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A Forest Escapade –Masinagudi

08 November  |  Adventure & Travel

Bangalore citizens can consider themselves very lucky. Apart from being a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with arguably the best brews in the country, Bangalore is just a short drive away from the greenery of the Western Ghats. There are many resorts near Bangalore that are ideal for weekend getaways with friends, family and colleagues.The thrill seekers of the city love to flock to the jungle resorts in Kabini and Masinagudi, armed with their cameras and an eagerness for adventure – looking to explore the landscape and maybe catch a glimpse of elusive species too.

The soothing verdant setting of Masinagudi will take you to the heart of South India’s famed forests. This range is part of the sprawling Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, a continuous stretch of untamed forest that from the lush coasts to the mountains of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

  1. A Trekking Haven

Treks allow you to get down and dirty and become part of the forest. Your Masinagudi resort can be a base for countless excursions into the deep forests. During the drier months, the challenge of a good trekking route can be the most rewarding experience. Kalhatti is a gushing waterfall situated at 2000 metres above sea level and it is the end point of one of the popular trek routes from Masinagudi. There are also shorter nature trails if you want to save your energy for another day.

  1. Wildlife Safari

When in the wild, always expect a wild encounter, albeit from the comfort and safety of your safari jeep. The Mudumalai Safari is one of the most popular activities for those who visit this region. In the thick foliage and beneath the dark canopy of this range, lurks the tiger, and if you are in luck you can sight this majestic beast in the wild – an incomparable experience for wildlife enthusiasts. Other species that call these jungles home include leopards, Asiatic elephants, and myriad birds and reptiles.

  1. Bird Watching

There are many places to visit in Masinagudi if you want to enjoy some bird sightings. The best times for bird watching are the mornings and you will be inundated with the variety of sounds and chirps, as you try to identify the different winged wonders of the forest. Some of the bird species that are found in Masinagudi are the black and orange flycatcher, the Malabar Trogon, the grey hornbill, various cuckoo and woodpecker species, and many more.

  1. Fishing and Angling

The catch is just a bonus when it comes to fishing. Whether you look for introspection or want to blend into the environment, no other activity offers while maintaining its simplicity. At Masinagudi you can try your hand at the fishing rod, as your listen to the rippling fresh streams and hear the forest come to live once the human voices quieten down.

  1. Campfire

A jungle trip is incomplete without a campfire. For aeons, the campfire has been a stage for human interaction, and that remains true today. After a day of activities wind down with your friends and loved ones, with your favourite beverages and snacks and watch the glowing embers contrast against the pitch black night of the forest. If you are on a corporate getaway, nothing breaks the ice like the bonhomie around a campfire.

A Masinagudi trip will always be loaded with memories, as you get to visit one of the most diverse eco-systems in the world. Keep your eyes and ears open, lest you miss out on a unique sight. If you are looking for Masinagudi resorts which offer a plethora of experiences from tranquil environs to adrenaline pumping activities, then you can opt for Discovery Village.

5 Road Trip Destinations from Bangalore

19 October  |  Adventure & Travel

Are you tired of the monotony of your daily life and want to head out of the city to de-stress? Well if you are an adventure junkie who makes plans within the blink of an eye and are planning to go on a one day trip, then here are 5 destinations you can visit.

  1. Nandi Hills, 60 km from Bangalore

Nandi Hills is a place frequented by adventure enthusiasts and mountain lovers who are passionate about trekking. Bangalore to Nandi Hills is a quick one-and-a-half-hour journey where nature lovers can enjoy sight-seeing and spot several rare birds and plants on their trek. History lovers can check out temples dedicated to Yogi Nandeeshwara, Bhoganandishwaraswamy Temple and Tipu Sultans Summer Palace. You can also check out ‘Tippu’s Drop’ where he punished traitors and prisoners by pushing them off the cliff. Check into the Discovery Villageresort in Nandi hills to experience all this and more in comfort.

Trekking along the beautiful AmruthSarovarLake is also a popular activity. Paragliding and cycling are common draws done here.

