of Goddess Chamundeshwari (another name for Durga). The city also gets its name from this same mythological demon. If you want to explore other places near Mysore, you can stay in the best resorts in Bangalore for day outing to get a sense of metropolitan culture or drive into the forests and stay in the best jungle resorts in Masinagudi.

  1. Spend Time with Friends, Family, Colleagues and Loved Ones

Image Source: ppromgroup

The festival of Dussehra is synonymous with doll arrangement. Women and young girls display the divine presence of goddesses Lakshmi, Parvati and Saraswati in the form of dolls performing every-day scenes and court-life. Visit friends, family and colleagues, and view the doll arrangements in every house. The arrangements are unique and specific to every house.

  1. Mysore Palace

Image Source: newsonair

The main attraction during the ten-day festival is the brightly lit Mysore Palace. Every day up to 1,00,000 light bulbs shine brightly between 7 and 10 in the evening, illuminating this historical structure. This makes it quite a sight for sore eyes!

  1. A Glimpse of Royalty

Image Source: pinimg

The world famous Mysore Dussehra is incomplete without the royal family presiding over the court in the Amba Vilas Palace. Catch a glimpse of His Highness revelling in the festivities

  1. Decorated elephants

The ten-dayfestivities are concluded by a beautiful and colourful procession called JambooSavari. This event is the epitome of festive magnificence and grandeur. Goddess Chamundeshwari’s idol is carried in a gold howdah atop a colourfully decorated elephant.

  1. Bird’s Eye View

Image Source: deccanchronicle

Sign up for breath-taking sights of the entire city and celebrations in a hot air balloon. Climb into one of the big balloons and soar across the Mysore skies, while viewing the grand palace, Lalitha Mahal, Jaganmohan Palace, and other prominent locations, making it and experience of a lifetime.

  1. Carnival Time

Image Source: tripoclan

Right in front of the illuminated palace, a number of religious and cultural programs are performed that highlight the music, dance and culture of Karnataka. There is also a wrestling tournament held in the stadium adjoining these grounds. Folk dances, doll shows and fireworks make for a splendid sight.

Be it the exhibition or the many historical landmarks to visit, Dussehra in Mysore is more than just a celebration. The food, gathering of people, colours, pandals and cultural events makes Mysore a travel highlight during Dussehra.

Places for Rock climbing in Karnataka

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At first glance, rock climbing can be quite a daunting task, and rightly so. This fun yet rigorous activity lets your body undergo a major workout with focus on cardiovascular fitness and body strength. Rock and wall climbingis also a mental workout since it lets you figure out the best ways of navigation and staying safe. With Karnataka having a combination of terrains, in which the rocky hills seem to be prominent, it isn’t hard to find places for rock climbing. Try out this adrenaline-pumping activity if you never have before. Commune with nature or just have a fun outing with friends or colleagues, while scaling up the rocky slopes of these 5 must-visit locations.

  1. Savandurga

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With hills rising up to 4022 feet above the sea level, the towering location of Savandurga is situated in close quarters to Bangalore. The summit has two independent peaks that are separated by a chasm, and are called Kari Gudda and Bili Gudda. One of the best places for rock climbing, Bangaloresees a lot of rock climbing enthusiasts visit Savandurga and stay the night in the city. Savandurga is surrounded by serene atmosphere and lush greenery. It is ideal to start climbing early in the day to reach the peak before the midday sun hits the slopes. While the trek seems hard, the ethereal view and adrenaline rush makes the climb worthwhile. A haven for shrub forest and medicinal pants, Savandurga is a paradise for rock climbers.

  1. Madhugiri

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Also called as Maddagiri, Madhugiri is located in Tumkur, a town in Karnataka. The location has several giant rocks that rock climbers have enthusiastically taken to. Other than scaling the rocks, you can also visit the fort that is nestled into the steep slopes. The giant rock is considered to be the 2nd largest monoliths in Asia, making every climber feel even more special to achieve the feat. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind climbing experience that holds a lot of historical essence and stories to credit. Explore the series of doorways that open onto the hillock. Madhugiri is another weekend getaway from rock climbing enthusiasts, who can stay in the area or also find resorts near Bangalore.

  1. Hampi and Badami

Image Source: Wikimedia

Any rock-climbing enthusiast would pick Hampi as one of the top points to go to for rock climbing. Popular as the rock country, Hampi is quite the paradise for climbers. It is evident that the experience of rock climbing on these slopes is thrilling. While the rocks are gorgeously cut, the Tungabhadra flows parallel below. Temples peep out at the world from beneath these giant rocks, making for a wonderful sight.

Badami plays home to some of the best rock climbing activities in the country. It is located towards the North-West of Hampi. There is a certain something for every climber in Badami, be it an amateur or a pro. The climbing trails are well hidden amongst the temples and cliffs.

  1. Skandagiri

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An ancient mountain fortress, Skandagiri is at a height of over 1350m. It is an ideal location for camping, bird watching, rock climbing and night treks around Bangalore. Resorts in Bangalore suggest Skandagiri as a must-visit location for a tete-a-tete with nature. The fort on the hill is dilapidated since Tipu Sultan’s downfall. While the trek is moderately difficult, it is an ideal night climb in order to watch the sunrise from the top. The view is breath taking, and the trek lets you discover two caves.

  1. Yana

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A village located in Uttara Kannada, Yana is a well-marked landscape for rock climbing. There is no necessity for a guide to take you across the rocks. Watch out for snakes and other reptiles while on the rocks, especially during hotter days. Yana also has a verdant forest and it is ideal to stick to the trail and not ruin the green ambience.

While rock climbing has become a popular adventure sport in Karnataka, climbers can visit Ramanagaram, Turahalli and Kanakapura for more rock formations to scale up.