Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October

06 October  |  Miscellaneous

“Don’t let breast cancer take away the motivation to achieve your dreams.” – Diana Cohen

Breast cancer isn’t inevitable, and women have more control over this deadly disease than they think. Just practising a healthy lifestyle can vastly reduce the main risks of cancer.

October is considered to be the Breast Cancer Awareness month or Pink month, marked in several countries across the globe. It is an initiative taken up by numerous organisations to help increase awareness, attention and support regarding the fight against breast cancer, early detection and methods of treatment. Currently, there isn’t enough knowledge regarding the causes, but detecting it early is the cornerstone to control the disease.

Think Pink, live green

Catching this disease at the earliest stage by being aware of the symptoms is crucial to help the patient survive. Although some patients don’t have the obvious symptoms, it is safe to look out for any change or even lump formations in the underarm or breast. If any of these symptoms are detected, it is essential that a doctor be consulted immediately. While breast cancer screening cannot prevent the cancer itself, it definitely can help with detecting it early or helping lower the risk of cause in other women.

Get moving and lower risk


Exercise and other physical activity is a necessary boon, which helps fight several diseases including lowering the risk for cancer. Weight gain has been found to be one of the reasons for breast cancer to likely develop in women. The reason being production of oestrogen, which stimulates breast cancer and cell growth. While ovaries in females mainly produce oestrogen, as the woman grows older the ovaries slowly stop producing the hormone, which means the body has to rely on the fat in the body for oestrogen. Regular exercise that included anything between a brisk walk and a gym workout or even a fun-filled day outing in Bangalore resorts alters the metabolism of oestrogen, reducing the risk for cancer.

Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol


It is quite simple: the more alcohol you consume, the greater at risk you will be of developing breast cancer. Based on on-going research, it is found that even reducing your intake to one drink a day will increase the risk of this disease. Accumulating evidence also suggests a strong connection between breast cancer risk and smoking, especially in premenopausal women. Instead, you could cultivate healthier habits and hobbies such as exercising, travelling and indulging in fun group activities. Discovery Village helps organise the same in several Kabini resorts, Masinagudi resorts and resorts in Kanakapura Road.

Eat healthy


It is true that your body shows what you eat. Carotenoids found in leafy greens, red peppers and carrots are found to lower the risk of breast cancer in women. Inclusion of other phytonutrients in the diet is recommended, along with 5 or more servings of vegetables and fruits everyday. It is essential that red meats and processed foods be reduced, while increasing whole grains in the diet to lower risk of cancer.

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