Advantages of Travelling with Your Sibling

09 August  |  Family

Travelling with a sibling has a special joy altogether. It is also a great advantage to be on the road with someone who you know your little nuances inside-out and vice versa. Here are the top reasons why you should take a trip with your sibling.

You Know Each Other Closely

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Your sibling will probably not feed you something you are allergic to by mistake. This is just one specific scenario of many which are rooted in the fact that you know each other so well. Also despite all the sibling rivalry, there is always a huge sense of responsibility, especially for the older one towards younger siblings. No one backs each other up like siblings.

There will be no miscommunication regarding the activities you want to indulge in and if you need your space, siblings immediately know it. There is no awkward explanation regarding your choices.

You Don’t Need to Sugar Coat Anything

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A regular sibling relationship would have seen its fair share of fights and disagreements over the years. By now, you don’t need to be formal with each other. Travelling as adults, you can give transparent feedback to each other without worrying about the long term reaction.

Logistics are much easier, as you are family

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It is easier to deal with money when you are travelling with a sibling. Keeping track of spending and loans is more convenient as you already have an inherent understanding of each other. Shared accommodations are easier with a sibling, and there are times when you might have to make some compromises in travel, especially while backpacking. Siblings would be more comfortable sharing space.

Fixing those tickets and hotel rooms are easier as there is more understanding of each other’s budgets and related scenarios. Parents too would more likely encourage their children to travel together rather than with a bunch of people they are not familiar with.

Fall out? You are good the next day

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You are probably going to have a disagreement or two. But with siblings, this won’t end in a sulk marathon or a back biting session. That is because you know each other so well, that the reasons for disagreements are not surprising anymore. In fact, as sure as the tide you probably knew it was coming and glad it is out of the way.

A fall out with a regular person could lead to the perception of mistrust and hurt, these perceptions are rare amongst siblings for minor squabbles, and there is no space for over-thinking. The next day, or even a couple of hours later, a favourite cocktail or a bar of chocolate is more than enough to make amends.

An Enriching Experience

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Travelling with a sibling, most importantly, creates beautiful memories and strengthens the bond you share. As you grow older and your respective priorities take you on different paths in life, it is moments like these that you will cherish more and more. Take the time out now and enjoy a trip of a lifetime with a family member who is also a great friend. If you don’t have the time or resources to go on a long trip, plan a short one to Nandi Hills Bangalore or ahomestay in Masinagudi. Other recommendations include Bandipur resorts and other close-by resorts in Kanakpura road.

Economical getaways for April

21 April  |  Adventure & Travel

Are you looking for an April break before summer hits peak and rates go up? Whether it is a getaway to Nandi Hills Bangalore or shacking up in one of the economic Masinagudi resorts, there will always be a destination to suit your budget. The 3 basic areas to cover when planning a low-cost trip are accommodation, food and activities.

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The 3 Areas of Budget Travel

Hostels and ashrams, if available are some examples of cheap lodging. Ashrams are free, but you need to do your research beforehand.  In some places, many temples and gurdwaras offer free quality food, a chance for you to have some unique cultural experiences along with saving on a meal. When it comes to activities, experience local culture and explore the streets and markets. Spend more time on public heritage spots and places of scenery.

Top Destinations

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Gokarna is one of the best places to travel if you are on a budget. Cheap accommodations are freely available before the monsoons. Shacks are very common and comfortable too, offering privacy and a rustic experience along with low rates. A trek across the hill from Ohm Beach to the other smaller beaches is recommended, or you can sit back and read a book at the seaside. Eat local and include a lot of fruit in your diet. Gokarna town is also an important spiritual centre, and there is a lot of heritage to explore on your own.

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The verdant hills of Coorg are another great destination if you are looking for a budget trip with no compromise on fun. Many homestays have sprung up in the district, and you can set up base in Madikeri, the town with most options. Choose local cuisine to reduce unnecessary expenditure on food. Why pay more for a pandi curry in a touristy cafe when you can get a better experience for less at a local Coorgi joint? Enjoy your shot of pepper rasam before your Old Monk, and walk around the town admiring the distinctive architecture of the houses, complete with shingles and all.