  1. Kabini River, 209 km from Bangalore

Image Courtesy: wikimedia

Immerse yourself in lush greenery and tranquil ambience, the forest around Kabini is home to many exotic and endangered animals and birds. The forest here shelters leopards, tigers, antelopes, crocodiles, cobras, pythons and elephants.Resorts in Kabiniare picturesque locations where you can relaxin the lap of nature

The primary activity here is spotting wild animals in their natural habitat. Activities like Safari, river cruise via motorboats and paddleboats can be opted for to explore the forest. Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary can be a good experience where you can see wild boars, sambar, elephants and spotted deer in herds.

  1. Ooty, 266 km from Bangalore

A perfect place to relax your mind and awaken the adventure enthusiast in you, Ooty offers the perfect weather and stunning views with an ‘Old World Charm’ that will change your mood in no time. You can enjoy the spectacular scenic route aboard theNilgiri’s toy train ride to Conoor, or enjoy mountain biking, hand gliding, fishing, trekking and hiking. Trek to Doddabetta peak and Pykarriver is extremely popular here.

  1. Skandagiri, 70 km from Bangalore

Image Source: 365hops

Famous for its night treks, Skandagiri is where you can ‘walk above the clouds,’ not literally, but you can experience the clouds extremely close to you. You can visit the dismantled fortress of Tipu Sultan built for fighting against the British Raj and also the remains of an ancient abandoned temple.

It overlooks Nandi Hills and is a few kilometers away from it. The views are spectacular, morning treks are pleasant and seeing the sun-rise is a memorable experience.

  1. Kanakapura, 62km from Bangalore

Image Source: trip2blr

Almost one and a half hours away from Bangalore, you can visit this beautiful city, famous for its silk and granite. Trekking to BananthimariBetta for bird – watching and forest trek is a must for wildlife enthusiasts.

If the above mentioned destinations are not something that interests you, then homestays in Masinagudi with the Mudumalai forests looming in the background with great diversity and flora and fauna could be another option for you to explore and head out of the city for a good time.

Happy travelling!

Cave Exploration

28 September  |  Adventure & Travel

Spelunking has a charm of its own. Nothing beats the adventure in exploring a cave and getting close with the hidden world that lies yonder. If you are looking for adventure tours around Bangalore, there are several options like those offered by Kabini river resorts, or a jungle stay in Masinagudi, and the many cave exploring options around the city.

If you are an avid cave explorer you are sure to know that there are some things that the experience teaches you,but there are others that you should learn well before you start your journey. Here are some useful tips for cavingfor the budding cave explorers –

Caving tips


Image Source: photography-school

The importance of carrying the right gear goes without saying. Caves present the most unprecedented terrain and hurdles to cross. So investing on the best quality helmet and boots is a great place to start with. You will be more confident in going on with the expedition when you know that you are protected. To prevent bumping your head against those low rise gaps you would find a helmet an indispensable requisite. The right pair of boots would make the journey less tiring and would avoid injuries. By offering the best ankle support they also help prevent sprains and foot aches. Besides these, knee caps and elbow pads are very usefulfor those occasions where you might have to be on all fours. In addition, there might also be an assortment of other gear that might come in handy depending on the cave that you plan to explore and the weather condition expected within the cave.

Caving manners


The above-mentioned tips were to prepare and protect the cave explorer from accidents and injuries. But there are some more tips to remember to protect and preserve the beauty of the untouched interiors of the cave. No matter how enthusiastic you are, responsible caving should be your top priority. This would make sure that the cave stays magical for the future explorers as well.

Do not Litter

The environment in the caves would be different from that outside the cave in several ways. This is the first thing that any cave explorer should first understand and accept. So keeping the cave clean, avoiding littering in the caves would be a good way to preserve the caves. Some zones or some caves, on the whole, might consist of certain rocks that are sensitive and can be easily eroded. Special care should be taken so as to handle these with care. Wearing gloves would be recommended in such caves. Some fragile portions of the cave including the speleothems are formed as a result of the interaction between the groundwater and the rocky layers, for thousands of years.

