6 amazing boathouse destinations in India

21 June  |  Listicles

A vacation on a houseboat offers all the comforts of a hotel on your very own private boat, while being surrounded by the most beautiful …

Rishikesh-The Adventure Capital

21 June  |  Adventure & Travel

Picture Source: haridwarrishikeshtourism

Situated at the base of the mighty Himalayas, Rishikesh is a picturesque town in Uttarakhand’s Dehradun district and is surrounded by …

7 Amazing Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

16 June  |  Listicles

Sometimes, passing unnoticed, the greatest jewels are in our backyard. As Indians are rediscovering their country and the beauty she encompasses, Wildlife Sanctuaries are slowly …

A 10 Minute Workout Plan to Increase your Core Strength

16 June  |  Miscellaneous

Activities like trekking and rock climbing are right on top of the list for adventure junkies and nature lovers. However, not everybody realizes that activities …

5 mountaineering essentials

08 June  |  Listicles

Attempting to hike up a mountain is no easy feat in itself, but carrying a bag full of heavy and unnecessary stuff just because you …

Prepare yourself for rock climbing in Karnataka

08 June  |  Adventure & Travel

Rock climbing can appear to be a daunting task at first glance and rightly so. It gives your body a major workout with a focus …

Unique Indian Summer Vacation Destinations

24 May  |  Adventure & Travel

Are you thinking of a long summer vacation? From snow-capped peaks to turquoise seas, here is an eclectic mix of Indian destinations that will …

5 Summer Sports and Activities Only for You

24 May  |  Listicles

Summer time is not just about idle days and extended rest. It is also about catching up on some physical activity. Recreational exercises and sports …

Keep Yourself Fit and Active This Summer

18 May  |  Miscellaneous

It is that time of the year. The days are stretched, and the mercury is rising. It is supposed to be an idyllic season where …

5 Healthy Tips for Your Summer Diet

18 May  |  Listicles

Summer is the time for relaxation and exploration, but it is also a season that takes its toll on the body. You might be taking …

Light Summer Travel Essentials

10 May  |  Miscellaneous

As the famous saying goes, “When preparing to travel, lay out all of your clothes and all of your money. Then take half the clothes …

6 Alternate Workouts to Keep You Fit In Summer

10 May  |  Listicles

Summer is here, and you can probably feel the lethargy seeping into your muscles as the mercury rises and the news channels dictate alarming trends …

It’s All About a Lazy Summer

04 May  |  Unwind

As the country slumps into months of hot slumber, you need to use this time to reflect, relax and replenish. Balance your work with fun …

7 Popular Summer Fruits

04 May  |  Listicles

With the summer heat beating down upon us, it is vital that we learn how to protect ourselves from the harsh heat and make the …

Beach destination guide

26 April  |  Adventure & Travel

Blessed with over 7500 km, much of the Indian coastline is waiting to be explored. Far from the typical holidaying crowds, there is many a …

8 Environmental Do’s and Don’ts When You Travel

26 April  |  Listicles

Being a responsible traveller is not difficult. Responsible travelling involves respecting the resources of the places you visit and assimilating rather than demanding. Here are …

Economical getaways for April

21 April  |  Adventure & Travel

Are you looking for an April break before summer hits peak and rates go up? Whether it is a getaway to Nandi Hills Bangalore or …

5 types of food items to avoid while travelling

21 April  |  Listicles

A bout of food poisoning or a disagreeable tummy is not on anyone’s agenda, and if you are travelling, then these are sure shot …

How to plan an effective one day trip

12 April  |  Miscellaneous

What do you do with a holiday that pops up in the middle of the week? What if you do not want to take a …

6 Ways to improve your stamina

12 April  |  Listicles

Vacation time is here, and you will have to shift gears and welcome a lot of travelling and physical activity. A holiday can get exhausting …

Let’s welcome summer with open arms!