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The cool climes of Kodaikanal make it a weekend favourite. The charming hill town is a good budget destination, and there are many interesting sights and activities which all can partake in. Dormitories are available in the town, and the best activities include nature treks and scenic walks near the Kodaikanal Lake. Food is not expensive in Kodi if you explore local options. There is a fair amount of Tibetan stalls in the town which offer wholesome, hearty meals on a budget.

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Hillside meadows and the magnificent Nilgiri peaks welcome you at Ooty. There are many dorms where tourists can find a bed from as low as 75 rupees per night, and this town is also full of smaller budget homestays and guesthouses. Home to many local eateries, the Charing Cross and Commercial Road areas are the best places to grab a cheap meal. Ooty is so scenic that you can spend hours doing nothing but wandering around town and soaking in the mountain air. A visit to the Botanical Gardens and a Doddabetta Peak trek are recommended.

More Options

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There are many Bandipur resorts that offer good deals before the peak of summer. Kannur is another region that is picking up as a good budget destination, and you can enjoy a nice getaway at a resort in Masinagudi. A cheap April getaway is just what you need to kick off a new financial year and prepare for a scorching season. Strategize it well, and you will not miss out on any fun.

Take the Festive Spirit Outdoors

19 December  |  Family

Holiday Season at Discovery Village

John Muir’s quote, “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul,” resonates well with the kind of soulful, merry Christmas you can spend with your family.

Its December now and that means it is time for the chilly festive season to set in. With the holiday season and the cheer of Christmas now in the air, its time families come together to spend some quality time. It’s the period of bonding and sharing, all about spreading the cheer!

So why not break the trend this year? Why not change the norm this time around? Why not take the festive spirit outdoors? Its holiday season at Discovery Village as well, where facilitating a family outing is just one of the many options.

Take a breather from the cityscape


What’s the fun in enjoying Christmas, looking out of the glass window of your apartment in the city’s umpteenth multi-storey buildings? The fresh air of the hillside can do wonders for your family as you usher in the holidays. You could be camping out in any of the hill resorts near Bangalore or even sipping some delectable hot chocolate in one of the cosy rooms in any of Discovery Village’s options for homestays in Masinagudi.

The festive season is also meant for rejuvenation and soul-searching, and that just cannot happen in your present surroundings, in the doldrums of city life. Sometimes that break away from your routine is all you need to come back stronger.

Fun and adventure beckons


Holidays don’t always need to translate to cosiness and comfort. You could indulge in some fun activities with your family to make some memories and share some satisfying laughs. Again, this will go a long way in refreshing your family as a collective, making yours even more strongly knit as it was before you embarked on the short vacation.

With Discovery Village as your facilitator, there are many resorts with activities in Bangalore as well as in the vicinity for you to escape to, with your family!

What you can expect


So, make this holiday season about heading out with your family and enjoying the pure and cool winter breeze this Christmas. Discovery Village will bring the best of nature to you, through your plans with us. With a host of activities planned out for your group, it is sure to be a memorable experience.

There are a number of great reasons for you to consider this option for the holiday season that is quickly approaching. With so many alternatives these days, it can get pretty confusing. That is why we urge you to not dwell further and go for some change – take a plunge into a Discovery Village experience and you’ll be thankful for having taken the decision to visit an adventure resort in Bangalore. It’s a very busy world we live in, with barely enough time for ourselves. And so, when you’ve got some on your hands, make the most of it!

