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The dynamic city of Bangalore can sometimes leave you with a need to pause and catch your breath. Nothing heals a tired mind like a vacation, but you don’t need to go overboard with the planning and spending. You can head out with the family or a loved one for a day to one of the many resorts in Bangalore, which balance the getaway with a very short transit, helping you make most of your time. Discovery Village has a series of resort properties spread in popular and easily accessible locations for weekend getaways near Bangalore. Along with plush amenities for a nice trip, the Discovery Village resorts also provide a fantastic foil for corporate outings.

 Find Resorts near Bangalore for Weekend
Karnataka’s capital is blessed with many scenic spots in the outskirts, so there are no problems finding resorts for day activities or a quick weekend. Book a room in Discovery Village’s Nandi Hills resort for some cool mountain climate. Your time is precious so when you are looking for an easily accessible yet secluded Bangalore resort, the Discovery Village in Kanakpura is a favourite for family and corporate gatherings both and it is only 38 kilometres from the city.

Fun and Games in a Resort around Bangalore

A break can also be taken during work, with colleagues, as ice-breaking and bonding sessions in picturesque and serene environs away from the cubicles can do wonders for team spirit and productivity. At Discovery Village, there is a focus on unique and customized experiences that suit the occasion of the trip. Myriad activities that can be enjoyed by all ages add to the fun of the getaway. Zorbing is one of the quirkiest and most fun activities and is gaining popularity across the world. Strap yourself into a large cushioned and hollow sphere and roll down a gentle slope. Office day trips can include many more games, all designed in harmony with the green surroundings.

Corporate Edge – Resorts in Bangalore for Day Outing

Discovery Village caters to a large section of professionals and is the perfect stage for many business events like trainings, meetings, product launches and more. With a well-trained staff, sensitive to the nuances of corporate requirements and the latest equipment to ensure safety during all activities, a memorable team-building experience awaits. Look no further for a stage where you can bond with your office mates and colleagues.

Wild Escapades

The jungles of Karnataka are part of some of the most pristine wilderness areas in the continent. Plan a nice weekend in the beautiful settings of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve by booking a weekend at a Masinagudi resort. Photography enthusiasts will love the verdant and untamed terrain, a haven for many rare and endemic species of India. Trekking and hiking activities also allow you to reconnect with nature and replenish yourself in the pure surroundings – also a great bonding activity for large groups. Kabini resorts are another great choice of stay, a chance for guests to see the beautiful riverine landscape up close and maybe catch a glimpse of the famous leopards of the area. Discovery Village’s Kabini resort also provides a chance to enjoy some kayaking, canoeing and rafting.

Whether you have spent a day or a weekend at a Discovery Village resort, you will leave with a refreshed state of mind. Sit back with a book or throw yourself in the midst of the scenery, try out new experiences or rejuvenate – Discovery Village can make it all happen.

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