06 April  |  Miscellaneous

The song “Summer Holiday” by Cliff Richard and the Shadows have best captured the sentiments associated with the summer season.  Along with fun and frolic …

10 Places to spend your long weekend

06 April  |  Listicles

Depending on what you are looking for, there are many wonderful weekend destinations to choose from. From sun soaked beaches to misty hill stations, wildlife …

Summer Vacation, a Time for Family

29 March  |  Adventure & Travel

The Indian summer, brutal and life-sapping, is well documented as a time when temperatures soar to ungodly numbers and heat waves rage across the …

10 Survival Tips and Hacks for travellers

29 March  |  Listicles

Being resourceful and innovative on a trip can be very rewarding. Sometimes simple life hacks can be applied on the road to ensure you a …

5 Road Trip Games

21 March  |  Listicles

Whether it is sulking teenagers with all the troubles of the world on their shoulders or a restless seven-year-old who can’t appreciate …

Gir – The Last Bastion

21 March  |  Adventure & Travel

A Lion on the Edge

Image Source – Akshartours

A majestic beast that once roamed the ranges of East Europe, Asia Minor and across the sub …

7 Places to Visit in India’s North-East

08 March  |  Listicles

India’s magical North Eastern region is a vast expanse of barely explored plains, valleys and mountains. A land of multiple cultures and cuisines, many …

5 Simple & Fun Office Based Team Building Activities

03 March  |  Listicles

Image Source – Itsplaytyme

Team building activities are exercises that help improve office morale and add a dose of fun to every workday. They are a …

Work Hard and Play Hard

08 March  |  Team Outing

A phrase that is heard a lot nowadays, ‘work hard play hard’ is a mantra that has defined many successful careers and lifestyles. This philosophy …

How to Know That You Need a Travel Break

03 March  |  Adventure & Travel

Travelling is not just an indulgence, but it is an essential component of a healthy and balanced life. When you make a list of favourite …

How to make a travel itinerary

20 February  |  Adventure & Travel

Image Source – flyiteasy

Planning your next vacation can be a stressful experience if you are the one in charge of making the flight bookings, hotel …

5 Best Places for Bird Watching Trip in India

20 February  |  Listicles

As urban settlements expand, the lovely sounds of chirping birds are drowned in the hustle bustle of city life. We are now surrounded by concrete …

Travel Jobs: Ways to earn on the run

14 February  |  Adventure & Travel

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, a normal 9-5 job isn’t going to keep you happy. You need something that …

10 Best gifts for travel junkies

14 February  |  Listicles

Image Source – thinktravelliftgrow

Do you know someone who loves to travel? They may have seen so much of the world that getting a gift for …

Life on the Road-Travelling on Two Wheeler

09 February  |  Adventure & Travel

Image Source – 4.bp.blogspot

Biking is a passion; an activity that is soul stirring, adventurous and not to mention a whole lot of fun …

10 Travel photography tips to get the best shots of your adventure

09 February  |  Listicles

Image Source – actualyse

For some, the best part of going on a journey is bringing back souvenirs and gifts for everyone, but for others, it …

One-Day Trip Around Bangalore

03 February  |  Adventure & Travel

If you live in Bangalore, and love hitting the road every time you have an opportunity, you are sure to be spoiled for choice. Zoom …

10 most difficult and equally awesome places to visit in India

03 February  |  Listicles

India is a land of many charms, mysteries and hidden gems. Even for those who think that they have done everything and been everywhere, there …

2017 a calendar year to travel – with recommendations

25 January  |  Miscellaneous

One look at your calendar for the year 2017 should take all your workday worries away. Flush with long weekends, this is the perfect year …

6 ways a traveler can practice sustainable tourism

25 January  |  Listicles

The concept of eco-tourism is gaining popularity very quickly among the travellers of today. From students to families who are taking off on holidays …

Beach v Hill station

19 January  |  Miscellaneous

The hot summer months amount to peak travel season, creating a sharp divide in travellers regarding a preferred location. While some choose to relax in …

10 international destinations Indians visit the most

19 January  |  Listicles

Image Source –

Planning your next international holiday and unsure where to go? See the top 10 international destinations visited by Indians the most …