Ways in which an Adventure Camp Can Help Your Child’s Mental Growth

31 August  |  Family

Adventure Camps are the perfect way to keep your little ones engaged during the summer vacation. However, do you know why they’re beneficial? Adventure camps can be preventive as well as curative. In today’s screen tethered world, a little bit of fresh air can do wonders. Today’s child has forgotten the smell of fresh air or the beauty of being outside, playing. Reconnecting the child with nature is just one more way of stimulating and enhancing the growth of the child. Here’s why every child should experience an adventure camp:

  1. Experiential learning

The education system is mainly focused on books and camps are based on the experience. Touching, feeling, smelling along with listening and seeing. Schools incorporate audio-visual aids, but do they allow you to smell or feel? Would you remember different types of trees if you only saw them, or if you were able to feel and smell them as well? Memory is an important part of school life and an adventure camp will engender different ways your child’s brain remembers.

  1. Being aware

With phones, computers and TV’s, your child doesn’t need to pay attention to anything but one rectangular screen. At camp, he has to be aware of his surroundings. Exercising multiple senses and faculties simultaneously is very beneficial to a growing child. Adventure resorts in Bangalore will help them multitask in the future, an important aspect of the fast paced modern lifestyle. Dependence on only one sense can be highly detrimental to your child, prevent it from happening.

  1. Trying new things

The benefits of trying new things are multi-faceted. One, the fear of the unknown is eroded. Trying new things is a sure way of making your child open and fearless to the unknown. Fear of the unknown can be crippling, as it accrues to adulthood. Nip it in the bud with your children at a family outing in Bangalore, make them fearless.

Secondly, trying new things allows children to learn about themselves and learn about their interests. As they discover themselves and their various strengths, the confidence gained can carry forward to their daily lives and potentially their whole lifetime. Confidence, self-reliance and independence is key for mental health. The resorts in Masinagudi will promote just that. Having faith in one’s own ability or thought process is all the empowerment one needs.

  1. Space

While adults know the joy of having some alone time or space from family, what they don’t know is that children benefit from it too. Being stuck within the same surrounding day in and day out can be frustrating to your child, without them even realising it. The same surrounding can teach you only a limited amount. Only exploring the new will truly broaden horizons. Let your child explore in Discovery Village’s resorts with activities in Bangalore.

Looking upon life as an adventure with Discovery Village

31 August  |  Family

Author William Feather once said, “One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure”.

Experiencing New Adventures

By looking at life as an adventure, you will bring out the best in yourself. Every single day poses a new challenge that you have to tackle. At your home, at your workplace and everywhere else. They come in all sizes. Small, big and everything in between. You often find yourself in various situations, facing various obstacles which you have to overcome by giving your best. Sometimes you come out on top and sometimes you don’t. Each of these instances is an adventure and every such adventure will teach you a lesson. A day spent on an adventurous outing is no different. By indulging in a wide range of activities, you will ignite the adventurous spirit within you, thereby exploring and rediscovering your inner self. The adventure resorts in Bangalore are a great choice of place if you are looking to spend time doing some of the best adventurous activities available out there. Discovery Village organises a wide range of activities at resorts in Nandi Hills. Each of these tasks requires you to apply a wide variety of skills, at the end of which you will feel liberated both physically and mentally. Studies also show that it is important for individuals to let go of any fear and embrace your inner spirit of adventure.

Breeze Past Obstacles

The resorts in Masinagudi offer an excellent range of activities that allows you to break free from the chaos of everyday life and provide you with an opportunity to wake your adventurous self up. Every one of us would have faced many obstacles in life and by looking upon such obstacles as adventures that we can experience, by facing them with all that we have got. Such adventurous and fighting spirits are the reasons for many inventions, discoveries and explorations. It is very important to let go of any apprehension that you have. Once you are free in your mind to tackle any fear you will start understanding your true self.

A Family Fun Day

Another common and popular thing to do is take your family out for a day filled with fun and adventurous activities. The many Bangalore resorts for family outings offer a wide range of packages that allows you to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Not only that, but by taking part and completing the various adventurous tasks on offer, you will have understood each other’s’ strengths and weaknesses which in turn will help you to face real life challenges in a more confident manner knowing that those around you are always available to help you out.