Do not disturb the wildlife

Besides keeping in mind the importance of preserving the cave structures one should also make sure that the wildlife within the cave is not disturbed either. The entire habitat, being different from the outside world would all be interdependent and any impact on the wildlife within the caves can also lead to a significant impact on the caves themselves.

So, the next time you set out on an adventure to explore a cave make sure that you prepare well ahead so as to protect yourself and the cave as well.

5 Biking Destinations from Bangalore

21 September  |  Adventure & Travel

Being a city that enjoys a pleasant weather all the year round Bangalore is a great place for impromptu trips,and one cannot forget to mention the limitless options available when it comes to destinations in the vicinity. Nothing beats the thrill one gets in taking bike trips from Bangalore to the surrounding scenic spots. Here are the most popular biking destinations when you are planning a road trip from Bangalore for a quick weekend refresher.

  1. Bangalore to Coorg:

Image Source:

Aptly nicknamed the Scotland of India, this is one of the greenest weekend getaways from Bangalore. Around 240 km from Bangalore Coorg has several tourist attractions. Kushalnagar, Nagarhole National Park,Bylakuppe, Cauvery Nisargadhama are all other popular destinations that can be covered on the way. The road beyond Mysore, via Hunsur, is pleasantly green especially if you plan your trip during the monsoons. If you wish to travel offbeat, you also have the option to travel via Shravanabelagola and Channarayapatna.

  1. Bangalore to Nandi hills:

Image Source: budgetyatri

This is one of the quickest weekend getaways near Bangaloreand is a favourite among the bikers. Located around 60km away from the city centre Nandi hills is one place that Bangaloreans never get bored of. Starting early to experience the sun rise at the Nandi Hills is something you should definitely try. The roads closer to Nandi hills with the green cover around are such contrasts to the smog laden noisy roads of the city! This makes this place a great spot to plan your weekend escapade on a short notice.

  1. Bangalore to Kabini:

Image Source: flickr

Kabini is one of the most popular spots for eco-tourism. Teeming with wildlife and eye-soothing greenery, this place is a perfect choice for those who are looking for an offbeat destination to wind down after a long week. The best part is that there are several resorts near KabiniRiver that offer the best stays amidst picturesque surroundings. Be it a one-day road trip from Bangalore or a two-day weekend vacation plan, this place is worth adding to your list.

  1. Bangalore to Munnar:

Image Source: nativeplanet

If you have a little extra time, if you are looking for a long and memorable road trip then one of the best destinations from Bangalore is Munnar. A popular hill station that is well connected by the best road and rail lines, this is a place that is green throughout the year. The invigorating mountain breeze is sure to rejuvenate your spirits and help you puff out all the dust and pollution that the city gives to your lungs.

  1. Bangalore to Masinagudi:

Image Source: cloudfront

This is another one that is meant for those looking for a long road trip from Bangalore. For the wildlife tour enthusiasts, the Bandipur National park close by is a spot that cannot be missed. If you are traveling in a large group then you could also try a jungle stay in Masinagudi that is one of the easiest ways to get close to nature.

These are just a few of the famous biking destinations to start with. There are many more to make each of your weekends memorable.

What to expect from an Indian Wildlife Safari

31 August  |  Adventure & Travel

What to expect from an Indian Wildlife Safari

The very utterance of the word “Wildlife safari” is enough to send the adrenalin pumping in the true-blue lover of wildlife. Before embarking on one, it is extremely important to understand a few ground rules and follow them diligently. This will help you to enjoy the safari and experience the thrill of participating in one while you stay at Bandipur resorts.

