Things to do in Discovery Village Kabini

12 December  |  At Discovery Village

An escapade into the wilderness is a rejuvenating experience. At Discovery Village’s Kabini resort, you can connect with nature while enjoying a tranquil stay with all the modern conveniences you need.Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the landscape with a host of activities which will only make you crave for more. From jungle safari to river adventures, memorable experiences await the curious traveller.

About Kabini Resort

The Kabini River is one of the important tributaries of the Kaveri, and it originates in the misty mountains of Wayanad. Discovery Village’s Kabini Jungle Resort is located just 220 kms from Bangalore and getting there involves a scenic drive into the verdant ranges of the Nagarhole National Park. The rooms here are well-equipped and comfortable, designed keeping the vernacular architecture in mind and fitted with all the amenities you expect. Swimming pool facilities and an activity zone make this resort an ideal choice for large groups, such as colleagues on a corporate outing.

Step into the Water

Discovery Village Kabini is in river country and you need to experience the cool gushing waters to get the full experience of the place. Enjoy sessions of kayaking, as you negotiate the currents and observe the plant and animal life around you. You can also enjoy a relaxed boating experience on the waters of the Kabini River, a perfect activity if you are with the family. There are many water-based activities like canoe-building and raft building, which can be highlights of a corporate trip.

Wildlife Wonders

The forests around Kabini are known for the rich diversity of flora and fauna. Wildlife enthusiasts will love to embark on a Kabini safari. Animals like the tiger and the leopard prowl these jungles, rich in prey. Evenings are considered a great time to spot the leopards of this range, including their stunning melanistic versions, commonly called black panthers. The river is home to the Indian freshwater crocodile and a large number of waterfowl. Bird watchers would love a trip here – some of the bird species found are great cormorants, ospreys, eagles, Malabar trogon and more. In total, more than 350 species of birds have been identified in the Kabini forests. When in Kabini, you will also encounter majestic pachyderms, as the range is part of a very large habitat for Asian elephants. Early mornings and just before dusk are a good time to enjoy a safari in these deep woods.

Other Activities

Nature walks are a good way to see up close, the myriad plant species of the region, and feel the terrain up close. Nothing can beat the thrill of experiencing the forest when the predators prowl and darkness prevails. Night trails allow you to immerse yourself in this ultimate setting. Target shooting is another fun group activity at the Kabini resort, where you can enjoy some good-natured competition and bond with the rest of the gang.

Bangalore with its constant buzz is also a gateway to some of the best kept natural secrets of Southern India. Discovery Village’sresort inKabini blends right into the pristine environment, offering you a stage to unwind and indulge.

If you are looking for something closer you can opt for a stay in Nandi Hills, where you can enjoy some trekking. These resorts near Bangalore are also ideal for a corporate day outing, with enough activities to ensure bonding between participants.

Planning a Green Getaway

20 November  |  At Discovery Village

Are you looking for a different experience for your next weekend trip or corporate party? Adventure and luxury can go hand in hand with some responsibility too, so you can start by choosing a getaway that is environmentally friendly. Not to mention, the feel-good factor for playing your part when your trip winds up.

Why should resorts opt for Eco-Friendly Architecture?

The hotel industry has the reputation of being one of the most wasteful industries in the world, from exploitation of water resources to high carbon emissions. One of the main reasons for this is the infrastructural demands, where building designs chosen are incompatible with the surroundings. Informed travellers are now choosing getaways with green architecture. Green architecture, a sustainable form of building design used with eco friendly raw materials, is all about harmony with the surroundings. Companies like Discovery Village offer a range of resorts in Bangalore built around the concepts of green architecture, where you can step away from the grind and rejuvenate with friends and family.

What is Responsible Tourism?

Too often, booking a resort becomes an afterthought from the environmental perspective. Responsible tourism focuses on this facet of your trip, where you choose your destination with the intention to have a positive impact on the environment of the place.

How does it help the Environment?

When you opt for responsible tourism, you support the hotels and resorts which have chosen the green architecture and sustainable model of operations. Your environmental impact as a tourist is minimized through innovation and local experiences. Water harvesting and natural ventilation systems are just some of the many ways in which green hotels negotiate their environmental impact.