Pamper the child in you, with a vacation at Discovery Village

27 July  |  Family

It is agreed commonly, that childhood is the most cherished part of one’s life. The ability to take pleasure in jumping in a puddle of water created by the rain cannot be matched by any experience you have had as an adult. Discovery Village gives you the chance to reclaim the freedom and simple pleasures of childhood at any of our four carefully designed properties. Easily approachable and located near the main cities these resorts are perfect for corporate teams, families, groups of friends, and even people who like to travel alone. We offer you recreation amidst the wildlife at Masinagudi jungle stay, mystic stay amidst picturesque Ooty at Ooty Masinagudi resort, adventure and hill resort stay at Nandi Hills Bangalore and the joy of water sports and trekking at resorts near Kanakapura road.

Step back in time

Discovery Village resorts are located in the lap of nature, Poised on the edge of forests, located on the banks of gurgling rivers, or perched on a pristine mountaintop, they are sure to bring back the un-spoilt beauty and fresh unpolluted environment of your childhood home. The locations of our resorts are chosen with care so that our customers have the option to choose the adventure activity which attracts them the most. From river rafting to mountain climbing and trekking, there is something for everyone.

Be Mystified

Rediscover the wide-eyed wonder you felt as a child when you gazed at the twinkling stars. At Discovery Village we help you unravel the mysteries of the galaxy with powerful telescopes. Our knowledgeable staff will help you identify planets and constellations you have only read about so far. If you are taking your children on a vacation, your pleasure is sure to be doubled at the sight of your kids sharing your awe.

Make Your Dreams Come True

Live a childhood dream by building your raft and going sailing on the Kabini river. Race a jet sprint boat, or a motor boat, and enjoy water games which are sure to delight you. You will also have the opportunity to fish for your dinner! Set your pulse racing by rolling down a slope in a giant transparent ball. Called Zorbing, this activity is a major attraction, next only to trekking and rappelling down a cliff. You could even emulate your childhood hero Tarzan, and go for a walk on a ropeway which winds through trees! Get up and close with nature at a Discovery Village Resort and pamper the adventurous child in you.

Food You Grew Up With

At Discovery Village we use local organic produce to recreate traditional local dishes. You are sure to be reminded of your mother’s cooking as you tuck into the lip-smacking fare our chefs dish up for you. Our aim is to offer our guests healthy wholesome food which is satisfying and nutritious. We not only make sure you have a vast array of activities to choose from, but also that you have the strength to perform to your full potential.

A \Discovery Village holiday is your chance to reclaim your childhood. Explore, play, laugh and make friends without a care in the world. Our well- trained and friendly staff takes the responsibility to fulfil your needs and ensure your comfort as you let your hair down and unwind.

Discover a new way to have fun with your family

27 June  |  Family

A swimming pool and some indoor games don’t make a resort. The business of entertaining people in a world class facility has reached new levels with many resorts offering sophisticated services and organising the holiday in the most fun way possible. After all, the stress and pressure of our day to day work have left us to take such much-deserved breaks to spend quality time with our family.

Until a few years back, vacations with family used to be mostly to some distant relative’s house, and the concept of adventure sports was unknown.  However, now the sheer comforts of luxurious hotel rooms and the multi-cuisine food, have attracted many towards resorts. Resorts are also preferred these days for their charming locations, adventure activities and a whole new experience of connecting with nature.

Plan the theme

It helps to decide the kind of place one is looking to visit, before narrowing down on the resort. Some may prefer a forest, while some open terrains and hills. Few resorts as versatile as Discovery village have their facilities at various terrains and backdrops to give their customers theme based activities. The Masinagudi resorts located close to the Mudumalai forest range can be a great destination for a family with interests in wildlife observation. The elephant safari and trekking give the guests the thrilling experience of watching the animals from close quarters. Likewise, for water sports fans, the resort at Kabini is sure to make you experience all that the river can offer.

