Bring out the creativity in you!

01 March  |  Team Building

“Great creativity is astonishingly, absurdly, rationally, irrationally powerful”- Andy Hobsbawm

In a world filled with incessant interruptions and busy schedules that consume our lives, lesser importance is placed on exploringthe creative potential of the mind and its benefits. The effect of tapping into this pool of endless possibilities has been known to stimulate and awaken dormant parts of the brain thus increasing performance in an array of tasks. The Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology suggests that creative activity was positively associated with recovery experiences (i.e., mastery, control, and relaxation) and performance-related outcomes (i.e., job creativity and extra-role behaviours). Using the mediating effects of recovery experiences to better examine the relationship between creative activity and performance-related outcomes, it was further discovered that there was a direct and indirect relationship amiss the two that was heightened during team & group settings.


Team outings and corporate day outingshave been proven time and again to foster a creative approach to work linking it with childlike play. Engaging individuals in a creative process together not only forces them to work successfully as a team but also encourages the learning of new skills that are transferable to their jobs.A report from RedBalloon/AltusQ found that companies with high employee engagement levels were up to 10 times more likely to see an increase in sales and profit than those with lower engagement.One of the main reasons cited was the creation of a budding work culture giving employees the feeling of being a part of a community.

In lieu of such research, Discovery Village has curated a wide range of activities that are sure to challenge and exercise your right brain, the powerhouse of creativity. With funoutdoor team building activities combined with outbound training such as Twister, Tower of Hanoi, pottery, star gazing, trekking and rock climbing to name a few, every individual has the opportunity to express themselves creativity in any avenue they choose. Such activities are also are known to be therapeutic as they dampen stress levels as well as increase overall well-being. Publications such as Psychology Today have highlighted its benefits, which include stress relief, improved brain function and learning ability, greater intimacy and emotional awareness, and a greater connection to others and the world around you.

The philosophy that Discover Village, the best place for team outings in Bangalore, follows is relatively simple. It stands firm on bringing and maintaining cohesiveness and cooperation between individuals thus allowing them to adapt and excel in various dynamic circumstances. The great part about this so-called social experiment is the ability to have fun while learning about each other’s traits in agroup setting. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, individuals are also provided with the most scenic backdrop that adds an element of serenity and peace to the whole occasion.

To conclude, creatively exercising the brain createsan environment of sustained creative growth and learning. Following the 2014 research conducted by San Francisco University showing that people who partake in creative activities outside of work perform better when they’re back at their desks, it is almost imperative to take the importance of creative expression seriously.

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