How should we do it?

Being a responsible tourist does not involve any compromises. You open yourself to innovative architecture and exclusive local activities. This philosophy makes your trip more fun than a jaunt into a regular standard resort, as you enjoy authentic and original experiences suited to the landscape of your itinerary. Spending some time in a green establishment is also a learning experience, where you learn about the simplest of hacks that you can even apply in your own homes.

Discovery Village resorts are based on an ecologically responsible building model. Whether you are choosing a Nandi Hills resort or are looking for the best jungle resorts in Kabini, with Discovery Village you can be assured of enjoyable experiences in a sustainable set-up. Enjoy the untamed and pristine nature of some of South India’s wildest destinations by staying in a resort that blends with the verdant topography, both in structure and impact.

Built with earth-friendly materials, Discovery Village’sresort buildings are designed for energy efficiency. Aesthetically, creative building designs based on the local ethos are applied, inspired by vernacular elements.Additionally, natural ‘coolant’ materials like bamboo and terracotta reduce the dependency on artificial climate control.

Getaways, whether long escapades or just a weekend or day out are the best way to refresh and rejuvenate. You can enjoy these serene moments and indulge in new exciting activities, while also reducing your negative impact as a traveller, by making the right choices. Celebrate the beauty of the planet with responsible tourism, and help preserve it too.

Hit That Target – Fun with Archery

13 November  |  At Discovery Village

If you are looking for a fun activity that is also challenging and requires a bit of skill then you can try out the sport of archery. Drive over to some of the most adventurous resorts in Bangalore, pick up a bow and some arrows, and channel that inner William Tell.

History of Archery in India

Archery now is a sport, but its origins are as old as civilisation itself. Let us step back in time, to an age where humans started developing innovations that would help them avoid scenarios of close combat. Eventually propelling projectiles at high speed became an important part of war and hunting, and the bow and arrow became the favoured choice of weapon.

From the highlands of Meghalaya to the famed story of the Mahabharat’s Ekalavya, archery pops up across the histories and cultures of the sub-continent. The bow and arrow was an important part of many arsenals from the Vedic periods until the various Islamic invasions brought with them new medieval warfare tactics and weapons. Even with the advent of firearms, the bow and arrow remained the symbol of local resistance in many pockets of what is now modern India. The sport of archery lives on, a modern avatar of this ancient skill and luckily, you don’t have to declare war to enjoy a few sessions with a bow and arrow. Find the nearest Discovery Village resorts in Bangalore and grab some friends or colleagues for this oldest game of all.

How do we play Archery?

We have seen the Olympians do it, and many communities across the country have this simple bow and arrow game as a traditional sport. The sport is more technical than it probably looks at first glance. Once you have picked your bow and arrow, you need to develop a good stance, so you act like a pillar – an extension of the bow before your release the arrow. Make sure your grip on the bow handle is relaxed andyour middle three fingersrest on the string, the indexabove the arrow. The aim is to hit the target, so use your dominant eye pull back your hand with your back muscles until the string touches your lips and nose. When you release the arrow, just relax the grip and let the fingers slide back. Maintain your posture.

The scoring system for target archery is very simple. You and your challenger shoot 3 to 6 arrows at the target, the closer the radius to the bullseye, the higher the score and the highest when you hit the centre. The person with the higher total wins and you can play multiple rounds too.

Where can we enjoy archery in Karnataka?

You don’t have to think too hard to find a venue for archery in Bangalore. Thereare manyresorts near Bangalorethat let to enjoy this sport, along with a host of other activities. Archery games are a great activity recommendation for office trips as it promotes bonhomie and a competitive spirit amongst peers and colleagues. Archery is a game that needs mental focus and stability along with confidence, traits that are even more important in the modern world. Not to mention, it is an enjoyable experience and sets the stage for some memorable and light moments. Find a new passion in this ageless discipline; give it your best shot.

Paintball The Game

26 October  |  At Discovery Village

You must have heard many people ask, “What is paintball?” Well, paintball is a game where you eliminate the opponent by shooting at them with water soluble dye pellets through a paintball gun. It can be played individually or versus a team, either way developing strategic thinking and efficiency by working in challenging environments in the best way possible.