Unique activities

When we check into a resort, we stay back in the room and order in food and settle for watching some TV. At Discovery Village, this is never the case. The activities are so tempting that you can’t resist the urge to remain outdoors. With branches at various locations in and around Bangalore, the Discovery Village group of resorts, promises to offer special and unique adventure activities that are very aligned to the terrain of the location.

The cave exploration or Spelunking at the resort on Kanakapura road is the perfect example of a quirky adventure activity, where all the long lost caveman skills are evoked. Something that can be enjoyed with family and friends, this activity is very rare and unique to this resort. If you have altophobia, then a session of rappelling at the resort at Nandi Hills Bangalore is enough to conquer it for a lifetime.

The Kabini Resort, which specialises in water-based activities, has a session of raft construction followed by white water rafting. One can only imagine the fun involved in creating and using a raft. After all the tiring session of games, a sky gazing session in the night is sure to make it a magical experience.

So, before stress takes the better of you, come and connect with your family to unwind with the most select and exclusive range of activities and explore with your loved ones like never before!

The Discovery Village Resort at Kanakapura road, has some exciting games likes cave exploration, obstacle course and repelling, to bring out your survival skills. And for all those who are ready to challenge your physical body, the Discovery Village Resort at Nandi Hills has a host of activities to be done in the rugged terrain, like rope course challenge, survival camping and rappelling.

Discover a new way to have fun with your family

31 May  |  Family

Amidst our busy work schedules, we often miss spending valuable time with our family. Varying work timings and stress due to pressure at work mean that the time spent with family is limited. Having said that, it is very important for us to take some time out and get away from the maddening chaos of our everyday routine and at the same time have fun with our family. A study by Ramon B. Zabriskie, and Bryan P. McCormick, “The Influences of Family Leisure Patterns on Perceptions of Family Functioning,” points out that time spent in having fun activities with family is associated with an increased emotional bonding within those in the family.

Given the amount of time spent by individuals of the family at work/schools and colleges, it might be a little difficult for them to plan a long getaway. This is where Discovery Village comes into the picture. A weekend getaway at Nandi hills Bangalore or a day well spent with the family at the resorts in Masinagudi is made easy by Discovery Village. All you have to do is to make a choice, pack your bags and have fun with your family.

Discover new ways of having fun with your family by selecting the different packages on offer. The fun is for both elders and children alike as you choose to indulge in the various activities that are part of the offer. Families can choose to go out on a relaxed outing or an action-filled getaway. From spending time at the swimming pool to serene nature walks and adventurous activities, there is something on offer for each member of the family. Other than that, you can also choose to organise parties and weddings out in the open at resorts in Kanakapura road. The customised arrangements and the outdoor settings guarantee maximum fun.

A fun day out with members of the family can work wonders both physically and mentally. It helps in relieving stress and recharging your mind and body. Spending fun time with children during such outings also makes them feel special. According to Pat Tanner Nelson, professor of Human Development & Family Studies at Delaware University, being involved in planning and executing such fun activities creates a “Family Glue”, in the form of moments that connect the members of the family and help build healthy relationships.

At Discovery Village, you get to pick from three different packages to have fun with your family. The half day discovery package is ideal if you are planning for a quick getaway with your family. This package includes a couple of fun activities along with 2 tasty meals. Among others, the overnight discovery package is the most popular among families planning for a fun outing which includes 3 to 5 activities, four meals, nature walks and bird watching on weekends. If you have planned for an extended outing then the full day discovery packages is an ideal choice. With 5 to 7 activities and three meals, this package is well worth it if you are looking forward to spending an extended time having fun with your family.

A Fun Day Out With The Family

04 March  |  Family

As Desmond Tutu once said, “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them”.

In this fast-paced world with so many changes every day, we don’t know where the next day is going to take us. We may move cities, countries, even continents and the only thing that remains constant through all of this is family. The importance of family relationships and bonding is widely recognized as an indicator of improved emotional health for both children and adults.