How to travel for free- Crowd-funded travel

11 January  |  Miscellaneous

Imagine a world where your dream of travelling was supported by funds that were not even your own. Once a distant possibility, it has today …

5 reasons why team outings are important

11 January  |  Listicles

Image Source – cloudinvitation

In a world that is focused on satisfying customers and clients, companies tend to forget their most valuable asset – their employees. Without …

Life of a backpacker – a look into the mind of a serial traveller

05 January  |  Miscellaneous

All of us have at least one page that we follow or that one blog we just can’t get enough of where all the …

5 most extreme adventure sports for adventure junkies

05 January  |  Listicles

Image Source – Gripped
Does the thought of jumping off a tower or rafting your way through turbid waters excite you? Does adrenaline course through your …

Travel to change your mindset – 5 Reasons How Travel Can Change You

21 December  |  Listicles

Everyone gets stuck in a rut from time to time, and more often than not, this is because of the patterns that we groove ourselves …

10 Must Things to Pack While Travelling

21 December  |  Listicles

Image Source:
Travel light and safe, but always remember to take basic essentials from home. While the world is a more globalized place …

10 Must-Have Travel Apps in India

21 December  |  Listicles

In the age of smartphones, all you need to get something done is an app that’s made for the task. Starting from ticket booking …

5 Books You Need to Carry for a Road Trip

21 December  |  Listicles

The theme of the millennial is ‘wanderlust’. The need to break away and wander away is now more real than it has ever been. Escaping …

Staying Warm in the Winter Season

19 December  |  Miscellaneous

Packing for Adventure Activities during the Cold Weather

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing,” said Helen Keller, and words spoken have never been …

Serenity and health: The need for mental peace

19 December  |  At Discovery Village

“Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity,” said Lao Tzu, and this rule doesn’t change with time. In today’s …

Take the Festive Spirit Outdoors

19 December  |  Family

Holiday Season at Discovery Village
John Muir’s quote, “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul,” resonates well …

All for One and One for All

19 December  |  At Discovery Village

Team-Building Activities at Discovery Village

As rightly said by Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success …

Why Discovery Village?

09 November  |  At Discovery Village

Do you feel like your life is getting just a little too repetitive? Are you not feeling connected or bonded with your family? Is work …

November 14th – Children’s Day

09 November  |  Miscellaneous

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future”.
As the times evolve, generations of children have evolved as well …

The need for weekend getaways after a stressful work-week

09 November  |  Team Outing

As Maya Angelou rightly said, “Every person needs to take one day away. A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future …

4 Hidden Getaways in Nandi Hills

04 November  |  Listicles

Nandi Hills is an ancient fort just 60 km away from Bangalore. The fort is surrounded by forested hills which, coupled with the altitude, is …

Inspiring quotes that will make you want to Travel.

04 November  |  Listicles

Travelling inspires emotions that are impossible to describe. However, there always some lines that always seem to capture the many feelings we experience while travelling …

10 Team Building Activities Your Employees Will Love

04 November  |  Listicles

Every employer will agree on one thing: team building activities is ideal to boost company morale. The increased camaraderie mitigates any strife within the team …

5 Unique Benefits of Travel

04 November  |  Listicles

Everyone keeps saying “You should travel!” or “Travelling is good for you!” and go on to talk about their amazing experience without specifying how travelling …

Bonding over adventure activities vs. bonding over firecrackers

26 October  |  Miscellaneous

Jumping off a cliff into running water, crossing a river, climbing steep mountains, or just running a marathon – any activity with adventure written all over …

Ways in which an Adventure Camp Can Help Your Child’s Mental Growth

31 August  |  Family

Adventure Camps are the perfect way to keep your little ones engaged during the summer vacation. However, do you know why they’re beneficial? Adventure …

The Importance Of Making Memories

31 August  |  At Discovery Village

Every year children go to the next class with same classmates, in the same hallways, with the same friends and possibly the same teachers. In …

A Guide To Responsible Survival Camping

31 August  |  At Discovery Village

Camping is an experience that is all about you and nature; breathing in the fresh air, listening to the soothing sounds of the wild and …

Looking upon life as an adventure with Discovery Village

31 August  |  Family

Author William Feather once said, “One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure”.

