Basic Flying Etiquette for Every Passenger

05 July  |  Listicles

‘Man is not a social animal when on a flight’- this should probably be an adage attributed to the wisest of philosophers, for not too many statements stand truer. A flight can also make one forget his or her manners and airport rage has been documented all over the world. No one is immune from it, from the regular economy class majority to politicians. It helps to pause and remind ourselves of some off-limit areas as we accept our boarding passes and head over to our gates.

  1. Respect the Crew

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This one is clearly a no-brainer. Flights can get us twitchy and impatient, especially if we are pre-occupied by something else, or there are delays. Cabin crew members are trained to show utmost patience, but once in a while people tend to take them for granted to the point of dehumanizing them as just an extension of the ‘evil airline company’. That is just wrong. These are the folks that ensure your safe flight and comfort in a metal tub gliding at 30,000 feet above the ground. They deserve respect and understanding.

  1. Give Space to Others


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We have all met the guy, who takes over the entire arm-rest during a flight, or the lady who thinks her bawling three-year-old possessed child is the cutest thing on earth, and you are supposed to let it trample on your formals. Don’t be those people. Your flight seat entitles you to a certain physical radius that you can call yours for a while, nothing beyond it. The meaning of space also includes sound. Use headphones for media and avoid being loud when you communicate with the crew.

  1. Go Easy on the Alcohol

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Whether it is the overpriced beer at the airport bar or the free malt in an international flight, travelling seems to be an apt time for a tipple or two. Now, remember that you are going to be in a confined space with hundreds of strangers, not interested in random conversations. A harmless situation can turn embarrassing, which in turn can turn serious.

A flight is also a great way to dehydrate if that ever becomes a good thing. The lack of humidity is severe and physically can have adverse effects. Too much alcohol speeds this process. The free in-flight booze can help you momentarily doze off, but in the long run, you are hurting yourself.

  1. Follow Protocol

Impatience can pop up again when we stand in a queue, whether it is for boarding or security. But we shouldn’t forget that everyone wants the same thing, to get the journey over with. So when you are all on the same team, it means you all follow the same rules.

When the flight ends, do not immediately get up and grab your overhead luggage. You will end up crowding the aisle and standing foolishly for 10 minutes. Instead, wait for some space, collect your baggage without the urgency of a bomb disposal squad and head out calmly. Remember, the transit bus waits for everyone.

At the end of the day, a happy mind is the best mind to travel with. Avoid confrontations and ugly scenarios when you travel. It will help you focus on the trip ahead and lay the path for a memorable adventure.

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