How it all started:

Dating back to the 1960’s Paintball is the brainchild of Charles Nelson, the co-founder of Nelson Paint Company, who came up with the idea of shooting a paintball (pellet) from a gun, when U.S Forestry Service asked the Nelson Paint Company to come up with an efficient way mark trees from a distance.It also became popular among ranchers who could mark their cattle from a distance without hurting them.

This gun caught the attention of Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines years later. One a Wall Street stockbroker and the other a writer by profession, they together came up with the idea of a mock duel between people from different professional backgrounds to see if survival in the woods is possible due to awareness of the surroundings or highly intuitive instincts.Thus, the first paintball game ever played was in June 1981, where 12 people from different professional backgrounds competed against each other where the winner had to capture the flag.

Who made the first Paintball Gun?

The first paintball gun also known as,Marker, was an idea by Charles Nelson. He already had a patented squirt gun that sprayed a jet of paint, but had a limited range so Nelson approached the Crosman Company, which produced the gun named Crosman 707.

Due to poor sales, the production of Crosman 707was halted. Nelson then approached Daisy, an air gun manufacturer, tomanufactured the famous Nel–Spot 007 in 1972. This gun had a greater range.

How Do You Play?

There are several variations on how to play this sportlets look at a couple of them:

  1. Hoist the Flag: The most common type being where two teams compete against each other to get the opponent’s team flag to their own base within a time limit. Here, if any player gets hit by the opponent then they are eliminated from the game and have to leave the arena immediately. Once all the opposite team members are eliminated, one has to get the flag from enemy’s base to their own within the stipulated time to win the game.
  2. Kill them all: Everyone plays for themselves. The last person to survive the game i.e. without being hit by the paintball wins the game

Is it Safe?

The paintballs are made of gelatin with paint infused, so there are rare chances of getting hurt,unless you are hit within 3 meters from the opponent.

This game can be played both, indoors and outdoors, the organizers provide protective gear such as, safety mask, a pair of goggles, coveralls and gloves. The coveralls are usually made of thick material to reduce the blow of the paintball. Wearing thick clothing on the inside can be advantageous.

Where to Play?

If you are looking for best resorts in Banglaore for Family enjoy paintball, then Discovery Village resorts are your best bet, Resorts in Bangalore havetrained and professional instructors, ensure your safety andmake sure that you have a good time with your friends, family, or school mates.Discovery village is also a suitable option if you are looking for corporate team outing resorts in Bangalore for team events with colleagues.

Rainwater Harvesting DVs Responsible Tourism

05 October  |  At Discovery Village


what is Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is a process of collecting rainwater from various man-made hard surfaces like rooftops. This water is then stored and reused for several other purposes like irrigation, livestock or watering gardens.When treated using different purification methods, it can also be used as drinking water.Rainwater systems come in all shapes and sizes and most systems are comprised of the same basic components

Why should we do rain water harvesting

With monsoon rainfall decreasing every year, we are bound to face serious water crisis that can exhaust all the quintessential natural resources that we are gifted with and lessen the chances of having a healthy ecosystem for our future generations.

Every year, different regions in India are hit by drought,and people struggle to get water for basic needs like drinking and cooking. Rather than solely relying on government for passing laws for water conservation, we as individuals can make a big difference by taking measures for rainwater harvesting.

Advantages of rainwater harvesting


  1. Augments ground water table when used to recharge ground water.
  2. Diminishes rapid decline of groundwater as its dependency decreases when water from rainwater harvesting is used for miscellaneous purposes.
  3. Reduces soil erosion due to water runoff during monsoon as water is collected, and thereby the intensity of water flow is reduced right from the time it touches the ground.
  4. Helps in inculcating a water conservative mind since people gain more knowledge on how they can source water and utilize it efficiently based on their nature of usage.

Discovery Village is into Responsible Tourism of Rainwater Harvesting as a Resort.

Discovery Village believes in promoting an environment-friendly culture, one of the steps to achieve this being rainwater harvesting. By ensuring that rainwater is harvested on campus and utilised as efficiently as possible, DV manages to reduce dependency on local water supplies.