Here are few ready tips to maximise enjoyment by minimising expectations:

  • Remember that a wildlife safari is not a zoowhere animals are kept in enclosures with their species’ name mentioned on it. An Indian wildlife safari does not carry any guarantees so don’t berate the guide because you were unable to spot an exotic animal in the wilderness. It may happen that you will spot a wild animal of your choice (most probably, a tiger) during your stay at Masinagudi resorts and the first wildlife safari, or it could take a couple more. However, be patient as a safari does not guarantee a tiger sighting since they do not follow a timetable like we city folk do.
  • While packing for the wildlife safari and a stay at resorts in Masinagudi or homestay in Masinagudi, apart from all the essentials, do not forget to grab your identity proof and remind your friends to do so too. The security at the entrance of a national park may insist on seeing an ID proof before letting you into the wild. Either way, it is better to carry an ID while travelling to avoid any kind of inconvenience.
  • Your driver or guide may sometimes go overboard with their dos and don’ts and although they may sound far-fetched to you, do not ignore them at any cost. In all circumstances, you should listen to your guide/driver as these instructions could save you from a potentially dangerous situation. In all probability, your guide is a local who has visited the jungle innumerable times and therefore know a lot about it than you do. You could be asked to keep your voice low or avoid any sudden movements so make sure you follow these instructions.
  • Rules are made for a specific purpose. While on an Indian Wildlife safari, follow the park rules without questioning them too much. They have been put in place to protect your life and safeguard the wildlife around you, so honour them. Getting down from the vehicle is not such a good idea unless you can run faster than the animals. Smoking inside the jungle and playing loud music is considered bad manners while staying at a jungle lodge. Do not pester your driver/guide to take an off-beat path since the Jeep/Bus are given a route, considering all safety guidelines. Period.

As safari enthusiasts, we all have a special liking for the large cats like lions, tigers and leopards, thanks to their majestic personalities, but knowledgeable visitors will agree that there is more to a jungle than tigers. Keep a watch for other animals, flora and fauna and enjoy the fresh, unpolluted environment. You don’t want miss the deer or antelope hiding behind the bush, simply because you were too focused on sighting a tiger. Speak to your guide and ask him about his experiences. You may gain a lot of knowledge in the bargain which can be used during your next Indian Wildlife safari.

Book a vacation at a Discovery village resort of your choice and get up and close with wild animal in their natural habitat.


What NOT to do While Travelling with Friends

23 August  |  Adventure & Travel

Group travel plans are the best, as these shared experiences cement lasting friendships. However, when you are travelling in a group, make sure there are certain things you don’t end up doing that will sour the experience for your mates.

Cancel at the Last Moment

A group trip is usually a meticulously planned affair, where balances are really tight when it comes to expenses and accommodation. When you back out at the last moment, you are leaving the friends who tagged along because of you in a spot.

A major repercussion of someone leaving last moment is the arrangements need to be adjusted and compensated amongst the remaining members. The least you can do if you back out is accept the fact that the money you spent on shared hotel rooms is a fair price to pay.

Not discussing the budget before travelling

The budget requires total transparency before you even start your journey. If you feel like you are being stretched a bit, be honest about it so plans can be adjusted or solutions can be found. Don’t end up requesting a flash loan between your 4th and 5thpina-colada on the third night of your vacation. Even your friends are working on a budget. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are the one with money, don’t drag your friends into awkward situations where they are playing catch up while you lap up the caviar. A group trip works best if everyone has decided on a certain budget.

Make one person do all the planning and research

Giving one person all the responsibility is not fair. At the end of the day, a shared experience needs to be planned in a similar fashion, with inputs and contributions from everyone. By taking that one good friend for granted, you are also reducing the scope of the travel as one person cannot design an itinerary that will please everyone.

Spending more time on your phone

There are certain rules that have been set since vacations became a thing. You stay away from the usual routine whether it is on the phone or on a computer. Think about a situation where your friends are waiting for you to join them but you show your interest somewhere else, not even in the same geography! Keep phone calls crisp, messaging to a minimum and dedicate Instagram time for maybe later.

Being fussy about food

You are not going to get mom’s alupaneer in Phuket. Stop whining about food when the rest are managing just fine. Culinary tantrums by one person can spoil the experience for the rest of the gang. If you have a restricted diet, you will always manage to find a way around it.

Go easy on the health inspector routine. Your friends are as aware of food hygiene as you are. Deal with food reservations by being graceful about it. Step back and let your friends enjoy the Thai green croc curry while you go look for a chicken sandwich.

