38 km from the city center



The Discovery Village resorts in Bangalore are a wonderful one day getaway for corporate team outings and family outings. Located amidst lush greenery, this sprawling resort gives you the right mix of nature and adventure. The resort is strategically located amidst verdant forests and the activities in the resort are planned to give the guests a wonderful experience to become one with nature!

  • Location:
    This resort is located on the Kanakapura road, about only 38 km from the centre of the city. Located not very far from the city, the resort exudes a calm and peaceful atmosphere that is away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The resort is most sought after for outbound activities, team building activities and family outings. Since the resort is located in the middle of lush greenery, the themes of all the activities have been planned around it.
  • Facilities
    This resort in Kanakapura road Bangalore has 12 rooms and a tent house for overnight stay. Half day and full day outings are also organised. The facility has a swimming pool, amphitheater and lot of space for outdoor games. Zorbing aficionados can expect to experience one of the best zorbing in Bangalore here. Apart from this, these resorts near Kanakapura also have exciting activities like cave exploration, trekking along the green slopes, rappelling, walking on the rope and a dynamic obstacle course. These are activities that are a must-try in this resort as they are one of a kind and are not available in any other resorts in Bangalore.
    If you are looking for corporate outings that focus on building some soft skills like leadership, creativity, planning and communication, and collaboration, then Discovery Village has the right package for you. Through innovative adventure games and guidance from experts of discovery village, essential soft skills required for today’s corporate world are taught in the more subtle way, right in the lap of nature. Food is one of our specialties and we strive to give you the best and fresh food, famous in the locality. After a fun day of adventure, you can satiate the hunger with a delicious spread of Indian cuisine, which includes farm fresh vegetable salads and home cooked south Indian meals.
  • One stop for adventure
    We offer you one of the best places to unleash your soft skills with our trained guides and sophisticated equipment. Be it a team meeting, a product launch, a training program or a fun outing, we provide a great environment for focusing and working, to bring out the best in you. All the necessary safety precautions are taken to ensure you enjoy your adventure activities with your loved ones to the fullest! Our other hill resort near Bangalore located in Nandi hills is a great place for trekking enthusiasts. The discovery village Masinagudi jungle stay is another sought after destination, located in the Madhumalai forest range. It is a home stay property and trekking and hiking are popular activities in this resort. Our resort in Kabini, located 200 km from Bangalore is famous for its water sports like kayaking, canoeing and rafting. Head to the Discovery Village resorts in Kanakpura road for an unforgettable experience!