Experiencing New Adventures …

Poise At The Edge Of Wilderness – Discovery Village Resorts Open Up A Whole New World To You

31 August  |  At Discovery Village

“The wilderness is healing, a therapy for the soul” – Nicholas Kristof

Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat. This is what our daily time-table looks like, for …

Test Your Limits With An Adventure Holiday at Discovery Village

27 July  |  At Discovery Village

Challenges are hidden opportunities, and if the thought of taking them on excites you, then you are looking at life with a positive outlook. To …

Pamper the child in you, with a vacation at Discovery Village

27 July  |  Family

It is agreed commonly, that childhood is the most cherished part of one’s life. The ability to take pleasure in jumping in a puddle …

Finding Inner Peace Adventure Activities at Discovery Village

27 July  |  At Discovery Village

Life is an adventure, and we must face it by putting our best foot forward. Sometimes, the in the grind of a regular routine, we …

Delve Into The Mysteries Of Nature At Discovery Village

27 July  |  At Discovery Village

Today’s life is nothing short of a rat race. We get so caught up with the need to stay ahead in every walk of …

The Team That Plays Together Stays Together;
Plan The Next Team Outing with Discovery Village

27 July  |  Team Outing

Research indicates that sharing a relaxing getaway brings the members of a team together. Whether you have just put together a task force, or are …

Rediscover relationships in nature’s embrace

27 June  |  At Discovery Village

A family holiday in a jungle resort is still a dream for many. Affordability and the actual closeness of the resort to wildlife, are some …

Steal away for a memorable weekend

27 June  |  At Discovery Village

Exceptionally productive work weeks have left us craving for the weekends. And when it arrives we are lost as to how to spend it, so …

Learn how these locations can enrich your life

27 June  |  Team Building

Travelling enriches the soul like no other activity and creates unforgettable memories in our life. It gives a great chance to dream, explore and discover …

Discover a new way to have fun with your family

27 June  |  Family

A swimming pool and some indoor games don’t make a resort. The business of entertaining people in a world class facility has reached new …

Adventure in your backyard

27 June  |  At Discovery Village

Corporate outings have become a trend in today’s scenario, and it is only fair that all the hard working employees get a day or …

Tourist attractions near Masinagudi

21 September  |  Listicles

The Mudumalai forest and wildlife sanctuary is one of the richest habitats of flora and fauna in South India.  It is divided into five ranges …

Outdoors vs Indoors

22 September  |  Listicles

As the famous saying goes, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”.
Playing games …

Food items around Masinagudi

12 October  |  Listicles

Nestled in the serene natural beauty of the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, Masinagudi is home to the Badagas, the proud creators of the Badaga …

Things to do when in Nandi Hills

12 October  |  Listicles

For a true Bangalorean, Nandi Hills needs no introduction. From school trips to college get-togethers and family outings, all events take place at Bangalore …

Benefits of Trekking

12 October  |  Listicles

If the thought of your regular workout regime depresses you because of its monotony, or if you are feeling bogged down by the drudgery of …

Things to do during a family get-together

12 October  |  Listicles

The unending hustle of fast-paced modern living has driven families apart. Whether it is parents struggling to find a way to spend quality time …

How Team Outings Help

06 October  |  Team Outing

“It’s all about having fun and smiling and shaking hands.” – Tone Loc
It is natural to feel disgruntled when your team leader announces a …

Being Outdoors Can Change Your Health For The Better – Try It At Discovery Village!

