Benefits of Trekking

12 October  |  Listicles


If the thought of your regular workout regime depresses you because of its monotony, or if you are feeling bogged down by the drudgery of day to day life, what you need is a refreshing activity. An activity which not only gives you the rush of adrenaline you seek, but also the health benefits that come from staying fit.

Break out of the confines of your gym, turn your back on the weekly eating-out routine, and head out to the nearest trail for a refreshing trek this weekend. Fast becoming popular with fitness- freaks trekking offers multiple health benefits.

Read on for more reasons why your next vacation should be to a trekking destination!


The first emotion your experience as you set out on your trek is sure to be one of freedom. Winding through lush forests or edging up picturesque hills, trekking trails take you to the lap of nature. Unfettered by the bustle of life in the city and surrounded by the sounds of nature, you will be treated to an experience of peace. A fun way to reduce stress, trekking is now also a popular off-site option among corporate teams.

Strengthen your heart

 A strongly beating heart is a promise of a healthy and long life. Walking long distance on uneven paths puts a strain on our muscles and makes the heart beat faster and pump more blood. The steady yet increased heart-rate builds cardiac muscle and improves circulation to the brain and muscles. Not only does your heart get stronger, but you glow too!

Hone your concentration

Although trekking is not a high impact sport, it does require you to focus on the task at hand. Negotiating uneven terrain at an untamed location not only taxes you physically, but also requires you to focus completely on the task at hand. Wipe out all thoughts other than the best way to negotiate the trail you are exploring without getting hurt or waylaid. If you are trekking in a group, the activity also helps you learn to work as a team and find ways to work around problems and obstacles.

A breath of fresh air


Trekking tours are ideally conducted away from populated areas. These remote locations are unpolluted by the smoke and pollution which characterises urban areas. With rich foliage cleaning the air, your lungs are treated to the cleansing effect of pure air. Treat your lungs to the detoxifying effect of a fresh breeze at every trekking expedition.

Invest in a sturdy pair of shoes, get into your most comfortable outfit, grab a bottle of water and a couple of energy bars, and head out to the nearest trekking location for a day full of adventure and exercise. If you are a trekking enthusiast living in Bangalore, you truly are lucky, as the city is surrounded with forest reserves and mountains which are ideal for trekking. For those who prefer to trek in groups, there are several adventure resorts and holiday organisers who put together groups of trekkers who set out for treks under the watchful supervision of trained guides. An addictive habit, trekking will soon have you hooked!

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