Rooftop rainwater harvesting in the resorts allows Discovery Village to collect and store rainwater, which is then used for multiple purposes.

Through this, the resorts aim to send the message that fun combined with eco-friendly conservative measures is possible. Being conscious and taking care of what we are already gifted with can have a significant positive impact on nature.

Discovery Village believes that sustainable practices can influence visitors so that they can have more interesting stories to share! Fun filled stories in line with eco-friendly measures that can inspire everyone to change the world and make it a better place to live in!

A lot of water is wasted in maintaining a swimming pool, be it in refilling it or cleaning the pool, where a lot of water is gushed down the drain. Discovery Village tries to minimize this by adopting sustainable practices where as a part of their Responsible Tourism motto they even maintain swimming pool water efficiently, by cleaning the water and re-using it again.

Still wondering why rainwater harvesting is important? Visit Discovery Village resortsnow to experience what luxury and responsible tourism feel like!

Plan a trip to Masinagudi

29 June  |  At Discovery Village

For all the travel enthusiasts and nature lovers out there who are ready to plan a short vacation at the drop of a hat, Masinagudi on the Mysore-Ooty highway is a fabulous option. The Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is situated right next to it while the Bandipur National Park forms the other side of its boundary. The deciduous forests in the hilly Western Ghats form a striking backdrop to this natural getaway that lies on the Tamilnadu-Karnataka Border. Discovery Village resorts in Masinagudibeckon the traveller who seeks solace and adventure in the lap of nature

Places to see

The Nilgiris are known for their pristine beauty and are a part of the Western Ghats.The entire area can be explored either on foot or using a jeep. Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is perfect for a day-long trek or a jeep ride if you love to spot birds (There are more than 300 varieties of bird species here). For a chance to spot our national animal, the tiger, you should head to Bandipur National Park by booking a jeep safari well in advance. The rugged terrain is bound to get your pulse racing as you revel in the jungle sounds and animal calls that surround you.


You can plan a trip to the breath-taking village of Masinagudi during winter and just before summer sets in. Set at an altitude of 1000m from the sea level, it offers a majestic holiday experience to the tourist community. One can expect temperatures ranging from 22°C- 37°C during summer while winter is extremely pleasant at a low of 19°C.

How to reach

  • Air: Mysore Airport is about 97 kilometres from Masinagudi while Coimbatore Airport is situated at a comfortable 115 kilometres for those who prefer the quickest route.
  • Railway: The picturesque Ooty Railway Station lies only 32 kilometres away from Masinagudi or tourists can alight at Coonoor Railway station that is 57 kilometres away.
  • Road: A pleasant two-hour drive from Mysore (110 kilometres) bring you to this remarkable hill station or grab a ride on the various Ooty-bound state transport or private buses. Top-notch resorts like Discovery Village can arrange for comfortable pick-up and drop if they are informed in advance.

Where to stay

Masinagudi and the surrounding picturesque locations offer many stay facilities from the basic accommodation to homestay in Masinagudi. Discovery Village is one such getaway that has been designed to keep you aligned with the breath-taking nature and the serene environment. Well-appointed rooms in beautiful cottages offer a homely ambience. To complement the salubrious weather, hot and delicious meals will provide you with the local flavour and satisfy any hunger pangs in a jiffy.

Adventure activities

Go trekking in the nearby hills, or spend time bird-watching during an early morning walk. Jeep Safaris that take you deep into the Bandipur Forest and Mudumalai Jungles to spot the wildlife are popular among visitors too. If you would rather stay indoors, you can engage in an exciting game of cricket with your friends in the vast fields, or pitch your skills against each other in a rapid table tennis match. Offering a range of well-designed games and activities conducted by experts, Discovery Village is not the perfect destination to plan an eventful family outing, but the ideal destination for corporate outings too!

Serenity and health: The need for mental peace

19 December  |  At Discovery Village

“Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity,” said Lao Tzu, and this rule doesn’t change with time. In today’s cut-throat and competitive world, the importance of serenity is being hugely undermined. In the wake of success and development, we are failing to acknowledge the need to be serene, i.e., as the definition goes, in a state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled.


