Aquainted! Get ready for your H20 moment

15 July  |  At Discovery Village

There’s something magical about an expanse of water in the wild. No lake or pool in the city comes close to it.

At Discovery Village, we offer you many ways to engage with water and soak in some joyous moments. Some water sports take place at locations of great natural beauty, making it a double treat for you.

Seasoned sports person or a first-time enthusiast, whether arriving with a team or as a family, here’s what you can do to make your tryst with water memorable.

Before arriving:

Plan your activity.

Kayaking, canoeing, parasailing, water zorbing – each Discovery Village location has its own signature water activities. Look them up in advance and decide which ones to try.

Define the learning agenda.
Some of our water sports are great for team building and collaboration. While some are right for sheer fun. Discuss your learning objectives, stay duration and team size with our instructors. They’ll help you make the right choices.

Pack right.
Carry your swimming clothes. A comfortable pair of shorts, or light and easy-to-dry outfit is recommended for most of the aqua activities. Wear floaters or light but sturdy footwear. Avoid long, flowing garments and leather shoes.

Once you arrive:

Be patient.
The weather conditions may suddenly turn in appropriate for a water sport. Wait for a ‘go-ahead’ from our instructors to begin the activity.

Follow instructions.
It’s always safety first. Our facilitators will assess the prevailing natural conditions and instruct you about the dos and don’ts. Follow their advice. Stick to the rules.

During the activity:
Stay calm.

Managing a boat can make you nervous. A ripple or the wind can toy with your boat, making it bob unexpectedly. Stay calm. Distress is a sure way to lose balance. Our facilitators are at hand to help.

Relax and open yourself up to learning. Overcome any initial nervousness you may have and get ready for a memorable experience. Learn the strokes, go with the flow and let the gentle murmur of water soothe your soul.

Our water activities are safe even for those who don’t know swimming. Come with an open mind and follow the rules. That’s all. Having a whale of a time is that easy.

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