Behaving cranky, moody and rude

A bad mood infects the group with the same. Your buddies (and you too!) have been looking forward to this trip forever. Do a bit of introspection if you feel you are unhappy about something. Don’t throw a tantrum or be too vocal about your disagreements. Take some time off alone with a walk on the beach. A bit of space can sort a lot of issues.

It is very important that group trips are not built on obligations. Just because you are travelling together does not mean you have to see each others’ faces all day. Diverge and converge accordingly. Think of the moment when the trip was planned those many months ago, and try to replicate the same excitement.

Enjoy some short trips before you embark on a long trip. Here are some recommendations. Go for a drive to nearby Nandi Hills Bangalore or spend time in a homestay in Masinagudi. There are many resorts in Kanakapura Road where you can chill with your buddies. Head over to Kabini and surrounding areas for some wild adventures where you can choose from resorts in Bandipur for a comfortable stay

Young and broke travel enthusiasts: Here’s Fool-proof travel Advice for free

17 August  |  Adventure & Travel

The travel bug can hit almost everyone, young or old, male or female, the rich or the poor. Travel, whether it is local or international, apart from the enthusiasm, needs a decent amount of money, without which it is virtually impossible to explore your own country.

At Discovery Village we have spoken to a number of our young guests, and discovered that their trips are often sponsored by their parents or the companies they work for. While some seek pocket friendly options like a homestay in Masinagudi, others look out for team outing resorts near Bangalore. We, at discovery Village cater to both categories of travelers. Pick from our corporate outing resorts in Bangalore and choose a package which gives you access to a number of fun games and activities.

Here are a few hacks to help those who are monetarily dependent and want to put a travel plan together and realise their dream of exploring faraway lands:

Be curious:

We often spend a large portion of our childhood and teenage years doing nothing, except going to school, chatting online and indulging in binges (food and television included). Why not read books and scour the internet for language courses which can be used in later life? In our world where everything is virtual, why not travel virtually? Pick a place, learn its language (there are tons of free online language tutors), understand the people and in a few years, when you are financially independent, travel to the same place and connect to the place at a deeper level.

Work Part-time:

The World over, teenagers are encouraged to take up part-time jobs (except India, probably) and become independent at an early age. If you are 18 and above, squeeze in a couple of hours working part-time at the supermarket or the mall and earn enough to build a nest egg for future travel expeditions. If you are lucky, your employer may even organise a jaunt to Discovery Village, the best place for team outings in Bangalore.

Relatively Speaking

Meeting relatives and spending time with them isn’t exactly a teenager’s idea of a holiday but when you are short of funds and do not have access to money at will, it makes great sense to travel to places where you have your relatives and friends. This way your parents are more than willing to sponsor your trip (partly maybe), and you get to visit some of the coolest places you only dreamt of. The safety factor is high in such cases since you have someone to fall back on during emergencies and also explore the place on your own terms.

Keep an eye out for travelling opportunities

If you really love travelling but financial constraints do not give you the luxury of planning a trip, keep an ear to the ground and look around for opportunities. Think about travelling to a foreign land as an exchange student and you could learn a lot, giving you a different perspective to life’s problems. When we are young, we often get comfortable with all that is going on in our lives and lead a secure and sheltered life. Get out of your comfort zone. Enter travel contests, apply for scholarships or join social media groups of your liking and before you know, you could be applying for a visa or at least booking your flight tickets to a dream location in your country.



Things to do in Alleppey – The Land of Natural Beauty

27 July  |  Adventure & Travel

The famed backwaters of Kerala are in full glory at Alleppey or Alapuzzha, a destination that has enamoured visitors from across the world. This part of the sub-continent has been a global confluence of trade and cultural exchange for centuries and a trip to Allepey will immerse you in some of the most picturesque and unique coastal areas of India.

