Bonding over adventure activities vs. bonding over firecrackers

26 October  |  Miscellaneous


Jumping off a cliff into running water, crossing a river, climbing steep mountains, or just running a marathon – any activity with adventure written all over it is bound to be interesting and an excellent opportunity to build relationships for life. Once you have experienced these activities with a particular group of people, having gone through a wide range of experiences and adrenaline-fueled activities with them gives you a strong bond with the people you go through the journey with.

However, this kind of bonding is pretty different from bonding over an activity such as bursting firecrackers. Many people gather in large groups and spend hours bursting a variety of firecrackers. Now the times are changing and as more and more people are looking for healthier options to spend time together, adventure sports are becoming extremely popular. Discovery Village has a whole extended range of adventure activities that are suitable for almost all age groups. A number of offices are also opting for these activities for their corporate day outing.

More eco-friendly bonding – adventure activities

Adventure activities are much more environment-friendly when compared to firecrackers. You are out in the open, living amidst nature and appreciating all the assets that the wilderness has to offer. On the other hand, firecrackers fill the air with smoke and contribute to raising the levels of pollution. It is also very harmful for trees and affects their growth to considerable levels. Discovery Village provides a number of cottages in Masinagudi where one can unwind and engage in a large number of adventure activities.

Healthier alternative than bursting firecrackers

Be it human beings, animals or trees, the health of all living organisms is adversely affected by the firecrackers and those subject to the fumes are at risk for a number of illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis etc. To add to it, the shells of used firecrackers add litter the streets for weeks unless properly taken care of. Adventure activities are a much better and healthier option. Moreover, they contribute to increasing fitness levels. Once you make a routine of engaging yourself in any adventure activity such as rock climbing or trekking, you can be sure that you are going to get the right amount of exercise. A number of adventure resorts in Bangalore offer a good variety of adventure sports.

Benefits of bonding over adventure sports

The experiences you share with others while indulging your mind and body in an adventure sport is incomparable to setting fire to a couple of firecrackers. Discovery Village offers zorbing in Bangalore and these activities are the best way to nurture lifelong relationships.

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