Adventure in your backyard

27 June  |  At Discovery Village

Corporate outings have become a trend in today’s scenario, and it is only fair that all the hard working employees get a day or two away from their schedule to unwind. It is an excellent way to increase the productivity of the employees from the perspective of the Management, as team building and leadership training in a natural and adventurous backdrop is going to send a deeper message.

There are a plenty of resorts in Bangalore for one-day team outing, but sadly most of them are located well inside the city and are ensconced amidst the cemented jungle of buildings. The location of the resort is very critical as simply breathing in the fresh air of the unpolluted atmosphere is enough to a rejuvenate mind and body. Also, a good landscape of greenery can be a great natural platform for outbound activities. Thankfully, the discovery village group of resorts have a sprawling facility at Nandi hills for a corporate day outing and family jaunts. This resort is so uniquely planned that it is within the close city limits of Bangalore and yet is removed from its pollution.

Located at an altitude of 1450 m, the Nandi Hills Resort is an excellent destination at just a two-hour drive from Bangalore. It has a cool weather all through the year and gives a great view of the entire city from the top. The fresh mountain breeze and the array of birds on the hill top make it a great place to have fun with family and friends. The Discovery Village Resort located on the hill top has fantastic facilities for guests to stay and engage in outbound activities. The food is a particular highlight, as fresh, hot and flavourful food amidst the chill winds of the mountains comes as a treat for your taste buds.

Strategically located amidst hilly terrain, the resort has a host of activities centred on this theme. A short trek in this resort can be a good starting point for aspiring trekkers as the resort staffs provide expert guidance for the first timers. Mountain climbing and nature walk which are a notch higher in terms of difficulty, can also be tried by experienced climbers. As a very well explored and safe terrain to trek, the Nandi Hills comes as good hiking option for Bangaloreans. You can also have fun trying a hand at the challenging act of rappelling in the rocks around the resort. With adequate security and safety arrangements ensured by the resort, you can sink into the adventure without any hesitation!

The highlight of the resort, however, is the survival camping activity. Simulating the feel of a camp, the activity challenges your ability to survive with minimal resources and discover the harsh reality of a hilly platform. It is a fun group activity and is sure to bring the hidden endurance skills out! With a host of adventure activities, the resort is just not a destination for outbound activity but also the preferred choice for corporate meetings, product launches and brainstorming sessions. The serene beauties of the nature combined with the luxurious comforts of the resort are sure to bring out the best in you!

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