Boathouse and Rustic Scenes

An Allepey trip cannot be complete without a boathouse stay. Enjoy top-class service as you meander along on the gentle waterways that crisscross and surround the district. A boat cruise also gives you a glimpse of the calm countryside, plantations and laid back serenity that is a hallmark of Kerala’s rural life. Stop over at a village and enjoy some fresh toddy while interacting with the residents. Swaying palms and sultry breeze provide the backdrop for your adventure in the backwaters. Make sure you indulge in the cuisine of Allepey, some highlights of which include seafood preparations and chicken curries with the goodness of coconut milk and home grown spices.

Bird Watching Paradise

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a must-visit for the pristine natural beauty alone. This place is a haven for bird watchers and some of the species that inhabit this forest permanently or as a migration stop include Siberian cranes, flycatchers, brahmini kites, herons and cormorants. The Vembanad Lake and Kavanar River are the two main water bodies that have created a special but fragile eco-system. Enjoy the untouched beauty of the place, a pretty diversion from the usual tourist activities of the region.

Beaches and Lighthouse Sunsets

A 150-year-old pier is one of the highlights at Kerala’s most iconic beach, the Alapuzzha Beach. The beach is a popular retreat for locals too, and there is nothing more soothing than the calm seawaters of the Indian Ocean sweeping onto your feet. The lighthouse of the beach is an attraction that must be visited. Sunset views from the lighthouse are an eternal favourite, a beautiful scene that tugs at your heart as the water reflects the golden rays. If your Alleppey trip were a picture book, that sunset would sum it all up.

Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Treatments

Image Source: fitandrelax

Allepey is the best place to pamper you with Kerala’s favourite traditional massage and spa treatments. Harnessing the goodness of Ayurveda, these body therapies are known to rejuvenate the weariest of travellers and methods have remained unchanged for centuries. From all body treatments to couple massages, the spas and Ayurvedic centres of Allepey provide the perfect preparation for more exploration.

A trip to Kerala may not be squeezed into your busy schedule. You can choose from resorts in Kanakpura Road or head off to Nandi Hills, Bangalore for a day. If you are looking for wild escapades, then browse some Bandipur resorts or shack up in a homestay in Masinagudi. A corporate day outing to these nearby locations is also a good idea, as fun can also be had with colleagues and peers.

Wildlife Spotting at Masinagudi

19 July  |  Adventure & Travel

The forests of Masinagudi teem with life and offer a primeval experience to those wander deep into them. They take you back into an age when humans were the hunted and predators prowled in the darkness of the canopies, while the only sounds of warnings came from alarmed primates and rushing deer. This pristine chunk of thick forest in one of South India’s wilderness areas is a great place to experience India’s wildlife from up close.

When to Visit

The reserve is a 5-hour trip south from Bangalore. The best times to visit Masinagudi are the winter months to mid-summer (October to May). Monsoon is also a good time to visit as there is moderate rainfall and the forests are at their verdant best.

Wildlife of Masinagudi

Image Source: safarilandresorts

Masinagudi is home to many of India’s flagship species. The region is abundant with many types of deer, including the spotted deer, a staple of South India’s forests. The reserve is part of a much larger tiger habitat, the Mudumalai National Park. Other predators include the elusive leopard and smaller cat species like the jungle cat and leopard cat, the striped hyena and the Indian wild dog or dhole. Common large mammals include the gaur, wild boar and sambar deer.

Masinagudi is a fascinating place for bird watching too, and some of the avifauna here includes the Malabar trogon and different hornbill species. Safaris on elephant back allow you to get closer to the wildlife, and you can go for treks or jeep rides with local guides who will show you the hotspots of the reserve.

Where to Stay

There are a host of Masinagudi resorts which provide a perfect base for your explorations. You can look for a homestay in Masinagudi or around the area for a charming cultural experience. Masinagudi is the heart of the Nilgiri Forest Reserve, and you can further explore the region around this forest. Nearby places include Bandipur National Park, just an hour away. Ooty is only 30 kilometres away.