A study conducted by Gail Fernandez, MD of the Child Development Institutes, suggests that children are much more likely to develop emotional and behavioral disorders when they receive inadequate or poor parentingand another found that healthy parental relationships contributed to a large extent to the stability of the family.

In this day and age, finding time to maintain these relationships is only getting harder with the amount of pressure at work and other engagements in life.  Holidays or outings with family have proven to be a stress-buster and a means of bonding for the entire unit.However, with the lack of time to plan and execute these events, family time has taken a backseat for years.

Here’s where Discovery Village steps in. From fun-filled day outings in Bangalore resorts to Homestays in Masinagudi, your time is made use of to the fullest so you maximize your fun and build stronger relationships among your family. With regular activities such as sports, lunches and quality time combined with our own unique set of bonding activities such as zorbing, trekking, survival camping and cave exploration at Nandi Hills Bangalore, Discovery Village will make the most of your limited time on holiday with your family.

Alan Krueger of Princeton University and Nobel-prize-winning psychology professor and researcher Daniel Kahneman led a study that found that of all the things in the world, humans are at their happiest when they’re involve themselves in leisurely experiences that are also interesting. Leaf Van Boven, of the University of Colorado, showed how vacations can make people much happier than material things can. This is because they create memories that cannot be compared with others’.

Discovery Village’s main aim is to ensure that you create the best memories for you to cherish with your family for years to come. A family is specifically characterized by love, which is the mind’s feeling of its own unity. Hence, our philosophy revolves around building this feeling through activities specifically designed for your family, ranging from a half-day outing to an overnight experience with professionals to guide you every step of the way.

Learn, grow and form connections with a fun day out with your family at resorts in Kanakpura roadat a price and time suitable to you. With wild weekend getaways planned exclusively to take you into the heart of nature where you can explore, or laze by the pool, indulge yourself in some quality time with the family.


12 August  |  Family

If all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, what does it do to Jack’s family?

The modern city life leaves families running on a tight schedule. School and hobby classes for children, work and commute pressures for adults, traffic and crowds to navigate over weekends, even for a leisure outing

Discovery Village offers families a convenient way to unwind and bond with each other, in the lap of nature. Our retreats are designed around activities and experiences, offering something for each member of your family – from toddlers and teenagers to the elderly.

Adrenaline boosting activities such as rope course challenge, rappelling and kayaking are perfect for the young and the restless. Pottery and archery are on offer for those who want to learn new skills. Swimming pools are ready for some seriously, cool fun. And for activities, where the entire family can participate, we have some treats in store.

Here’s a snapshot of our top three family fun activities:


This high-energy game gives everyone (aged 18 and above) colourful moments of action and laughter. You can compete as individuals or as teams. The objective of the game is to tag as many opponents as you can by shooting them with your paint gun. The paintball gun or marker uses capsules containing water-soluble dyes in a gelatine shell. The soft shell bursts on impact. Splatter! The paint is all over your opponent. This fun game requires families to strategize, plan and work as a team. Perfect for bonding, perfect for photo-ops!

Get twenty

Kids and kids-at-heart – this game is for both. The family is divided into two or more teams. Each team has to procure twenty items in under twenty minutes. The screams, the running, the frantic searching and just the sheer joy of finding something mundane to complete the list, makes this game a must-do.

Key punch

The objective of this game is to see who can get the number sequence called out in the time allotted. Since it’s all in the family, you can help a member of your team by coordinating and relaying information. Work together or compete – it’s oodles of fun either way.

We have a host of other activities such as frenzy, bull ring, land mine, tower of Hanoi, helium stick, pipe line/split pipe, traffic jam and block game, for families. Don’t let the label ‘activity’ fool you – each task packs in powerful lessons, making the experience as much fun as educative. The best part: every activity or game is designed to bring families together and create a mind map of memories.

Come to Discovery Village and see how an active holiday works its magic on your entire family. Call us at +91 93415 55222 to know more

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