06 October  |  At Discovery Village

“I go to Nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put together.” –John Burroughs
With advanced technology and the fast paced …

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October

06 October  |  Miscellaneous

“Don’t let breast cancer take away the motivation to achieve your dreams.” – Diana Cohen
Breast cancer isn’t inevitable, and women have more control …

How Being Outdoors Even in Cold Weather is Ideal for your Mental Health

06 October  |  Team Outing

“A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world …

A Guide To Memorable Water Adventures At Discovery Village

27 September  |  At Discovery Village

“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.” ― Danny Kaye
In the high demanding lifestyle that …

5 Ways To Feed The Adrenaline Junkie In You At Discovery Village

27 September  |  At Discovery Village

“The adrenaline and stress of an adventure are better than a thousand peaceful days” – Paulo Coelho
For some people, sitting at home and reading a …

The Importance Of Bonding While Touring New Regions And Trying New Things

26 September  |  Miscellaneous

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than in miles” – Tim Cahill

Have you ever met new people on the travel road and wondered …

The Healthiest Way For Your Heart – Adventure And Excitement At Discovery Village

26 September  |  Miscellaneous

“Never say ‘no’ to adventures. Always say ‘yes’, otherwise you’ll lead a very dull life.” – Ian Fleming
With the emergence of technology, all things …

Sunlight and its benefits

26 September  |  Listicles

The sun is the undisputed source of energy for all the living beings on earth. It has been in our tradition to worship it as …

Outdoor adventure packing tips

23 September  |  Listicles

Outdoor adventure activities instilled excitement in many, and people now show interest in trying their hand at such exhilarating activities. Although the concept is pretty …

Let the adventurer in you come alive

31 May  |  At Discovery Village

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it fearlessly” – Steve Maraboli

Life is …

Learn how these locations can enrich your life

31 May  |  At Discovery Village

Travelling enriches the soul like no other activity and creates unforgettable memories in our life. It offers a great chance to dream, explore and discover …

Introduce yourself with confidence using these icebreakers

31 May  |  At Discovery Village

Introductions are an important part of the orientation of any organisation, or team, and can be the cause of much discomfort and awkwardness among participants …

Discover a new way to have fun with your family

31 May  |  Family

Amidst our busy work schedules, we often miss spending valuable time with our family. Varying work timings and stress due to pressure at work mean …

Celebrate team achievements with an outing at discovery village

31 May  |  Team Building

“A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of others.” – Norman Shidle

Celebrating …

Unleash your hidden soft skills through adventure activities offered by discovery village

07 April  |  Team Building

A good job in today’s world no longer means being just the top of your class or doing the best in exams. The modern …

Places to see around Masinagudi after an adventure filled day

07 April  |  At Discovery Village

“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun” – Nina Dobrev

We all have been there. We all have done that. At …

Exploring the adventurous spirit in you

07 April  |  At Discovery Village

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure” – William Feather

Looking upon life as an adventure …

Company Retreat

07 April  |  Team Outing

“Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived by unity” – Vince Lombardi

The very …

Attractions in Kabini for a perfect family outing

07 April  |  At Discovery Village

The sounds of the river water flowing by, the sight of coracles with locals or tourists on their way and the chance sightings of a …

What Type of Person Are You?

04 March  |  Team Building

“Life is an endless process of self-discovery” ― James Gardner

Sometimes, the high demands of a workplace environment can tie you down from expressing yourself …

Outdoor Experiential Therapy

04 March  |  Team Outing

The World Health Organization defines Health as a “complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or …

A Fun Day Out With The Family

04 March  |  Family

As Desmond Tutu once said, “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them”.

In this …

Bring out the creativity in you!

01 March  |  Team Building

“Great creativity is astonishingly, absurdly, rationally, irrationally powerful”- Andy Hobsbawm

In a world filled with incessant interruptions and busy schedules that consume our lives, lesser …

Are Team Outings For Extroverts Or Introverts?

01 March  |  Team Building

“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

These words …

Celebrating local history at Nandi Valley

02 November  |  At Discovery Village

Tales from the past, authentic local cuisine, an ambience to match the ‘good old days’ mood. Discovery Village supported Nandi Valley Walks in their efforts …


12 August  |  Family

If all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, what does it do to Jack’s family?

The modern city life leaves families …

Funtabulous: children’s day out

02 November  |  Team Outing

A regular school outing had a fun-tastic twist at Discovery Village. We had the pleasure of hosting students and teachers from an international school …

When the HR heaved a sigh of relief!