Things to Pack

Image source: glamazondiaries

Pack the right items for the jungle trip to avoid inconveniences. Stick to light clothing which blends with the surroundings. Carry insect repellant and have an extra pair of shoes. Look for sturdy shoes with grip, especially useful in wet conditions. Carry a poncho in case it rains. The sun will be beating down in most months, so hats, sunscreen and shades are a good recommendation. Masinagudi provides a great stage for photography, so you will want to carry your camera. Ensure that you also have a weather-proof backpack to keep your possessions safe.

There are many other wild getaways around Bangalore. Browse through some popular Bandipur resorts, another popular choice for wildlife enthusiasts. If time is a constraint, there are many resorts in Kanakapura Road where you can enjoy an outing with friends and loved ones and take a break from the daily grind. Nandi Hills, Bangalore is also an ideal destination if you want to step away from the city for a while.

7 Must-Visit Monsoon Destinations in India

13 July  |  Adventure & Travel

The monsoons are here, and it is time to plan that trip into the clouds. Get away from traffic jams and flooded roads and relish the uplifting beauty of the rains. Here are 7 destinations where you can enjoy the subcontinent’s season of life.

Lonavala, Maharashtra

Image Source: mouthshut

Lonavala is one of the famed hill stations where weary Mumbai and Pune residents go and rejuvenate. During the monsoons, the mountains are verdant and mystifyingly shrouded in clouds while the forests teem with life, an annual rebirth after the scorching summer. From nature photographers and group travellers to those who seek solace in nature, Lonavala is one of the most loved rainy season destinations. Other attractions here include the numerous forts which speak of this regions strategic importance in medieval times.

Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu

Image Source: amazonaws

One of the ranges of the Mudumalai National Park, Masinagudi is a favourite destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Home to flagship species like the tiger, leopard and elephant, Masinagudi is also habitat for many rare bird species. Monsoon is an abundant period for predators and moonlight safaris are a great way to witness animals up close. The hair-raising thrill of seeing a big cat prowl in the dark is incomparable and for such experiences alone. There are many Masinagudi resorts that will help you have the trip of a lifetime.

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Image Source: holidify

With a charming colonial past that lives on in its architecture and heritage, Kodaikanal is also one of the most picturesque hill towns of South India. Perched in the high hills of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal features a beautiful lake and terraced farms that stretch far and wide. The forest area near the town is home to many species. The monsoon months are a joy here with cool temperatures and foggy landscapes adding another dimension to the laid back vibe.

Coorg, Karnataka

Image Source: thrillophilia

Coorg is a colourful and unique district of Karnataka, boasting a distinctive culture and a famous cuisine. Enjoy a getaway in one of the estates of the hilly region and listen to tales of tigers and leopards stealthily visiting plantations in the dark of the night. An untamed forested land with a fierce heritage, Coorg provides the stage for a beautiful monsoon vacation.

Munnar, Kerala

Image Source: keralatourism

Much has been chronicled about the green heights of Munnar, a land of tea plantations and mountainous terrain. Walk across the plantations as the monsoon mist comes and goes. Munnar region provides an escape from the heat and sludge of the plains and is home to many species of animals, including the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. The town provides a quaint backdrop where one can take walks and indulge in tasty local fare.

Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

Image Source: ranikhetcamp

With the Western Himalayas looming beyond, Ranikhet stands pretty as one of Uttarakhand’s favourite hill towns. The Queen’s Meadow blooms with Himalayan fauna when the rains touch these northern ranges. A golf course and lake are some of the town’s attractions. Wake up to the fuzzy coolness of the monsoon mist and explore the charming lanes of the old town as you escape the din of the city.

Kutch, Gujarat

Image Source: capture image

A desolate beauty greets those who wander into the Rann of Kutch. Gujarat’s western district juts into the Arabian Sea and becomes a marshland during the wet months. The Banni Grasslands are part of a rich and delicate wildlife ecosystem, and a monsoon trip to Kutch will lead to many discoveries and unique sights.

These monsoon destinations make for great trips with the family. If you are looking at closer locations because of time constraints then Nandi Hills, Bangalore and a host of Bandipur resorts provide excellent rainy day getaways. A corporate day outing in resorts in Kanakapura Road can help in breaking some ice and create more bonding. The rain drops are falling, step out now.