Ask yourself this question. When were you really last serene? When was the last time you were truly unperturbed by anything and/or anyone? With success and prosperity on the forefront of your mental awareness, there is hardly any room left to care about your soulful well-being. Think about it – not many of us synonymise the well-being of the mind with sound health, do we?

The recent movie, ‘Dear Zindagi,’ aptly pointed out how tabooed the whole concept of getting therapy from a psychologist, or the so-called ‘brain doctor,’ in our country is. It is almost considered a sin of sorts to be suffering from a troubled mind, so much so that it is a matter of shame. But what if it weren’t allowed to get till there? What if we could do well by our mental peace just by taking a few more proactive steps?

Get out!


Here is where the importance of being outdoors enters the fray. We need to understand that being outdoors isn’t only for kids. As we, as adults, get busy with our careers and other day-to-day issues, it becomes all the more important to take a break and get out of our routines, rooms and cubicles.

Just head out to a Masinagudi jungle stay for the weekend and reconnect with nature. Or you could just do a family outing in Bangalore or visit any of the resorts near Nandi hills. Managed by Discovery Village, you’ll find a host of activities at these venues, ranging from facilitating adventure to bonding, whatever suits your need!

No shame in solo


Sometimes, it is also required for one to have some alone time to regroup that mental peace and serenity that is lost to the ramblings of a routine. Don’t ever shy away from just spending a weekend away at any of the hill resorts near Bangalore to unwind.

A lot of the activities and events conducted by Discovery Village at these venues are aimed just at making this soulful re-connection happen. There is enough proof in human history over the years to prove that being outdoors hugely boosts mental health and peace.

We need to understand one thing for ourselves – that through these getaways and breaks, we are doing a service to ourselves as much as others. For being at the optimum mental health and happiness, these vacations are a must, otherwise we’re just mechanical beings as opposed to human beings.

All for One and One for All

19 December  |  At Discovery Village

Team-Building Activities at Discovery Village


As rightly said by Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

In our everyday mundane corporate settings, professional relationships are often superficial and hard to maintain. As a team, it is almost crucial that there runs a feeling of belongingness and responsibility for each other. Team spirit stems from activities that involve equal participation and having each other’s back to the road of success. The mutual appreciation and recognition of each individual’s strength comes from a point where each one has made equal contribution in unique ways to achieve goals and unlock achievements. The best way to elevate spirits and plant seeds of team spirit in a group is to engage them outside of work. Every day, more and more companies across the globe are investing in team-building activities for the employees as these activities aid in building team spirit and integrity.

Adventure Activities for Team Building


Discovery Village wishes to assist you in perfecting your inter-personal skills and bring out your unique strengths to help you establish stronger bonds in a team. Discovery Village offers a range of team building activities from small to large teams that are designed to promote unity, sense of common goal and instigate communication. These activities are challenging, fun and extremely competitive.

  • Some activities are to bring out your very best and put forward each one’s unique skill sets like ‘A Frame’ or ‘Shapes and Colours’ in which creativity will lead you to success.
  • Games such as ‘Land Mine’ and ‘Drum Jam’ are to improve communication. Engage in physically challenging activities for fun and spend some time to get to know each other in activities such as trekking, survival camping and paint ball.
  • Discovery Village organizes corporate outings in Bangalore where you can engage in fun team building activities such as dynamic obstacle course and rope course challenge where you come together and work as a team.
  • Events lined up for the day also consist of games that promote healthy competitiveness by dividing participants into teams for simple games like tug of war, cricket, and twister.

All these activities are carefully designed for team building and accommodate everyone without exception. You will come out at the end of the trip, after participating in these team building activities, feeling differently about the same set of people you work with on a daily basis. High on team spirit and appreciation for each other, work will be a lot more fun and exciting.

Book Discovery Village now


Discovery Village has adventure resorts in Bangalore for the most adventurous and thrilling team outings you will experience. You can also visit the website for more details regarding hill resorts near Bangalore if you wish to go out of the hustle and bustle of the city for some fresh air. Discovery Village also offers corporate resorts in Bangalore for your convenience now. Book your next corporate outing with Discovery Village for an effortless, hassle-free day out.

Why Discovery Village?