02 November  |  Team Outing

When the entire team looks forward to a day for recreation activities, guess who feels the pressure? The HR lead or the coordinator organizing the …

36 people, 1 team. DV style.

02 November  |  Team Outing

36 individuals. Different nationalities. Different ideas. What can you do to turn them into a single team?

Among other things, pit them against a set …

Reasons for team building at Discovery Village

01 October  |  Team Building

History has it that stories of success began with a shared vision and strong team. Discovery Village helps corporates in strong team building whose individuals …

Elements of outdoor team building activities

06 October  |  Team Building

You are responsible for planning your company’s day out. Is it really worth the time and effort? Will you get enough value for the …

Inspiring team outdoors

05 October  |  Team Outing

Discovery Village encourages the outdoor way of life – to immerse and become one in harmony with nature and our rich natural heritage. Rappelling, night navigation …

Facilitation at Discovery Village

05 October  |  At Discovery Village

The method of facilitation is used by team builders, managers, trainers, communicators and meeting leaders to add process, content and structure, to satisfy the requirements …

Negotiate your win!

02 October  |  Team Building

One of the many skills that companies and people pride themselves on is negotiation. Negotiation is a dialogue between two or more teams or people …

Learning made fun with outdoor activities

02 October  |  Family

“I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host …

Motivation-oriented activities at Discovery Village

01 October  |  Team Outing

In the corporate world, when a group of people gather for a training course or a conference, the initial feeling is of uncertainty. People are …

Trekking around Discovery Village Bangalore

29 September  |  Team Outing

At Discovery Village, we offer treks under the expertise of our trained, well-experienced and knowledgeable naturalist guides. When the trekking zone involves a wildlife …

Trekking around Nandi Valley Hills

29 September  |  Team Outing

“Look deeply into nature, and then you will understand everything better” ~ Albert Einstein

Einstein could not have stated it any better. And, once in a …

The traits of a good leader

28 September  |  Team Building

Leaders are people who can reach out to others, tap their hidden potential and bring out the best in them. But what exactly is it …

Wild thrills, tailored for you

16 September  |  Team Outing

Calling adrenaline junkies.

Looking for that heady mix of action and fun? We have roped together some of the most exciting activities at our locations …

United we play

09 September  |  Team Building

People are an organization’s most precious resource. Inspiring them to think out of the box, keeping them motivated, getting them to pool their energies …

Six tasks to get your creative cells ticking

02 September  |  Team Outing

Newton had his apple moment. Archimedes cried Eureka. Mozart made awesome music and Steve Jobs built a brand that epitomizes creativity.

Science has been studying …

Wild ways to cement your team

26 August  |  Team Building

Tips and activities to turn people into team players
If behind every successful man, there’s a woman, what’s behind every successful organization? A …

Five ways to introduce children to responsible travel

19 August  |  Family

Responsible travel is about minimizing the negative impact of your travel on destinations and communities, and leaving behind a positive footprint where possible. Every single …

Icebreakers: first steps are fun

05 August  |  Team Building

Well begun is half done; especially when the ‘beginning’ is made in the direction of team building. Years of experience in training corporate teams and …

Leadership: going beyond just leading

29 July  |  Team Building

Are leaders born or made? While theories abound to support either side of the debate, at Discovery Village, we believe that even people born without …

Trigger-happy team building

22 July  |  Team Building

What is an action-packed, fun, exciting way to add zest to your office outing? What is a bold, new way to get your people …

Aquainted! Get ready for your H20 moment

15 July  |  At Discovery Village

There’s something magical about an expanse of water in the wild. No lake or pool in the city comes close to it.

At Discovery …

Thrillometer: max it out

08 July  |  At Discovery Village

Get the most of your adventure activities

It’s only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves. – Andre Gide

A …

Preparing for your Wild Office trips

01 July  |  At Discovery Village

Want to get the most out of your trips to Discovery Village? Let us set the right expectations and help plan ahead. 

Determine team size …