Attractions in Kabini for a perfect family outing

07 April  |  At Discovery Village

The sounds of the river water flowing by, the sight of coracles with locals or tourists on their way and the chance sightings of a family of elephants by the river bank, are just a few of the things that Kabini can offer you. One of the most visited and most popular wildlife destinations in Karnataka is situated just 220 km from Bangalore city. Multiple luxury resorts and budget hotels line the area, offering you a wide variety of places to stay at and experience the beauty of Kabini from.

The Kabini Forest Reserve is an ideal location for a family outing. There are various attractions and activities for all the members of a family to engage in while learning to work well with each other. Listed below are some attractions in Kabini:

  1. Jeep Safari: An activity that can be easily organized at the travel desk of any resort in the area, it’s the best way to explore the backwaters of the river and see the jungles and hillocks. Wake up early in the morning to experience the best safari that Kabini has to offer and watch out for peacocks and grey langurs. Elephants start to crowd around the watering holes closer to the evening time, when you and your family can catch another jeep ride to see the sights.
  2. Boat or coracle ride: Birds tend to be scared off by even the sounds of the moving water, but a boat or coracle ride will give your family access to watching animals prepare themselves for the night by the river bank. Many different species, varying in quantity and frequency can be seen on your journey. Try and spot many different animals through the dense forest region.
  3. Elephant camp or elephant safari: Watching elephants gathered in a large camp waiting their turn to receive their snacks is not a sight you want to miss. It is amusing to watch these majestic creatures wait their turn, while resting on their trunks on wooden poles. You get to watch the elephants stroll around and go about their day, without disturbing their habitat. An alternative idea is the elephant safari, where you sit atop the elephant for a guided tour through the thick forests.
  4. National Park: Nagarhole National Park is not too far from Kabini and depends on where in Kabini you choose to stay. The rich diversity in flora and fauna at the Park lure visitors to it, throughout the year.
  5. Shopping in Kabini: Though there aren’t many shopping areas, you might find some places that sell local handicrafts of the tribal people of the area to take back some memories from your visit to this gorgeous area.

Discovery Village offers you day outing in Kabini and team building activities to make your family a more tight-knit unit. Learn more about each other through the fun activities organized throughout the day and laugh around the bonfire while playing some games in the evening.  Make sure to visit Kabini between November and January, when the weather is at its best or between July and October as the forests are fresh from the rains. Kabini is perfect for a corporate day outing or a family holiday.

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