Amazing Destinations for the Hippie in You

27 November  |  Listicles

The backpacker lifestyle is all about freedom and experimentation, as you celebrate the world’s different cultures and landscapes in your adventures and interactions. In the 21st century, the image of a backpacker has changed from the rebels of capitalism to the regular you-and-me, and we all have that hippie in us, waiting to get unleashed. Here are some top Indian destinations – ideal for a hippie experience.

  1. Varkala

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The cliffs of Varkala are a defining feature of this seaside town in Kerala. It has abundant history and a trip to Anjengo Fort is recommended. Apart from a tranquil seaside experience, you can also venture into the backwaters and coastal lakes to witness some unique eco-systems. Take a peek at some rare marine life at the Varkala Aquarium.

  1. Allepey

Allepey or Alapuzzha provides the curious explorer with a miscellany of experiences. The region is famed for its backwaters and beaches, along with many cultural landmarks that chronicle its rich history. A trip in an Allepey boat house is a must, as you sit back and meander over the gentle waters of the picturesque Kumarakom Lake.

  1. Kodaikanal

There are many interesting places to visit in Kodaikanal, a high-altitude nestled in the blue peaks of the Nilgiris. Soak in some quaint colonial vibes in the main town and enjoy exploring the Coaker’s Walk and the panoramic views it offers. Kodaikanal town is dotted with many eateries and cafes. Berijam Lake is another beautiful spot, just outside the town.

  1. Hampi

 A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ruins of Hampi is part of a surreal landscape that includes some of the greatest temple architecture in South India with the backdrop of the Tungabhadra River. Some of the places to visit in Hampi include Virupaksha Temple complex, the Hemakuta hill monuments and Ganagitti Jain temples.

  1. Gokarna

Beaches, sun, culture and a global crowd – this and more waits for you in Gokarna, located just south of Goa on Karnataka’s coastline. From hikes in the rugged seaside hills and relaxing on Gokarna Beachto jaunts into the less explored areas in the area, Gokarna has a unique natural charm about it.

  1. McLeodGanj

If you are looking for some Zen in your life, then a visit to the monasteries of McLeodganj is warranted. The town is home to the leaders of the Tibetan diaspora in India, and a magnet for backpackers from across the world. Many come to experience the Himalayan nature trails of the region.

  1. Kasol

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A riverside village in the lap of the western Himalayas, Kasol is a tapestry of cosmopolitan crowds, pristine natural beauty, psychedelic experiences and adventure activities. From the scenic Kheerganga trek to a trip to the famous village of Malana, Kasol is the perfect base for your Himachal Hippie experience.

The backpacker routes of India are expanding and the amenities and experiences are only getting better. It is time to make your list and call your friends but while you plan your personal hippie trail, there are some resorts near Bangalore where you can catch a breather from the conference rooms and the cubicles. Step into nature at jungle resorts in Kabini, or visit vineyards and breathe mountain air at a Nandi Hills resort. Start planning.

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