09 November  |  At Discovery Village

Do you feel like your life is getting just a little too repetitive? Are you not feeling connected or bonded with your family? Is work wearing you down, but a lazy, comfortable weekend is just not enough to get you ready for another week at work? Need a little excitement? Maybe an adrenaline rush at Discovery Village will do the trick. While spas and beaches may relax you, the hill resorts near Bangalore will give you the excitement you crave!

What is Discovery Village, you ask? It is a number of resorts at multiple locations near Bangalore that are committed to give you an Active Getaway within the lush sights of nature. These resorts are so close to Bangalore that extensive travelling to and from will not take the magic away from your holiday. The rejuvenation you feel at being out in nature and stretching your muscles will not be taken away by the travel back home. Find the best activity for yourself at any of the adventure resorts near Bangalore.

Nature at its best


Whether you love the city or not, everybody needs to get out and breathe in the fresh air, and take in the green sights of the wild. In addition to the obvious benefit of being away from the pollution, nature has so many subtle benefits that affect the body in many positive ways. Your energy levels will go up, moods are balanced and you feel healthier. The green in the trees soothes your eyes and the activity in nature enhances any benefit you receive while exercising. Being in nature will strip you of all the stress accumulated.

Range of Outdoor Activities


Discovery Village has a range of outdoor activities that cater to everyone’s preferences. That’s what it makes it one of the best family resorts in Bangalore. Survival Camping is a popular activity along with a plethora of sports that include Archery and Target shooting at the resorts in Masinagudi. If you love the water, the resort at Kabini is for you. You could kayak, canoe, parasail and partake in the raft building activities, to name a few. Nandi Hills boasts of great team building exercises that can be fun for the family as well! The activities include Paintball, The A frame challenge and many more bonding exercises. The adventure resort in Bangalore is perfect for the family that loves activities like obstacle courses or rappelling and trekking and exploring. These resorts facilitate team building, a must for corporate outings.

Spending some quality time with your loved ones


Today, with the fast paced modern lifestyle, families rarely spend quality time together. These resorts make for the best family outings. Bonding with your family has never been this easy or fun! With so many activities, there’s no risk of anyone getting bored or getting absorbed by their smartphones. With the bonding exercises, your family will never feel as connected as at a family outing in Bangalore at Discovery Village.


The Importance Of Making Memories

31 August  |  At Discovery Village

Every year children go to the next class with same classmates, in the same hallways, with the same friends and possibly the same teachers. In most cases, as the school remains the same, everything remains the same for a child. And as the children grow older and become adults, the days seem to roll into one another. Years can be marked only by distinct memories, the memories of summer or vacations. Holidays stood out from the rest of the year. You hear statements like, “No! That was after I went to the resorts in Nandi Hills because I remember I was wearing a t-shirt I bought from there.” Life is so much more than that. As we grow older, all we will cherish are our memories.

The Importance of Making Memories

Making memories is important, however making positive memories is cardinal. It has been scientifically proven that positive memories tend to last longer whereas negative memories are forgotten. Anything new, different, discovering or exploratory seems to make a little niche of their own in our minds. It is what makes adults look back to their childhood with a fondness and a longing for the simpler times. They yearn for times when a new place was exciting or of the new adventure sport they could brag about trying.

Explore Discovery Village

However, providing such stimulating environments for you and your family can be daunting. Fortunately, there is so much to explore at the Discovery Village adventure resorts near Kanakapura road. Camping, in itself has a plethora of memory making experiences that you will cherish in itself. A family outing in Bangalore doesn’t need to be a trip to the mall or a movie where no real bonding happens. Experiences like being out in nature or zorbing with someone will strengthen those bonds you share with your loved ones. Check out zorbing in Bangalore for a new and exciting memory.

Bonding Makes Memories

It is evident that without a bond to another person, we as humans, wouldn’t be the same. Those bonds are seen only when you have memories with that person. Remembering a night in the resorts at Nandi Hills is so much easier than just one more of a night out, or playing video games, or even heading out to a restaurant for dinner. Opt for unusual and exciting adventures to add meaningful memories to look back on. There’s a reason most corporates take their employees out of the office and into a resort for their corporate day outings!

Now, the opportunity to do something new is just a few clicks away. What is stopping you from enriching your life more than ever?

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